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The Battle Between Offline And Online Slot Machine

The Battle Between Offline And Online Slot machine

Are slot games very popular all over the world whether they are online or offline? 

After researching, we find that up to 71% of slot players would like to play online slots rather than other betting games. It has no surprise because we all know that slots have been played since 1891. There is also one theory that slot games originated from another famous betting game – poker.

Then, slot machines have been very popular. However, where do you want to play slots? We know that this game is very interesting and great to entertaining, but whether offline slots or online slots are better? Let’s make a battle between online and offline slots to find out the answer.

The Basics

The Battle Between Offline And Online Slot Machine1

Offline slots

To start this battle, let’s first test the simplest way to enjoy slots. The basics to play offline slots are very easy. That is in case there is an available machine! There are 68% of players who come to a land-based casino select slots first to play. However, if you choose offline slots, there is no warrant if one machine is free and this has made online slots an advantage.

In case there is an available machine, you just need to implement your wager, push the button or pull the lever and then is the spinning of the reels. Bally created the original entirely electromechanical slot machine called ‘Money Honey’ in 1963. With the popularity of the Money Honey machine, the growing predominance of electronic games was implemented soon. Then, the excitement starts when the icons stop and create the pay-lines. In case the icons on the pay-lines correspond to any form the pay-table, you will win. 

Online slots

In online slots, you get a chance of choosing many various themes and the process of playing has no difference to offline. However, you can enjoy online slots anytime and anywhere you want as long as your mobile devices to play slots get an Internet connection. Fortunately, you can find an Internet connection everywhere. 64% of Android users enjoy online betting and 32% of those choose slots to play.

Whereas offline slots take your coins, in online slots, you need to make a deposit to your selected online casino. Then, you will get a money amount in your account and you use it to play slots. When you’ve made your deposit, you can press the spinning button, then waiting for the result.Now, offline and online slots are on a similar playing field, though online slots provide you to play slots for free.

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The Battle Between Offline And Online Slot Machine2

Various types of slots

Can offline get back any advantage in this part?

 Offline SlotsOnline Slots
Three-Reel Slots-The most popular slots’ type and this is the first slots created.
-Each slot machine has 3 spinning reels.
-These slot machines can provide from 1 to 5 pay-lines.
-In UK brick and mortar casinos, there are a total of 171,134 slot machines.
-Relying on each slot machine, it is able to feature either certain or progressive jackpots so the players can get a big winning.
-The original three-reel slots were developed online firstly.
-There are 10 famous software designers that are used most.
-The players can find more interesting things on almost online casinos.
Five-Reel SlotsMost of these slots have 5 spinning reels. Thus, your game will be more interesting and you can increase your winning chance. You also can multiply your pay-line by bonuses.
– Although you can choose many various themes from offline slots, you are also limited relying on where you play.
–  Online slots also get 5 reels and they are very popular with common 5 reels.
-These online slots also provide animations when symbols of winning are made on an activated pay-line.
– There are so many various themes for players to choose without limits.
-The players can play online slots without going to any land-based casino.
JackpotsIn most situations, online slots provide progressive jackpots that are linked in the whole casino.
Up to now, the highest win from a brick and mortar casino comes to a software engineer from LA who got $39,710,826 just from $3 for each spin.
-Almost online slot players want to try their luck on the jackpot.
-In 2015, John Heywood won a progressive jackpot of 13.2 million from 25 coins for one spin.
Bonus Round -Online 3D slots are another type of online slots.
-They provide great 3D effects and graphics.
-They bring the players to an entirely new level.

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This will be the final part and we will find out the winner.

-Offline slots: Sometimes, there are rumors that land-based casinos get loose slot games and they make the pay-out can be further than 100%. However, the average percentage of land-based casinos is around 90% to 95%.

-Online slots: Almost online slots are set based on the offline slots (their predecessors), so the pay-out odds and rates are the same. Most of them have the pay-back percentage is about 99%.

The winner

After comparing offline and online slots, you can see that online slots have more advantages than offline. However, whether you prefer online or offline slots, each of them also has various unique. 

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