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What Is The Dealer In Live Casino?

If you are a loyal customer at Cashbet168 online casino Singapore, you’ve probably heard about the definition of Dealer. Prestigious house edge will have a large number of professional Dealer employees and in-depth knowledge of the house’s operations. So what is a Dealer? What will a professional dealer work?

What Is The Dealer?

Dealer is the betting business staff, namely those who deal at online casinos. They are highly qualified professionals not only technically but also culturally qualified. Typically, as a computer expert, international standard English with high IQ and many other skills. Because of the high requirements, the salaries that the Dealers enjoy are also commensurate.

Also, at a more professional level, Dealer is also trusted by the house edge to analyze information, truss charts or predictions of opportunities, risk could be betrayed.

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What Does A Dealer Do?

Dealer will be responsible for dealing cards at the online casino, information analysis, predict possible opportunities and risks to help the hose edge get the most accurate results and brings the highest profit for them.

Each time they win, they will receive a commission discount at the rate of about 5% of the total profit that the house edge has. Conversely, if Dealer lose about 30% of the total bet will be deducted directly from the salary or heavier losses may be dismissed. Therefore this work is a lot of pressure.

Dealers’ working hours are also not specified and fixed that depending on live betting matches. Whenever a football match takes place they will have to work. Or there will be shifts in the casinos. Each dealer will hold a football match and will play a key role when it comes to making the evaluation and analyzing the results.

Leading house edge are now investing heavily in using video streaming technology to live stream games in online casinos with the coordination of Dealers dealing directly with players to participate to bring the feeling like playing real casinos.

Dealers have the right to use their special game boards to start the game where they can choose different buttons to place bets and perform card dealing operations, interacting with players. Some house edges also have separate rooms for dealers or use live camera on casino to help players feel more confident.

Qualities of A Professional dealer

First of all, the Dealer needs to be agile, have a high IQ, keen analysis and handling of situations. Especially the knowledge of the entertainment field they are involved in.

Secondly, foreign language skills also play an important role because the main players of the house often come from many different countries. There are Dealers who have passed the selection round but they all underwent other rigorous training.

Last but not least, they must have the psychological observation skills of players.

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Because it plays an important and indispensable role in online casinos and offline casino, Dealer should always be paid by the house edge with a very large salary. However, the pressure that this job brings is not small, you need to consider carefully before you want to join this job.

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