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Why Should Not You Make The Martingale Betting Strategy?

The Martingale betting strategy in Roulette is quite popular with betting players. More gamblers apply this strategy while playing Roulette in both land-based and online casino Singapore. With the common use in the gambling world and the high profits that the Martingale brings to the players, many of them still think that the Martingale betting strategy is the best one. However, the Martingale betting strategy also makes you go bankrupt if you use it wrong. Therefore, in this post, we will inform you of deeper about the Martingale betting strategy. 

The Martingale Betting Strategy

What Is The Martingale Betting Strategy?

The martingale betting strategy means that you have to double your wager whenever you lose until you win. Therefore, before you play any game, you need to remember your original betting amount to apply the betting strategy correctly. Let us explain you to the Martingale betting strategy clearer by an example. For example, your original betting amount is $1, applying the Martingale betting strategy, your game happens like this.

1st Round: You place a bet of $1. If you win, you get a profit of $1. If you lose, let’s move to the 2nd round.

2nd Round: You place a wager of $2. If you win, you get a profit of $1. If you lose, move to the 3rd round.

3rd Round: Increase your bet twice, so, in this round, your betting amount is $4. If you win, you will gain a profit of $1. If you lose, continuing with the 4th round.

4th Round: Bet $8. If you win, your profit is $1. If you lose, move to the 5th round.

5th Round: Bet $16. If you win, you also get a profit of $1. If you lose, move to the 6th round.

Your betting process will be happening like the example above. If you win, you can place the next bet with your original betting amount or other wagering amounts as long as you can follow this strategy until you get a win. 

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Why Shouldn’t You Apply The Martingale Betting Strategy?

The Martingale Betting Strategy1

Like the example above, you can see that if you keep on betting, you will not losses. However, the reality is not perfect as calculated. The following reasons will show you why players soon lose when applying the Martingale betting strategy.

Lack Of Capital

One main reason is that the players have not enough capital to follow this strategy until they win. Some players just apply this betting strategy without thinking carefully about their finance. They place bets whose betting amount is too high to continue to follow the Martingale betting strategy until they get a win. Because the players have to double the amount of the bet after every losing game, the betting amount will increase by a multiplier very fast. Even if you start with a very small bet of $1, after 5 rounds, your betting amount increases 16 times. Therefore, the risk of running out of capital before winning is very high.

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Placing A Bet On Risk Type Of Bet

Applying the Martingale betting strategy in high-risk betting type is the second biggest mistake of unskillful gamblers. The high-risk bets such as Draw in Baccarat or Straight bet in Roulette will take more than a dozen rounds to get a win. Are you sure that your capital is high enough to wait until this time?

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Lack Of Patience

The Martingale betting strategy is safe if you have high capital and you can suffer many losing games to wait for your game to win. However, each time you actually win, your profit is not too high. Let’s look back on the example at the beginning of this post. If you lost from the 1st to the 4th round and only won in the 5th round, you would have to increase your betting amount up to $31. However, if you won, you would get a profit of only $1. 

Besides the low profit, the long betting time makes many players lose their patience. Thus, it leads the players to many wrong decisions.

Therefore, how to apply the Martingale betting strategy correctly?

The Martingale betting strategy will be more effective if you:

Have good financial management.  

Place bets on betting types whose probability of winning is from 50%.

Patience and accept less profits in exchange for experience.

Practice analyzing on choosing the appropriate bet in every round to enhance the probability of winning. 


The Martingale betting strategy is also a good strategy mathematically, but, you also have to apply it flexibly into your situations to enhance your profits.

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