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You are a fan of Roulette, but you don’t know their history, their roots. Don’t worry! What does Roulette come from? Who is the father of Roulette and how it spread to all over the world? In this post, cashbet168 informs you about Roulette’s history.

There is very much document about Roulette history but, to be the most famous and popular gambling, roulette has experienced through four main stages:

The Invention Of Blaise Pascal

Roulette is invented without prior intention. In the 18th century, the French Physicist and Mathematician, Pascal invented the perpetual motion machine. However, his invention wasn’t success. This is a lucky situation for all the players because his failure gives a chance for roulette to appear in this world. A rudimentary form of Pascal’s invention is the current roulette game. The roulette mechanism is a combination of the wheel (invented in 1720) and the Italian game Biribi.

The game has been played since 1796 in Paris. A French novel La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jaques Lablee which wrote the first description about the current form of roulette game, describes a roulette wheel in the Palais Royal in Paris in 1796. Some description sentences in this novel: “There are exactly two slots reserved for the bank, whence it derives its sole mathematical advantage”, “ It then goes on to describe the layout with…”, “two betting spaces containing the bank’s two numbers, zero and double zero”. This novel published in 1801. 

In the late 1790s, the roulette wheels were colored red for the single zero and black for the double zero. In the 1800s, the green was selected for the zero-pockets to avoid confusion.   

In 1842, Louis and Francois Blanc improved the layout by adding 1 zero-pocket. After that, Francois Blanc opened his casinos in Monte Carlo, where roulette was born and become popular.

How Did Roulette Become Popular In European?

In spite of the popularity of Roulette in France, there was trouble and that leads to the spread of roulette to Europeans. At that time, gambling was considered illegal in France, Louis and Francois Blanc realized that they had to change their location. Therefore, they decided to change the game from France to German. The way they move the spot made Roulette popular around Europe.

The Spread Of Roulette To America And A New Display Of Roulette

After becoming a model and spreading throughout the European. In the 19th century, French immigrants took the game to New Orleans. Roulette officially moved to America. When moving to the American, roulette was not received warm welcome due to low profit for the banker. Moreover, cheating appeared in the roulette table. Therefore, the Americans re-designed Roulette by adding 1 more zero pocket with double zeroes to increase the profits of the bankers and reduce cheating. Therefore, the American Roulette has 38 numbers (from 1 to 36, 0 and 00) instead of 37 numbers of the European Roulette. This design makes Roulette famous and popular around America. Since then, roulette has been accepted by most casinos and online casinos, become the most attracting table games.

Nowadays, there are 3 variations of roulette: French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette.

The Attraction Of Roulette With Online Players

With the Internet development, Roulette has been opened widely to online players. With any mobile devices, the players can access the website and play at their home. Nowadays, with the modern Internet, and the players seem busy with their job, playing online is the best choice for everyone.   Therefore, playing online roulette is very convenient. The players don’t need to walk to the casino anymore, now, they can play online roulette every time, everywhere they want. Bankers have created an online casino that as the same as true by providing live dealers. With live dealers, the players can communicate, talking to the others and both the dealers. Don’t worry whether cheating happens or not, the players can follow every second through their devices.

More About Roulette:

Roulette is a chance game, and the players are not allowed to cheat. However, the players can win by using some betting strategies or tips to betting effectively. The strategies may come from your own experience with this game or the others. Planning carefully before playing will help you manage your money properly.

Table of Contents

  1. American Roulette
  2. European Roulette
  3. French Roulette
  4. Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette
  5. How To Play Roultte
  6. Introduction To Roulette And Type Bets
  7. Labouchere Casino System In Roulette
  8. Parlay Casino System In Roulette
  9. Progressive Jackpot Roulette
  10. Roulette Betting Odds
  11. Roulette Betting Strategy
  12. Roulette Call Bets
  13. Roulette For Real Money
  14. What Is the Structure Of The Roulette Table ?
  15. Roulette History
  16. Roulette Hot And Cold Numbers
  17. Roulette Money Management
  18. Roulette Number Sequences And Patterns
  19. Roulette Outside Bets
  20. Roulette Tournaments
  21. Live Dealer Roulette
  22. Types Of Betting Systems – Roulette
  23. Why Play Roulette