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 Roulette is the most popular game in which the players can find it in almost brick and mortar casinos and online casino. Contrary to the original game, more casinos provide many exciting variations to attract many Roulette fans and offer them a unique experience.With the variety of variations, the players can play Roulette with many interesting variants and select the one which corresponds with their individual preferences most. Each variant has the separate spinning wheels that change your odds flexibility. For example, the American Roulette has two zero pockets while the European one has only one zero pocket. The first one is more adverse than the second one since the house edge of the American Roulette is 5.26%, while the European Roulette takes 2.7%.More online casino provide many variations for you to select, but the variation which is provided by almost online casino is the progressive jackpot Roulette. They provide this kind of Roulette with an aim that attracts crowded players to offer them an opportunity to win big when playing Roulette. At present, the progressive jackpot Roulette becomes very popular that all online casinos meet their aspirations. If your favorite betting game is Roulette, but you are not satisfied with the ratio which the games provide, the progressive jackpot Roulette is suitable for you.


The progressive jackpot Roulette can be identified easily since they have many recognizable features. Like its name, this kind of Roulette contains a jackpot which its amount is raising continuously. Commonly, each player who takes part in this variation contributes to the ever-rising sum. Thanks to it, the progressive jackpot Roulette provides a huge amount that any participant can win. In some cases, the amount of the sum is not always the same that means the jackpot will keep going on increasing until it is eventually won.

Necessary Things To Play Progressive Jackpot Roulette

Like the original Roulette, the major rules of the progressive jackpot Roulette still be similar. If you have already known these rules, you can play the progressive jackpot Roulette without any trouble during the gaming process. You just place your preference bets, which means you can select to bet on one specific number or many numbers. Moreover, you can also bet on one number which depends on the category or the color it relates such as odd/even or red/black.

To get enough conditions to win a jackpot, you need to place a side bet. This bet unrelates to your initiatory bet that means you still need to place a wager on the inside or outside bet. Remember that in case you do not wager on the side bet, you can not win the jackpot, even when you meet the remaining requirements of it. The side bet takes a small amount, 1 dollar each round in some cases, which is affordable to every player.

Whenever a gambler places the side bet, the jackpot amount will increase. Besides that, when one player wins this prize, its amount will not begin accumulating again. Instead, it will have a pre-set sum which is reset in case there is a winner. This explains why it hits such a huge amount that makes this game worthy to play.

One thing which makes these games different from the original Roulette and the remaining of the variants is the opportunity to win big.

Popular Online Variations of Progressive Jackpot Roulette

The progressive jackpot Roulette is definitely a good way to vary your experience while playing since it will make you feel the enjoyable thrill. Thanks to this game, you will receive many chances to quit the casino with some profit. Contrary to the big jackpot, you can use many extra bonuses with generous payouts.

Many variations provide unique prizes if your chosen number wins many continuous times. Commonly, the wheel of these games which contains unique bonuses, has an additional pocket and thus, you can raise your profit notably. These special games were created thanks to many of the software providers in the gaming industry – IGT, Playtech, Microgaming, and others. Let’s look at many popular variants and their outstanding features.

Roulette Royal By Microgaming

Possibly, the most famous variant of the progressive jackpot Roulette is Roulette Royal. Because this game is improved by Microgaming, the outstanding software provider, the Roulette Royal quickly become popular. This version provides many new chances for the players to win. The common rule of the progressive jackpot Roulette here is that to be eligible for the jackpot, you need to place a side bet with the value of $1. You will get the prize which can change your life if a similar number wins five continuous times.Remember that when you place this side bet, it is put by default whenever the wheel spins. As mentioned above, the Roulette Royal gives you many ways to win and many extra bonuses. For example, you are rewarded if a similar number wins only two continuous times. In these cases, the ratio is 15:1, which means you will get back $15 when you place a $1 bet.In case the similar number appears three times in one row, the ratio is set up to 200:1 and when it appears four times in one row, this ratio is 3000:1. Because of the virtual nature of this game, you also get the chance to use many different unique features. For example, you can follow easily your winnings thanks to the history feature. Moreover, in case you are adventurous, the available Expert Mode is for you to try once with many exotic bets.

Roulette By Playtech

Playtech is also a famous software provider that exclusively provides to Roulette fans a progressive jackpot Roulette. The most outstanding feature of this game is its design which contains many famous Marvel characters. In case you are a crazy fan of Marvel comic series and enjoy playing Roulette, the Marvel Roulette is created to satisfy you. It provides an exclusive Marvel bonus for you to win thanks to the extra blue pocket that is set on the wheel.As long as the ball falls on that pocket and you have placed one bet on the Marvel bonus, you will have the chance to try your luck on an exclusive three-slots game. In these cases, you get the opportunity to spin three times which decide the payout amount. This payout is different each time since it relies on the Marvel characters you get. You need to collect three corresponding symbols to win a huge amount. One more thing about this variation is that it allows you to win 4 progressive jackpots.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette By IGT

This is an interesting variant that is created by the innovative software provider IGT. Many main things have made this variant different from the remaining games of Roulette. One of them is that the wheel contains 3 pockets all of which consist of zeros. One more thing you can observe is that it also contains one yellow pocket that is contrary to the others about the width. This yellow pocket is where the ball should fall on to gain a special bonus. If this happens, you get a chance to spin a three-ring wheel.Relying on your first bet and the result of this extra game, you will gain the prize corresponding. If you want to play the Triple Bonus Spin Roulette, you get the opportunity to wager 4 bets that provide diverse payouts – Quad Bonus, Trio Bonus, Split Bonus, and Straight Bonus. This game will definitely raise your extent of excitement since you get many chances to gain more wins and enhance your gambling experience.

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