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More Roulette fans find various ways to enhance their choices of betting and make a profit. In case you are the one who finds the solution to support you reduce your losses, it looks like a system of betting. These days, it is probable to find more betting systems which provide a developed plan for your bets. Almost every system of betting is applied in Roulette and it is extremely useful under the proper circumstances. Moreover, commonly almost these systems are invented to be applied in only Roulette.

However, because other casino games like baccarat or blackjack are very popular, it is no surprise that these systems can also be used in them, as long as they are adjusted suitably. The Fibonacci betting system is one of the most famous systems of this kind. Now, continuing reading to find out its special points to use it correctly.

Brief History Of The Fibonacci Betting System

To know the history of the Fibonacci betting system, turning back to the 12th century when an Italian famous mathematician released the notable Book of Calculation (Liber Abaci). One of the most popular and talented mathematicians throughout the Medieval period was Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, also known as Leonardo Fibonacci. This book was issued in 1202 and gained more fame in Europe for many reasons, especially the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers. Many accomplishments of him were considered as main developments in the major areas of mathematics.

The Fundamentals Of The Finonacci Betting System

To make clear the Fibonacci betting system, let’s begin from its best basics that means the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers. This distinguished sequence starts with one and every number in this sequence contains a total amount of two prior numbers. Going along with this pattern, the numbers which form the sequence increase regularly. This pattern can also be found in nature where places the Fibonacci betting system in the middle of the most necessary discoveries throughout the 12th century. To understand better, look at the sequence below :

One more thing which you shall know about the Fibonacci betting system is that this system is one of the negative progression systems and thus, it means that raise your betting amount whenever you lose and reduce it whenever you win. The idea of each system of this kind is that because the ability to meet a long streak of losing is low when the players win, this amount will offset their prior losses and they can also earn a small profit.

Generally, the Fibonacci betting system is more complex because of the Fibonacci Sequence that many players feel difficult to use when they play Roulette. Notwithstanding, when you are familiar with it, this system will be easy.

How To Use the Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette


In Roulette, this system is often applied to outside bets that pay even money. To apply this system, you need to know exactly the Fibonacci Sequence and this explains why we mentioned it above. Each number of that sequence shows the betting amount that you have to place at some point. Therefore, to use the Fibonacci betting system freely, you should remember it.

Because the players do not require to pre-set the number of a betting unit in the Fibonacci betting system, you have the opportunity to decide it following to your bankroll and your favorite. You have to begin by placing correctly one unit of the bet since this is the initiation of each betting cycle. If you lose, you need to proceed to wager respectively the next number on the sequence. Supposing that you place $5 for a betting unit and you lose at the first two results of the Roulette wheel. In this situation, you shall bet two units of betting since the third number of the sequence is 2. Therefore, you have to place $10 for one bet since a betting unit is $5.

You also have to go on following this pattern to winning. If you lose more, your betting amount will be bigger. As you see that the Fibonacci betting system calls for many rapid raise of your shares. In case you are in a streak of losing and let’s suppose that you have lost five times in one roll, you need to raise your following bet with five betting units. This explained why you shall be cautious when you decide the amount of a betting unit. In case you set the amount which is not suitable for your fund, you will be out of money before offsetting your losses. Moreover, remember that a unit of betting is the lowest amount which you need to bet if you apply the Fibonacci betting system.

Up to now, we have demonstrated how you shall proceed in case the worst case happens and you meet a streak of losing. let’s look at the reverse case and supposing that you have luck this time. After winning, to calculate the number of your following bet, you have to turn back to two numbers. For example, in case you have won right after you have just bet five units of betting, your following bet should be similar to the number of betting units. You should follow this pattern whenever you win if you have not controlled to earn a profit. In these cases, it would be better to begin from the initiation of the sequence. Besides that, you can also start again if your first bet wins.

Roulette The Fibonacci Betting System

Bet Sequence Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
0-11 LOSS-1
0-1-12 LOSS-3
0-1-1-23 LOSS-6
0-1-1-2-35 LOSS-11
0-1-1-2-3-58 LOSS-19
0-1-1-2-3-5-813 WIN-6
0-1-1-2-35 WIN-1
0-1-12 WIN+1

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Fibonacci Betting System

Now, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Fibonacci betting system to give out the last conclusion whether it is effective or not. About the advantages of this system, the biggest advantage of this system is that it offers you the opportunity to raise your winnings in a short time. This system makes the game more interesting and exciting and that will let you enjoy Roulette more. Although the Fibonacci system asks you to learn the Fibonacci Sequence by heart to apply its plan, remember that it would be better in case you play Roulette in an online casino or live casino, you just need to open it in the other tab.

However, this system still has many main drawbacks that put off many gamblers from applying it. First, its plan is quite complex that makes the new players feel difficult. Moreover, if you choose the Fibonacci betting system, you should always take care of your money and keep on following your losses and winnings during the time you play Roulette. In negative progression betting systems, it is necessary to control money well and set a loss limit and a winning goal.

You should not apply this system in case you have a narrow bankroll because you can easily run out of money if you meet a streak of losing.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the Fibonacci betting system is very interesting but it is still a complex betting system that you could use when playing Roulette. Therefore, as mentioned above, playing Roulette in an online casino or live casino will be better for you. It certainly supports you to be entertained by the game and make more profit. However, remember that in case your fund is limited, the best thing you could do is to stop applying this betting system since you can not earn a profit. Moreover, if you meet many succeeding losses and lack money to keep going on playing Roulette, this will lead you to quit the game with vacant pockets. Therefore, spend your time on understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the Fibonacci system and then determine which one will be your best choice.

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