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WOS bet – Asia’s Leading Sports Betting Bookmarkers

Introduce Wosbet Bookie:

WOS BET is established by Marco Polo Enterprises Limited. WOS BET is under the management and licensing authority of the Philippine government on October 18, 2018. This is considered a famous sports betting site in Asia and the market can be expanded further.

Wosbet bookmakers have over 200 casino games not to mention online sports betting. The games are provided by major publishers such as Microgaming, Playtech, .. so in terms of quality and security are optimized. Any player who has ever been to the bookmaker will love and choose to be a long-term companion with the bookie.

Wosbet Bookie Betting Products:

As mentioned before, in order to bring players the best experience, the WOS BET bookie has cooperated and invested heavily with many major game software companies in the world such as AG Asia Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft, BTI, EBET, IB BET,… Therefore, when playing at Wosbet, players will have the opportunity to experience many world-class games.

  • Wosbet Sports Betting:

At the Wosbet bookie, sports betting like baseball, basketball, rugby or hockey are available. Not only that, each sport has a high rate of competition and diversity. The player who wins will receive the stakes quickly. Every day information about the match and match is updated. Players please go to the homepage of the bookie, find out and start betting.

As a bookmaker specializing in sports betting, Wosbet hits heavily on sports betting games with more than 25,000 matches a month. In addition to international tournaments such as: Premier League, Ligue, bundesliga … Wosbet also offers betting on other small matches.

In addition, at Wosbet players can also participate in sports betting in many different markets to increase their chances of betting and not get bored.

  • Wosbet Bookie E- sports:

Not only strong in sports areas, but Wosbet also focuses on developing  E-sports. With a full range of popular esport game genres such as: LOL, Dota2, CS: GO, FIFA, KOG, PUBG … Here players will be satisfied with the passion for dramatic game matches and the opportunity to bet. rich for yourself.

Some bets players can consider when playing Esport betting at Wosbet: handicap, upper under, parlay …

  • Live Casino:

In the betting industry, Wosbet has a huge investment, ranging from interface to betting image and sound. Players participating here are like online casino experiences, which are served enthusiastically and have many interesting points.

  • Wosbet Lottery:

Wosbet bookmaker promises to bring players exciting experiences with a variety of invested betting products: Keno, lottery, PK10, Fast 3, … At Wosbet, players can choose from a variety of betting types: tail, first bet, bag bet … with high winning odds, corresponding payback and clear guarantee.

Wosbet Bookie Promotions:

Not only is it famous in the betting market for its unique games. The Wosbet bookie also offers players countless attractive and special promotions. Whether you are a new member to join the bet or a longtime member, you will have matching gifts. Some of the betting programs that are highly sought after by many players include:

  • The welcome bonus for new registered members up to $ 500.
  • 100% sign up bonus at lottery games up to $ 100.
  • Get 100% signup bonus at Wosbet Esports up to $ 150.
  • Sign up bonuses up to 120% in the sports category.
  • 100% sign up bonus at online casino

There are also many other refund and reload bonus programs up to $ 1000, which are continuously updated at the Wosbet website. Usually promotions are sent to the player’s personal email. Please check your email regularly and carefully read the bonus usage content to not miss the opportunity.


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