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Roulette Outside Bets

Being a casino game, Roulette has gained big popularity throughout the years. With the simple rules, Roulette magnetizes more gamblers. Playing Roulette needs luck, but the players also need to know its betting options, which are very diverse.

The players easily know how to play Roulette thanks to its structure. With the numbered pockets between 1 and 36 on the wheel, the dealer spins this wheel and the players will guess the number where the ball falls on. You can bet on a specific number, groups of numbers, or color. Every type of bet has different odds and payouts, so it brings the diversity of betting and the flexibility to the game. The players just have to place the chips on a specific part of the betting table. The chips can be placed on the outside or inside part, which is influenced by your chosen bet.

In this post, cashbet168 will inform you of the full information of all five subtypes of the outside bets.

Roulette Betting Layout

The inside part of the betting layout contains small places, which stand for all numbers on the wheel, between 0 (or 00 on the American table) and 36. The inside part offers the players to bet on a specific number or set of numbers. Although the winning chance of betting on the inside part is low, its payouts are always high. For example, if you bet on number 6. To land on this number, the chance of the ball is 1 out of 37 (38 on the American table).

The remaining part of the betting layout is the outside bets which stand for various groups of numbers. To wager on the outside bets, the players just need to place the chips on their preferred part. The groups usually stand for two contrary such as red/black, high/low,… With the outside bets, the players bet on all the numbers which belong to that chosen group. Therefore, the outside bets are suitable for unprofessional players.

The outside bets are easier than the inside bets, so the risk is lesser, and of course, the ratio is lower.

Black vs Red Bets


The players bet on the color of the pocket which the ball will fall on. On the wheel, there are 37 numbered pockets (or 38 on the American wheel) which are colored consecutively in red and black. However, the zero pocket (or the double zero pocket on the American wheel), is green. If the ball lands on the green, all black and red bets are lost.

The players just put the chip on the color box which stands for this bet type to wager. The boxes are remarked by black and red diamond for new players to bet easier. In other cases, these boxes are filled by rad and black color or the colors are written after each box which they stand for. In French Wheel, all betting options are written in French and Red vs Black bet is called “Rouge ou Noir”. The main thing is the color, not the number.

On the wheel, the amount between black and red numbered pockets are the same, so the ball has the same chance to land on the red or black pocket (not including the green pocket since it represents the house profits). Therefore, the chances for the players to make the right guess are identical (18 or 19), because of the appearance of the banker profit. The payout is even money, or 1:1. It means if you bet $5 on black numbers, the ball falls on a black pocket, you win this round and receive totally of $10 (the original betting amount of money and the profit)

Odds and Even Bets

From the name of this betting type, we can easily know how it works. The players will predict whether the winning number is even or odd by placing the chips on the odd or even box on the betting layout. These boxes are placed next to the black and red boxes, or under the “3rd 12” box (odd category) and “1st 12” box (even category). The even numbers are ended with a digit of 2, 4, 6, 8, 0. However, the zero pockets do not belong to any odds or even bets. In French Roulette, this betting type is called “Pair ou Impair”.

The important thing about the odds and even bets is the category where the ball falls on, not the number. The same as Red/Black bets, the chance for the ball to fall on even or odd numbers is similar. Because the wheel contains equal numbers of both two categories, the payout is even money.

High vs Low Bets


From the wheel, we divide all these numbers into two parts: high (19 to 36), and low (1 to 18). You can easily remember that the total numbers on the wheel are 36, so the first half belongs to the low part and the half-end belongs to the high part.

The players will guess whether the winning number is from the low or high range and place the chips on the particular boxes. These boxes are placed next to each side of the Odd and Even boxes. The boxes are named “1 – 18” and “19 – 36” and in French, these are “Passe and Manque”.

The same as Red/Black and Odd/Even, High and Low Bets offer equal chances between win and loss. The payout is 1:1.

Column Bets


The roulette layout is built in a way, that contains groups of numbers in three erect columns. These columns include 12 intermittently numbers but in each 3. A column bet is that the players bet on one-third of all numbers on the wheel (exclude 0). It means that you get 1 chance of winning and 2 risks of losing, so the ratio is higher than three preceding betting types. It is 2:1. In the French table, this bet is named “Colonne”.

The players have to place the chips on the furthest end of the chosen column. An additional box which is placed at the back of each column shows the ratio of this bet. The players place the chips right here. The goal of the column bets is bet on a column, where the ball falls on.

Dozen Bets


Besides the column bets, where the numbers are divided into 3 specific columns, the betting table also has 3 dozens, each includes 12 numbers. On the betting layout, these dozens are arranged in big boxes, drawn with thicker lines. The players place the bet on one of three boxes under each dozen. These boxes are named 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12. Of course, number 0 does not belong to any of these dozens. With dozen bets, the players bet on 1/3 of all the numbers on the wheel. The payout is 2:1.

Dozen bets are the same as the column bets, but the unique difference that all the numbers on each dozen are successive. 

Additional Factors Of The Game:

Roulette has three main variations and two distinct figures for the banker. The house profit in the American Roulette is 5.26%, higher than 2.7% of this one in the French and European Roulette. Therefore, when talking about the equivalent of winning chance or risk of losing, we do not mention to 50%, but 47.3% (44.74% of the American Roulette).

However, each rule has a difference. In the French Roulette, two additional rules are offered to reduce the banker profit. That is En Prison and La Partage rules, but these rules are valid only when the ball falls on a zero pocket and the player wagers on an even-money bet to give the chance for the players to get back part of their bet. In this case, the house profit is decreased to 1.35%. However, these rules are only provided by land casinos.

The other important thing is the table limits, which are unique to each table. Therefore, you have to make sure that you know the particular rules, which are controlling the table. At the corner of each table, there is the maximum and minimum betting amount for each bet. However, some casinos do not permit the players to bet on the outside part with the minimum betting amount. In case you play Roulette online, you are permitted to wager with the minimum betting amount on Columns, Even-Money Bets, and Dozens.

Cashbet168 highly recommends that the new players should bet on the Outside bets since it is very simple and has less risk. Although it can not give you much profit if winning, the winning chance is better.

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