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With the long history and the simple rules, roulette has become one of the most attractive casino game in the gambling industry. Although this is a game of chance, the players still play it most thanks to the diverse types of betting. However, they also need some betting strategies which keep them manage their bankroll to avoid the risk of losing much money. In this post, we introduce to you 10 betting strategies that are used most in the online casinos, such as the Martingale, the Grand Martingale, the Reverse Martingale,… Hope you enjoy!

The Choice Of A Strategy

More players suppose that the approaches of playing Roulette are not efficient because they played according to themselves and gained considerable loss. To place a specific strategy, each player might memorize their betting inclination, winning target, loss edge, and betting finance. Besides that, the player should know the primaries of the structure which you’ll go, and recognize its best details. The best thing you should know is its betting strategies, which do not guarantee you huge winning money, but reasonable goals. 

The winning odds of Roulette and the banker advantage are calculated by some experts in the betting industry. The advantage is commonly represented the house profit. In French Roulette, European Roulette and Cashout Roullete, the house profit is 2.7%. However, the house profit of the American one is 5.26%. That makes the French and European Roulette gain more love from gamblers.  

In spite of the obvious risk, this table roulette is still one of the good repute names in both brick-and-mortar and online casino. Some theories which purpose to give a benefit to the players are devised by a few strategists. The majority of these theories are confirmed to be unproductive, but few of them still supply an interesting viewpoint.

We delineate into 2 main parts of betting strategies. Based on your amount of betting money after each spinning, there are positive and negative progression systems. With the positive progression system, the players raise their bet after winning and drop their bet after losing. Actually, we can say that the negative progression system is the equivalent of the positive progression system.

These Roulette strategies belong to the even-money outside bets, which are wagered on the outside betting table. 

10 Betting Roulette Betting Strategy

Now, let’s find out what they are!

#1 Betting Strategy : The Martingale

The players double their bet each round and place an even-bet (high/low, odd/even, red/black). In this way, even though the players lose a few times, they can gain an equal initial bet by just one win.

For example, your initial bet is $1 and you lose. Next, you wager $2 and lose again. In the third round, you lose $4. But in the fourth round, you bet $8 and you win.  Therefore, you have lost a total of $7 and gained an earnings of $1at final.

Simply, you have to double your bet after losing and decrease your bet to its first value after winning. This is a negative progression system.  However, the disadvantage of this strategy is that you can fastly face the risk of the betting limits, so you can not go on putting on it. More players think that the risk of consecutive losing chains is slight, but Roulette is a game centered on accidental events. Therefore, do not think about the compassion of destiny. Remember that casinos recognize these systems and that’s an explanation why the betting limits are fixed. It is a precaution against these systems.

Roulette Martingale Betting System

Bet Number Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
#11 LOSS -1
#22 LOSS-3
#34 LOSS-7
#48 WIN+1
#51 WIN+2
#61 LOSS+1
#72 LOSS-1
#84 WIN+3

#2 Betting Strategy : The Grand Martingale

This is a variant of the Martingale strategy with the same logic. Double your wager with adding one unit on it. Grand Martingale is much a quicker way to touch the boundary of the Roulette table since you bet with higher money. For instance, if your initial bet is $2, in the following spin, you bet $5 (2 x 2 + 1=5), and then next, you bet $11 (5 x 2 + 1 = 11),…

The Grand Martingale’s advantage is that after winning, you can gain more profit than the first bet. Grand Martingale is applied for even-money outside bets. For instance, if you had just lost $7, you needed to bet $15. And if you won, you would receive $30. This denotes that you have won $30 and lost $26, so your total revenue is $4. Therefore, we can conclude that the increase is the first bet and 1 unit for every loss in an uninterrupted streak. To be a more forceful variation of Martingale, the Grand Martingale also stands for a negative progression system which is valuable for those who have more finance and prepare for a higher risk.

