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Sicbo is a game that started in China with a different name as tai tai (大 細) or dai siu (大小), these names are commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia. Particularly in the Philippines Sicbo is called by a large, small or hi-lo symbolic name. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Sicbo first appeared in China and experienced a long time of development so it has a foothold in the market and is influential to the betting community.

Sic Bo is one of the most attractive online casino games in this industry. To become a professional gamer when you join Sic Bo, you need to understand what Sic Bo is, Sic Bo history, how the rules are, the types of Sic Bo, and the strategies of Sic Bo. Once you understand these issues, you can definitely win every Sic Bo opponent in every casino arena. The article below will show you the important information that you can use to apply in your Sic Bo. Let’s see!

What Is Sicbo?

Sicbo is a form of dice game. This game has its roots in China for a long time but when it comes to online betting, the casino has a few changes. Basically, to play Sicbo we will rely on three dice dice. These dice are square, consisting of 6 faces and sides marked from 1 to 6, each symbolic value with a dot rather than a regular number, these three dice are shuffled mix by shaking.

Then pour out until all three pieces lie still on the table. At this time, people count the points of 3 heads. Add up to the final result. Player will have to bet before opening the dice. If you book later, the result will not be accepted. The betting options in the traditional Sicbo game are quite few, usually just bets, faint. But Sicbo in the house or casino is different. Players have more diverse options. Each bet type has different payout rates.

History Sicbo

History Sicbo

Sicbo is a game that started in China with a different name as tai tai (大 細) or dai siu (大小), these names are commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia. Particularly in the Philippines Sicbo is called by a large, small or hi-lo symbolic name. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Sicbo first appeared in China and experienced a long time of development so it has a foothold in the market and is influential to the betting community. When it first appeared, Sicbo was described by 3 dice. Later, when brought to the west, Sicbo had different versions such as Grand hazard and chuck-a-luck. Because Sicbo’s play equipment only needs dice, this game is often called dice. However, the game should be called dai Siu because there are more interesting things than other names.

Since its appearance and popularity, Sicbo has spread throughout Asia. In the beginning, when Sicbo appeared, many people were known by the image of three dice and names like Tai Sai, Dai Siu or Big and Small were all based on the characteristics of these three dice. Famous in Asia, but it was not until the early 20th century that Sicbo was introduced to the United States and other countries thanks to immigrants from China. This is one of the famous casino betting games not from the West.

Although appearing in Asia, compared to other betting games, the player is still more inclined to bet on Western games. Perhaps, China is the area that Sicbo is most popular and popular, it has a firm foothold here. Next comes the United States, where the game finds potential ground for development. In the United States the player called it Dai Siu. Until 13 May 2002, Sicbo was licensed and officially entered the betting game in the United Kingdom. The Sicbo table is not much different from the Roulette table. Over a long process from the beginning until now, Sicbo has been greatly improved, transformed, only 3 dice remain. And no matter which variation or casino Anyway, Sicbo still brings joy to people.

The three dice are the symbol of the game, and the result is published based on the number of points the three gave after rolling the dice. Initially, three dice are placed in a ceramic cup or bowl, representing the house side will shake three dice gently. The player then places a bet on the box they want to bet before the result is opened. One person may bet on different bets at the same time. This game does not have much difference between traditional casinos and online casinos. After the player has made all bets, the final result will be displayed on the big screen, the player who wins the bet will be displayed on the betting table. Besides, Sicbo attracts players by fast transactions, with high odds and good payouts.

The Origins From Ancient China

On the display board are divided into different colors representing the different results of the player. Whatever the rules of the game, Sicbo will announce the results and the last moment. This is a game with no high expenses. The playing speed of Sicbo is not as fast as Craps as it still makes players get caught up in the game. What’s more, Sicbo players still have enough time to think about their own bets and relax their minds between bets.

Several new periods began to appear, players used many objects such as bricks, stones to mark during play. In fact, this game only needs 2 dice to create a game. At first glance, Craps is no different but the size is different and the house needs the power to shake the dice.

It can be said that Sicbo is a betting game that has a lot of difficulties in the process of formation and development. In the beginning, when not many people knew about it, Sicbo underwent many improvements and repairs to suit the style of play of each person in different times and different areas. At first, the dice were not shaped like they were now, but made of various small objects like shells, or stones carved into the surface. When improved, Sicbo is more stringent in technical expertise, through many different names, Sicbo now has a foothold in the international gambling market.

The Arrival To America

The appearance of Sicbo in the online version is a breakthrough development in the betting market. Players not only feel uncomfortable or inappropriate, but on the contrary, they are very interested and encourage this type of betting. The betting industry has changed dramatically from here. Players often see Sicbo in every casino, both traditional and online. And it wasn’t until 2003 that Sicbo emerged in the United States. Although a bit late, but in return, the American people increasingly welcome this game and this is really a potential land for Sicbo to develop more.

Types of Bet Sicbo?

Like many other games, Sicbo also has different types of betting. Depending on the different market, the needs of players have different requirements, these bets appear in turn instead of gathering one place. With the desire to provide more knowledge to readers, Cashbet168 offers readers the article about the most different and typical Sicbo betting types that are known and trusted by gamblers.

Players can place bets on bets once a dice surface has been revealed. The player will win if the bet is also the bet shown. Where the number of betting players displayed on both sides of the two dice, the number of rewards doubled. Similarly, the prize is tripled if the number of the bet is displayed on the face of the three dice. For this type of betting the house has a utility of 8%.

The determined sum of the two numbers that make up this bet type. The house will give a 5: 1 odds when the player places on 1 and 6 and the same number is displayed as the winning number. The case of this choice of houses has a benefit of up to 17%.

Based on the large total of three dice, the player may bet on that. The betting results will range from 4 to 17, players rely on the limit of numbers to bet. Although there is a limit on the number of bets placed in this bet, the game is still flexible

Participants will guess the published result after shaking the dice based on the characteristics of betting. For example, if the player bets small then the win will be won if the published number is between 4 and 10. And it would be a big bet if the last announced number is between 11 and 17. This brings to the point-of-house benefits, the house won’t have to lose if a trio shows up. However, there are still some small competitions of different types of betting, but in this bet the house advantage only accounts for 3%.

Players can place bets immediately when the numbers appear on the dice surface. If players really have great luck and win, this is a jackpot difficult to obtain with a payout ratio of up to 150: 1. In addition, the player’s odds can be backed at 215: 1 and in this case the house gains 30%.

This is the simplest bet of all Sicbo bet types. Players are at their disposal to bet any numbers on the triple they receive. The payout for this bet is 24: 1 and the odds are within 35: 1, this number means that there is a 30% advantage to the house.

The player may place bets and any appearance of any 2 combinations, in this case the odds are 8: 1. For these types of bets there has been a famous bet with a house edge of up to 33%.