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 Roulette provides an exciting game and the excitement of expectation. It is also a very popular game which attracts many players in the world. Primarily, Roulette is considered as a chance game because we can not predict exactly where the ball falls on. Although you are improbable to find out a strategy to help you predict exactly the winning number, there is a thing you should do to make your game better.

Roulette also attracts many experts thanks to its remarkable numbers of patterns and sequences. Therefore, more systems of betting have appeared to minimize all your losses as far as possible. Almost the esteemed systems of betting are used in different casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and other games. Roulette is a casino game that is reasonable to apply a system of betting because all the things that you have to do are place bets. This helps all the betting systems highly effective in Roulette.



Nowadays, you can apply many types of betting systems in Roulette. Although all these betting systems have a different rule, commonly, they have one similar point – every betting system provides only one plan for you to place bets. Therefore, other games like Baccarat, they do not reduce the house edge by anyway and when you apply a betting system, you do not enhance your winning chances. However, in Roulette, this is different because more systems of betting are designed exclusively for Roulette. Almost systems of betting are fit Roulette since the only step you have to do is determine where you place bets.

In short, the betting system is just a plan that you use to make a wiser decision for your wagers. In some cases, if you want to use these systems, you should remember your prior wins or loses. This plan is found on the result of each round and other elements do not need to be considered. A few betting systems are more effective than others but in common, you should remember that almost these systems are just effective in a short time.

You should be acquainted with the major kinds of betting systems and distinguish features to differentiate them. Moreover, you will easier catch your chosen system if you are familiar with the basics of the betting systems.

Types Of Betting Systems – Roulette


All systems of betting are categorized following its major rule – whether it asks you to decrease or increase your betting amount or wager consecutively a similar amount many times. Some systems of betting which require you to raise your bet while winning are called positive progression betting systems. On the contrary, this is the negative progression betting systems that ask you to reduce your betting amount when winning. This explains why almost the negative progression systems are more dangerous than positive progression systems. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the best of the negative progression systems and use these systems exactly, you have to get a steady bankroll to stay in Roulette long enough to retake your money and increase profits.

Another kind of betting system requires the players to place wagers with the same amount each time. This is flat betting systems since they do not change the betting pattern. In some cases, it is very important to be sure that you bet a suitable amount right from your first unit. This system uses a reasonable method, thanks to it, you will not lose all of your money before leabing the casino.

Popular Betting System

There are different systems of betting that are very popular with Roulette players for many reasons. With these betting systems, the players get a chance to control their funds better, follow the result of Roulette easier, and of course, they are independent to place a bet without relying on your lucky or feeling. Moreover, you can reduce significantly your losing amount and even make a profit.

But, you can be lost a significant amount before winning because not all the systems of betting are effective. In many cases, these systems are not created to get over the house edge, it aims to assist you in making more clever betting options.

Many of the popular betting systems which can be used in Roulette are Labouchere, Martingale, Parlay, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and others.

Parlay Betting System

This is one of the positive progression systems. Therefore, when winning, you have to raise your bet and vice versa, you decrease your betting amount when you lose. In some cases, you should apply right from the start. If you want to use this system, you need to notice the prior result of each round to decide the betting amount you have to place each time. Before playing, it is necessary to plan a winning goal and follow it seriously. In this way, you can save a small amount and quit the game when you are ahead. If you determine to apply the Parlay System, remember that it is ineffective in a long moment.

Labouchere Betting System

This system is a negative progression system which means you have to raise your betting amount whenever you lose and decrease it every time you win. It is not only the most popular but also the most complicated betting system which many Roulette players use. Even when you have lost very much times, you can get a chance to offset your losses and increase a profit. Because the Labouchere Betting System is a negative progression system, you need to prepare a hard bankroll to survive long enough to keep you stay in the game until winning. Moreover, there is a Reverse Labouchere Betting System that operates opposite to the Labouchere betting system.

Martingale Betting System

This system is also a negative progression system which you have to double your betting amount whenever you lose. In case you want to apply this system, remember that it is only effective with short sessions. According to the statistics, you will lose in the long term regardless of cases, especially when you are in a losing streak and you are out of money before managing to win. The major idea of this system is that you certainly win at a few moments during the game session and later, you can offset your losses and increase a profit. Because this system requires huge bets, those who have a narrow bankroll should not apply it.

D’Alembert Betting System

Belong to a negative progression system, D’Alembert offers you to enhance your bet and when you lose and decrease your bet whenever you win. In the beginning, this system was used only in Roulette, but today, more players apply it in more games like craps, baccarat and even blackjack. It is mainly used for bets which makes it suitable for Roulette. D’Alembert has been proven to be useful for you to make a profit in short sessions. However, the biggest disadvantage of D’Alembert is that you might lose all your money immediately if you experience a consecutive losing streak. Alternatively, if you try to stay long in the game enough to win many times, you can recompense your loses and even make a profit.

Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci Betting system is a negative progression betting system. This system is found in the so-called Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers. If you choose the Fibonacci Betting System, you are free to select the money amount of your beginning bet which might be suitable to your bankroll on the day. Because the Fibonacci Betting System is based on the Fibonacci formula, it is not surprising that it operates very well. Commonly, it is not risk like the remaining of the negative progression systems. That is because your bets improbable to reach a great amount or your betting progression, in this case, is slower. However, remember that it can also break your bankroll in case you fail.


When mentioning Roulette, the players have the chance to try some systems of betting and your loss of money will be decreased significantly thanks to this way. To use a betting system properly, you have to know its basics and types. Commonly, almost systems of betting are an effective solution to increase your profits and level of entertainment in a short moment. A betting system is not recommended to apply while playing long sessions since you certainly lose more money. Moreover, the systems of betting are a good way for you to control your money better and follow your losses and winnings.

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