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The Magic Of Lucky Number Seven

The Magic Of Lucky Number Seven
The Magic Of Lucky Number Seven

If you ask anyone what their lucky number is, they would probably say seven. Three and nine come in close, but most people pick seven. The number seven has shown up across nature and in various cultures. For instance, there are seven days in a week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven continents, seven seas, seven notes in a scale and so on. 

Since it appears so often, seven is considered to be a lucky number, and some people even use it when gambling either in  or instant play casinos. But why do we prefer betting on the lucky numbers such as seven while gambling in instant play casinos? Is the number seven really lucky? 

How can nature, which prides itself on being balanced, have so many instances of the prime number seven that cannot be divided by any other number other than one and itself?

Reasons Why We Are So Captivated By The Number Seven

The number seven is more prevalent in life than we think. It is considered the number of wholeness and perfection, both physically and spiritually. It is present in many religions and gets most of its divinity from being tied directly to God and creation. Thus, it holds a lot of significance in many major religions. Examples: God created the world in seven days and forgave humans seventy times, seven times. 

The Quran mentions seven heavens, and the Muslim pilgrims go round the Kaaba in Mecca seven times. Hindus believe that there are seven heavens, seven underworlds and seven chakras. These instances give a sort of divine nature to number seven.

Seven is considered to have magical properties. In most slot machines, the number seven represents the jackpot. That’s why many people associate it with winning. Many slot games, such as crazy seven or lucky seven, award big winnings to those who match any seven symbols.

The Magic Of Lucky Number Seven

What Is Luck?

Many casino games are considered games of chance, and sometimes, even with all the skills, you can come out with nothing. Gambling obeys the laws of probability, which means that the outcome of most games or bets is left to fate or luck. Luck is believed to be a force that brings one good fortune and success. 

Many gambling fans believe in luck and often believe in lucky numbers or items that give them favourable outcomes. However, others believe that if you get too lucky or strike a long lucky streak, it will give rise to an opposite effect. 

Other than betting on number seven or other lucky numbers, there are more superstitions and beliefs about luck in the world. In India, for instance, some cultures believe that washing their hair on Thursday or grooming on Tuesdays is unlucky. 

In China, red is considered a lucky colour, and that is why it is a dominant hue in most Chinese things. In Serbia, people spray themselves with water to bring good luck, while in Thailand, many gamblers wear a type of necklace known as paladkhik, which they believe brings good luck while betting. 

Lucky Numbers And Gambling

For most gambling fans, lucky numbers can be anything they want. Some people rely on their beliefs and choose the lucky numbers they use in inland or online casino. For instance, most people believe the number seven is lucky. 

The Chinese, on the other hand, prefer 6, 8 and 9, while others view the number 3 as lucky too. 13 is considered unlucky and 23 mystical. However, some choose their lucky number differently. They use their age, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special dates as their lucky numbers.

Games such as roulette, keno, bingo and baccarat are considered lucky-play games. In bingo, for instance, you can play your lucky numbers between 1 and 80. You can also total several lucky numbers such as 3 + 7 + 9 = 19 and play using the result. 

You can also multiply, divide or subtract these numbers. Whatever number you choose will be a representation of your lucky numbers. In roulette, you pick any number between 1 and 36, one at a time, and use the same strategy mentioned above when playing on your lucky numbers.

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Even though some people believe that luck plays a big part in gambling, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes a lucky-number strategy or any other superstitious belief can fail. However, many people believe in luck and superstition because it makes them feel like they are in control of the outcome. And when it does pay off, nothing feels quite like it.

Whether the number seven is lucky or not is a matter of opinion and belief. It is this belief which stems from the positive things associated with number seven that makes people feel that it is a lucky number. And for some, luck plays a significant role in gambling.

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