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The primary rules of this game are simply defined that all you have to do is place a wager on one number which you guess it will be the next winning number. It is impossible to guess the result even though you play Roulette in a land-based casino or online casino. In brick and mortar casinos, a dealer spins the Roulette wheel while in the online casinos, the wheel is operated by an RNG (Random Number Generator). With the improvement of online casinos, you can play Roulette with a live dealer that is worked by a live dealer in real-time. This helps the players experience the gambling environment the same as in the brick and mortar casinos and so, the result is totally fair and random.  

It is impossible to apply one strategy to decide the last result since the ball does not comply with any pattern. However, by using the betting system, you can minimize your losses and improve your profit. Roulette is the most appropriate game when mentioning the using of the betting system because it does not request any actions except predicting the next result. These days, the players can find many betting systems that support them to enhance their gaming experience. One of these systems is the Labouchere betting system which is applied by many Roulette players.

History Summary

Although there is no evidence about the one who invented the Labouchere System, Henry Labouchere is always related to this problem. He was a famous politician and writer in England throughout the Victorian period. Henry Labouchere was also famous for his enthusiasm about this game and he believed in the invention of the Labouchere system. Originally, this system was invented to be applied only in Roulette, but these days, with many improvements, it may be used in more different casino games such as craps, baccarat, and blackjack.

The Fundamentals of The Labouchere Betting System

This system belongs to the negative progression system which means you need to raise your betting amount when you lose and reduce it when you win. Its goal is to help you take back your prior losses and gain a profit while playing Roulette. To obtain the result, you have to win many times since almost one win is not enough. In the betting world, the Labouchere is considered as Cancellation System, American Progression, or Split Martingale.

Comparing to the remaining popular negative progression betting system, the Labouchere is more complex. Therefore, it is not much suitable for the unexperienced gamblers since they will be difficult when using it while playing. Although it is more intricate, many players in the world still apply this system because of its highly beneficial.One thing that makes the Labouchere fit the Roulette is because its original plan was made for the outside bets that pay even money – odd/even, high/low, or red/black.

How To Use the Labouchere Betting System in Roulette?

This Labouchere system is found on the major principle which is rather different from the remaining betting systems of this type. If you want to try this system, first, you have to think about a numbers sequence and take note. In theory, the numbers sequence which has no limitations is made up. However, remember that the more uncomplicated the chain is, the simpler you can use this system.

This numbers sequence plays an important role in the Labouchere because the number of the possible profit which you might make while playing rigorously relies on it. To find out, you just simply insert the value of all the numbers sequence. For example, suppose that your numbers sequence contains 1-2-3-4. Thus, you get the winning chance with a total of $10 since this is the result you will gain when you do this math.

To decide your betting size, you have to add the initial and the final number that formulate your sequence. Turn back to the example of the sequence of 1-2-3-4, your initial bet is assumed to be $5. Like the remaining systems of betting, in the Labouchere system, each betting size is decided by the result of each round. In this case, supposing that you win this time to represent what you have to do. You just simply remove the initial and the final number of your sequence – 1 and 4.

Because your odds are similar in each round, maybe the worst case happens and you will lose. If this happens, you should begin to add your prior betting amount ($5) at the end of the sequence. Therefore, your numbers sequence will be 1-2-3-4-5. This is the entire plan that the Labouchere system provides and to use it exactly, you should follow it during the game. There are two primary things which you have to remember are:

  1. After winning, you need to remove the initial and the final number of your chain and wager the total remaining amount.
  2. If you lose, just add the total numbers that formulate the row at the end of the chain and wager that amount.

The moment when you begin at the start of the system is decided by the amount of the numbers you get in your chain. For example, if your numbers sequence is 1-2-3, in case you win, your betting amount should be $2 and you do not need to make any calculations. If you win again, you have finished the cycle of betting and you can start again from the start.If you note a sequence that contains only 3 numbers, all you have to do to start again from the beginning is to win twice. At first sight, the Labouchere system seems more difficult and takes more time to discern than other negative betting systems. However, if you understand its major principle, you just need time to be familiar with it and begin to apply it without thinking so much.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Labouchere Betting System

The biggest advantage of the Labouchere system is that it permits the players to be freely flexible with their wagers. You are responsible for deciding the numbers sequence and changing it suitably during the process of playing Roulette. It is probable to select any numbers to form one row, which means that you can note a longer or shorter sequence. Moreover, thanks to the Labouchere system, you have the chance to take back all your losses and increase your profit. You do not need to win more than your losses since this system is created especially to be effective in Roulette.

Of course, every system has a disadvantage. The drawback odd the Labouchere system is that you do not know when you meet a winning streak to offset all your losses. If the worst case happens and you lose many times, the numbers which you add to the sequence will regularly increase. This will make the plan more difficult and evenly, your betting amount can be rather high at some time. Whenever applying the Labouchere betting system, you should follow your bankroll and place suitably numbers for your sequence.

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