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Roulette is famous to all the gamblers. The goal of this gambling is to predict the winning number which the ball will fall into. Although there are no hacks to win this game, knowing exactly how this game work is a good idea. In this post, cashbet168 will inform you of the progression of playing roulette. The structure of the Roulette table, what should we do before playing, how the game start, and what types of betting,… if you are interesting, continue reading!

What Is the Structure Of The Roulette Table ?

In spite of 3 main variations, the Roulette table is built with a table, a small ball, and the main part: roulette wheel.This wheel is set in the middle (on some French tables) or at the end of the table. The spinning wheel is the symbol of this game. This wheel contains numbered pockets. On the American wheel, there is a total of 38 numbered pockets which include number 1 to number 36, number 0, and a double-zero. On the contrary, both French and Europe wheels have 37 numbered pockets that do not include the double-zero pocket. These pockets are colored alternately between red and black, and the zero-pocket is colored in green.

The table is set with the betting decoration for the players to place their bet. The dealers will manage the betting table. Commonly, three variations have the same decoration, except for one option for the second-zero pocket on the American tables.

There are two parts in the betting table: inside and outside. While both American and Europe table set the outside betting options on the same side of the table, French table divides these options into 2 parts that are located into two sides of the table.

Before Playing

It would be better if you have a seat which is convenient to place a bet in all the options in the betting table. Therefore, a central seat in front is always the first choice of all the players.

Buying Chips

The players buy the chips directly from the dealers or the cashier. Because each table can contain up to 8 players, to distinguish the chips of every player, each player will receive the chips with different colors. Both friends and couples are required to play with different colors. When buying these chips, the dealers ask the players to choose the chips value, from $1 and up. Then, the players place a chip with a particular color and add another chip with a specific value near the wheel to check the payouts.

Roulette chips are effective only on the roulette table. Therefore, the players have to exchange the chips with the dealers before leaving the table.

Starting To Play Roulette

The game starts when the players place their bets. With the online casinos, the players can be unoccupied with these steps. However, with the land casinos, the players have to place their bets before the dealers say “no more bets” or when the ball falls slower. You can place your bet in a specific number, or group of numbers that you want to bet. You can put stacked chips if the bets required. Right after the dealers pay all the winning bets, gather the losing ones and delete the winning marker, the players can place a bet for the next spin.

Each table has the different betting limitations about the minimum and maximum wager which the players have the right to bet. Although they are written in different words, they all mean the same thing.

The minimum limits are pretty low, about 5$. However, you can not divide this betting limit to bet in both inside and outside bets. For example, if the minimum limit was 5$, you could not bet 2.5$ on inside bet and 2.5$ remaining on outside bet. But you are entitled to place a bet on both inside and outside bets.

Maximum bets are the same as minimum bets. However, each type of bet has a different maximum limitation. Commonly, inside bets have the limit which is lower than outside bets, because its payouts are pretty high. The way the banker set a limit on the betting money help the players avoid long-term losses.

Types Of Betting Roulette

General, there are two main types of betting which are used in both 3 Roulette variations. As noted above, these are inside and outside bets.

Outsite Bets

These bets are so easy to win, that’s why they have lower payouts. Outside bets include: Column (payout 1:1), Even-Odd (payout 1:1), Dozen (payout 2:1), Red-Black (payout 1:1), and 1-18 or 19-36 (payout 1:1). This is quite safe, but they do not earn you much, and of course, you will not lose much.

Inside Bets

Straight, split, street, corner or line bet belongs to the inside bets. The inside bets offer the players to bet on a specific number or a group of numbers. This type of bets can cost from one to a couple of chips, which depends on the bet you want to place. Remember that the fewer numbers you bet, the higher the payout you earn.

Special Rules

Some casinos offer some special rules which reduce the profit of the dealer. Depending on each rule, the player will receive different benefits when the ball falls on a zero or a double-zero pocket. These rules will be set according to each table so, the players should find out the special rules, which benefit to yourself in each table before playing. These are En Prison Rule, Le Partage, and The Surrender Rule.

En Prison Rule : Imagine that the player makes an even-outside bet. The player’s stakes will be recovered if the ball falls into number 0, and the players have to place an entire initial bet in the same position for the next spin. If the winning number is 0 again, all bets are lost. This rule decreases the banker profit from 2.7% to 1.35%.

Le Partage : the same as En Prison Rule, the banker profit is 1.35% again. However, when the ball falls into number 0, the players get back half of the bets and the other half goes to the house.

 En Prison Rule and Le Partage are applied on French tables, but in some Europe tables, these rules are also valid.

The Surrender Rule: this rule is applied to the American table. Like Le Partage Rule, but it is effective in both numbers 0 and 00. The house profit fell by half from 5.26% to 2.63%.

Basic Tips

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  4. Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette
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  9. Progressive Jackpot Roulette
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  14. What Is the Structure Of The Roulette Table ?
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  22. Types Of Betting Systems – Roulette
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