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Although Roulette was created since the 17th century and becomes one of the most ancient games, it is still one of the most famous games in both land-based casinos and online casino thanks to its simple rules and its attraction. In contrast to other games, the players are fascinated by the adventures of expectancy. They also get an extreme state of excitement when the ball slowly stops at one specific number.

 With the simplicity of Roulette, this game is very enjoyable and popular. Its gameplay and rules are easy to understand and quite straightforward. Commonly, Roulette is thought to be a chance game and you can not make any influence on the result. However, you can adjust your game by diminishing your losing money. Your role is to guess the winning number on the wheel, place a bet and expect the best. This winning number is decided by a dealer who is in control of the spin of the wheel. Therefore, Roulette is a chance game whose result can not be predicted or influenced.

Number Sequences of The Wheel

Roulette Number Sequences and Patterns

The sequence of the numbers on the Roulette wheel is influenced by the kind of wheel that Roulette uses. There are two major kinds of Roulette wheels: single-zero and double-zero wheels. With two kinds of the wheel, you can recognize correctly the Roulette variations. The thing that makes them different from another is the green pocket which the latter gets. The European Roulette provides one zero pocket, it means that the pockets are numbered from 0 to 36 and get a totally 37 pockets.

However, the wheel of the American Roulette is different because this wheel has an additional green pocket which contains two zeros. Therefore, the amount of the pockets in this game is raised and of course, your winning chances are changed. The numbers on the American wheel are written in a different way, not the standard sequence. For example, instead of the initial numbers on the wheel is zero, in some cases, the following number can be 23, 15, 9, 4, 21, 2, and so on.

In the European Roulette, the house edge is 2.7% whereas this profit can be increased by up to 5.26% in the American one, which is disadvantageous for the players.

The Layout Of The Roulette Numbers

As mentions above, all the numbers on the wheel are not placed following the standard order. This creates special and unique for Roulette. There are more reasons to arrange these numbers, but the most important reason is to prevent any conclusions from the players about the connection between the numbers and the pockets. Novice players find it difficult and even confuse to decide the numbers sequence since they are placed randomly. In each Roulette game, these numbers are colored following the group they are in – even though they are even or odd.

The Layout Of The Roulette Numbers

In European variations, you will not have the ability to spot further than two numbers that are next to the other and land into a similar category. All the numbers are placed following the way that the wheel will be balanced between odd and even numbers. The colors on the numbers are also considered carefully to make the game more fascinating.

Does The Ball Follow Any Pattern?

These days, the myths and rumors of each casino game are transmitted widely. This is not surprising much because almost famous games have received much attention from more players for many years. In this way, Roulette is the same as the way its wheel activates and it causes more animated discussions. More players think that the way the ball lands on a particular number following a specific pattern and if this ball still not falls on a certain number, it will do it in the near time. However, the opposite often happens.

The most crucial thing of Roulette which you must know is that the winning number of each spin is random, it means that when the dealer spins the wheel, the result does not affect the next spin. Besides that, the ball maybe falls on the similarly numbered pocket twice in one roll or it will not fall on it during the game session. The wheel does not have an ability to save data about the prior results, so between each round, there is no connection.  

The wheel of Roulette activates is compared with the video lottery machines operate. In both two cases, your odds are the same in each new round, although you won or lost in the prior rounds. For example, with the American wheel in the Roulette game, the probability for the ball to land on your chosen number is always 1 to 38. If you have enough luck to win twice in one row, you might not think that the third win will certainly happen.

At this time, you should keep in mind that your winning chances are similar to when you started playing the game. More players are mistaken by the belief that there is a specific pattern control the way the ball falls on a particular number in a short time. As mentioned above, this is against the truth.

You might play every round independently to create more choices for your wagers and get a more practical idea about Roulette.


If you are looking for a game which not only full of fun but also high-quality entertainment, Roulette is totally suitable for you. You will gain great entertainment with high excitement that you have never had before. Roulette is a chance game because of the fact that you can not predict exactly what number the ball will fall on. Although sometimes you know the pattern the ball falls, almost cases that the ball falls accidentally and this is not enough for you to increase your game. To be the best in each game, you should know exactly all its aspects.

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