Roulette The Grand Martingale Betting System

Bet Number Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
#11 LOSS-1
#23 LOSS-4
#37 LOSS-11
#415 LOSS-26
#530 WIN+4
#61 LOSS+3
#73 WIN+6
#81 LOSS+5

#3 Betting Strategy : The Reverse Martingale

We can reason directly from this strategy’s name. The Reverse Martingale contrasts the Martingale strategy. The players double their bet after winning and change to the first bet after a loss. However, this strategy is a little bit complicated, as you can lose all of your winning profit. For example, you wager $2 and you win $4, next you bet $8 and you win $16. If you lose, you would lose all $16 of both the profit and the first bet. We can not predict when the chain of winning will end since every spin of the wheel represents randomly the winning number. Therefore, the Reverse Martingale is only appropriate for short-term wagering sessions. To be the contrary of Martingale, the Reverse Martingale belongs to a positive progression system.

Roulette The Reverse Martingale Betting System

Bet Number Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
#11 WIN +1
#22 WIN +3
#34 WIN +7
#48 LOSS-1
#51 LOSS-2
#61 WIN-1
#72 WIN+1
#84 WIN+5

#4 Betting Strategy : The D’alembert System

This strategy attracts many players because their bankroll will stay under sensible limits. The D’Alembert System is recognized as a pyramid. After winning, the players cut one unit of the betting value. And if they lose, they increase one unit in the next round. Its advantage is that this system is quite safe and suitable for tight bankrolls. Besides that, the players have a chance to get the maximum betting limits slower than the Martingale strategy.

Another interesting thing about this strategy is that in case the number of victories and the number of defeats is similar, the left profit matches the number of victories. For instance, if there are 5 victories and 5 defeats, your left profit is $5. However, the drawback of this strategy is that the players will not win a big profit and offer the low first bet. The player gets the maximum table limits in a long consecutive winning series and the winning series will be broken.

The D’Alembert System gives the best results if it is applied to French Roulette with one zero pocket. This strategy is a negative progression system.

Roulette The D’alembert Betting System

Bet Number Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
#15 WIN+5
#24 LOSS+1
#35 LOSS-4
#46 WIN+2
#55 WIN+7
#64 LOSS+3
#75 WIN+8
#84 WIN+12

#5 Betting Strategy : The Reverse D’alembert System

Opposite to the D’Alembert System, The Reverse D’Alembert System is the positive progression system. The players increase the first betting value by adding one unit after winning and equivalently reduce after losing.

This strategy is based on the winning series, but no one can predict when this winning streak is over. Besides that, if the balance between the winning series and the losing series appears, the player will be deducted by the number of defeats. In conclusion, by using this strategy, you should remember that you have to win more than lose to earn more profit.

Roulette The Reverse D’alembert Betting System

Bet Number Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
#15 WIN+5
#26 LOSS-1
#35 LOSS-6
#44 WIN-2
#55 WIN+3
#66 LOSS-3
#75 WIN+2
#86 WIN+8

#6 Betting Strategy : The Labouchere System

This name seems to be not familiar with the unprofessional players, but with the experienced players, the Labouchere system is pretty popular. Like the Martingale strategy, the Labouchere is a negative progression system, because you have to increase the betting amount after losing. Its purpose is to get back the losses by a few wins. The Labouchere is one of the most complex strategies which is placed just on even-money bets. Relating to some calculations, the players should have a note with a pen.

The players write down a random chain of numbers on a note. The profit of every chain of numbers is the totality of all numbers on it. For instance, your chain is 1, 2, 3, so the whole sum of these numbers is 6 and this may be your winning profit.

Your betting value is calculated on the footing of the totality of the initial and final numbers from the chain. Looking back at the numbers above, it is 1 + 3 = 4, so the betting value is $4. If winning, the initial and the final numbers of the chain are canceled, so you erase the numbers on the note. Next, you maintain the others. In case we have one number remain, which may be the sum quantity of the bet. Therefore, you place $3, but, if the chain is 1, 2, 3, 4, you need a total of 2 + 3 = 5. So, $5 maybe your following bet. If you win, the chain is over and you will start another cycle.

