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In many casinos, Roulette is always the first choice of most players. We can easily come across crowed people who stand around the roulette tables, staring at the ball and wait for the result. Not only casinos but also online casino, online roulette still keeps the highest access from all the players in the world thanks to its easiness. Cashbet168 brings you some information about this interesting game. In this post, we provide Roulette history, variations, and present its rules.

Brief Roulette History

In the 17th century, Roulette was unpredictably invented by Pascal, the French Physicist and Mathematician. At that time, he actually invented a perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, his aim can not work. Randomly, his failure gives a chance for roulette to appear in this world. A rudimentary form of Pascal’invention is the current roulette game.

Roulette has been used in casinos from late 1790 in Paris. In 1842, Louis and Francois Blanc improved the layout by adding 1 zero pocket. This innovation becomes a model and spreads throughout the European. In the 19th century, French immigrants took the game to New Orleans. Roulette officially moved to America. However, the Americans re-designed Roulette by adding 1 zero pocket with double zeroes to increase the profits of both the bankers and the players. This design makes Roulette popular around America. Since then, roulette has been accepted by most casinos and online casinos, become the most attracting table games.

Developing with the internet, Roulette has been opened widely through mobile devices. Therefore, playing roulette is very convenient. The players don’t need to walk to the casino anymore, now, they can play online roulette every time, everywhere they want.

Roulette Variations

French Roulette

European Roulette

American Roulette

Because of spreading around the world, Roulette has three main variations: French, European, and American. In the past, each variation is fabricated to fit its nation. No matter how many variations Roulette has, the basic goal of this table games is guessing the winning number as correct as possible. The players can now play roulette right at their home without going to the casinos.The Live casino also has all of these variations, each banker has designed their website with interesting and attractive graphics and interface. The players can easily choose which game they like most and start to play.

Difference Between Three Varitions

Every table roulette consists of the wheel, betting layout and a small ball. Each banker has there own bet limit with the lowest and highest value.The difference between these variations is number 0. While French and European variations have only 1 zero pocket, American variation has it-self 2 zero pockets. These zero pockets describe banker profits. And that is the reason why American Roulette offers 2 times more than French and European Roulette. Therefore, more players tend to play French and European Roulette. However, before playing this gambling, remember to read the banker terms to know exactly its profits.Last but not least, Fench Roulette offers “En Prison” and “La Partage” rule. When the ball falls into the zero-numbered pocket and the players bet even money, the player is allowed to split the bet with the banker or leave their bet on the same outside bet for the next spin.

Playing Roulette With Dealers:

To create a modern playground and have no difference between casinos and online casinos, the banker has uploaded a new graphic that provides live dealers for online players. The players don’t have to afraid whether there are cheats on the table games or not, because now they can follow every second happening right on their mobile devices. Cashbet168 mission is creating a reliable online casino, so we prohibit frauds right on our house edge. Playing with live dealers, the players can talk with both the dealers and other players, maintain the air as if you are in the real casinos. Cashbet168 is the banker where provides all types of online gambling in Singapore include online roulette Singapore… With modern layouts and interface, we hope that the players can feel like they are in the casino.

Betting In Roulette Games

One of the attractive things of Roulette is its numerous betting options. Commonly, the batting layout includes 2 major parts: “inside” and “outside” parts which are equivalent 2 main types of betting. “Inside” represents for all the particular numbers on the wheel while “outside” is for a specific category of numbers. Therefore, the “inside” bets indicate a specific number or group of numbers whereas the “outside” bets represent bigger parts of the layout. With these things, the outside bets are safer than the inside bets. However, the safe bets offer the payouts which are lower than the inside bets.

Besides these basic bets, the French roulette also provides “called bets”, which come from the French variant of the game and being placed on the particular numbers or a specific part of the wheel. This is a mixture of straight-up bet (bet on one number) and split bet (bet on two numbers) that can create confusion for the new players.

Thanks to its simplicity, Roulette has become the most popular gambling. The players wager on the betting layout with the chips of the casinos and wait until the winning number is announced by the dealer. The players should pay attention to the maximum and minimum limits of the table and obey their betting value. To make it easier, cashbet168 has designed our layout corresponding to each option. Roulette is a game of chance. However, it seems not enough for the experienced players, they want to win more with earning big money.  Therefore, prepared for yourself some tips and strategies. These tips and strategies are about betting money wisely while playing.

Playing Roulette Brings Real Money

The players have more options to choose where they can play Roulette. There is various Online Roulette in the world. To make real money, you need to create an online casino account, make a deposit, and learn thoroughly how to bet wisely. Because roulette is a game of chance so before playing, set a limit of losing and winning money to protect your bank account.

Cashbet168 is the banker where provides all types of online gambling in Singapore include Online Roulette Singapore… With modern layouts and interface, we hope that the players can feel like they are in the casino. Now, let’s play roulette right on cashbet168.

Table of Contents

  1. American Roulette
  2. European Roulette
  3. French Roulette
  4. Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette
  5. How To Play Roultte
  6. Introduction To Roulette And Type Bets
  7. Labouchere Casino System In Roulette
  8. Parlay Casino System In Roulette
  9. Progressive Jackpot Roulette
  10. Roulette Betting Odds
  11. Roulette Betting Strategy
  12. Roulette Call Bets
  13. Roulette For Real Money
  14. What Is the Structure Of The Roulette Table ?
  15. Roulette History
  16. Roulette Hot And Cold Numbers
  17. Roulette Money Management
  18. Roulette Number Sequences And Patterns
  19. Roulette Outside Bets
  20. Roulette Tournaments
  21. Live Dealer Roulette
  22. Types Of Betting Systems – Roulette
  23. Why Play Roulette