When you lose your bet, add one number to the chain. Let’s look back at the example with chain 1, 2, 3. After losing the first bet of 4$, add the quantity, which you have just wagered at the end of the chain. Then, the chain will be 1, 2, 3, 4. Remember that, if you lose, do not erase any numbers, you just continue to add one number.

In case you win right at the first bet, you erase numbers 1 and 4 and continue with numbers 2 and 3. And your next bet is $5, if you lose, add number 5 at the end of the chain. Your chain now will be 2, 3, and 5.

One interesting thing is that regardless of the length of the chain if you erase all the numbers of the chain, you will remain a net profit, which the same as the total quantity of all numbers from the initial chain.

#7 Betting Strategy : The Reverse Labouchere System

The same as the regular version of this strategy which demands a series of numbers and the initial wager is the addition of the initial and final number of the series. Opposite to this original version, in the Reverse Laboucherre System, in case of winning, the players have to enhance the quantity of the final wager as a number to the series. The initial and the final numbers of the sequence are “canceled” if losing. In case all the numbers in the line are grazed, the player will lose.

#8 Betting Strategy : The Fibonacci System

This strategy is one of the negative progression of systems. The Fibonacci chain of numbers begins with 0, 1 and all the next numbers are the total of the former two such as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… Number 0 is bypassed. Before applying this method, you should make a plan about your bet amount each unit. This amount depends on each player, but it should be between 2% and 5% from the whole bankroll for each betting session.

Your first wager might be one betting unit since the initial number of the chain is 1. For instance, you bet $5 at first. If losing, you need to change to the second unit of the chain, which is again 1. At that time, your second bet will be $5 again. In a two-unit bet, the total amount will be $10. Consequently, you go up after losing and go down two numbers after winning.

Like other negative progression systems, the major problem of the Fibonacci system is the threat of losing a long streak. In this case, you go up the line, your wager will be high enough to get the maximum betting limit. Therefore, you have to seriously follow your betting plan to stick to the strategy’s rules. This strategy may be difficult for those who play in a brick-and-mortar casino because of its distractions. So, we highly recommend that you should try the Fibonacci System in an online casino.

#9 Betting Strategy : The Paroli System

This strategy relates to the equal of the Martingale strategy and it is a positive progression system. The players double their bet after winning and decrease to its first betting value after losing. Its advantage is its simplicity, which is supported by more players. Besides that, this strategy will defend you against the losses, since after the third win of the particular streak, you have to play with your origin bet.

An even-money outside bet will be suitable for this strategy. Remember that your betting value could not be lower than 2% and not higher than 5% of the whole budget for the specific betting session.

#10 Betting Strategy : The 1-3-2-6 System

Like the Paroli System, the 1-3-2-6 system belongs to the positive progression system, in which the threat of loss is not significant. With its simplicity, this strategy is highly suggested to the new player. Decide the betting unit and place the first bet. You begin a chain that is composed of the succeeding 1-3-2-6 pattern. If you win, please continue to go up the line of the chain. For example, you bet $10 on the first spin, next spin you will bet $30, next $20 and next $60. If this chain is interrupted by a loss, you have to start the chain from the initial.

The best aspect of the 1-3-2-6 system is that its framework does not create on the growing of the wager after losing. Besides that, it provides reasonable bets according to the first betting unit. However, the negative of this strategy is the attendance of the banker. Of course, all the strategy includes it, but you can play the European or French Roulette, where provide bigger profit and refunds bets that are on both the zero and double zero pockets.

With these different betting strategies, Cashbet168 hopes that you can easily control your bankroll and be kept safe from considerable losses while playing online gambling – Roulette.

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