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The Most Popular Fish Table Machine In Gambling Market

Fish table gambling is one of the games that attracts a lot of players in the world. With a modern design, simple rules, beautiful interface, fish games are storming in the entertainment market. Players will be immersed in the deep ocean with thousands of fish and sea creatures. Different types of fish and marine creatures have their own values. The more fish you shoot, the more money you have.

This article summarizes the most popular fish table game machines in the world. However, we only mention a few fish table game machines that players have chosen most in this entertainment industry. Let’s see!

Types Of Fish Table Machines

  • 2 player 26 in 1 fish table machines
  • 3 player fishing game machine
  • 4 player stand-up LCD fish table machines
  • 6 player fish hunter arcade game
  • 8 player fish table gambling machine
  • 10 player fish shooting arcade game

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Shooting Fish Machines

3 Player Stand-up 42 LCD

Price: $ 1,900.00 (sale off: $ 1,700.00)


– 3 Player Stand-up 42 LCD fishing game machine cabinet

– The device supports audio software 3,6,8,10

– LCD screen located inside to save space

Size: 2: 1620*1460*990 CM

Besides other types of fishing machines such as 2/4/6/8/10 player video redemption game, 3 player fishing game is a newcomer in the shooting industry. 3 player fishing game machine is considered as one of the fish table games that provide the best services for fish games to reward players. With the familiar ocean theme, this fish tables is in the English version of the Ocean King series with unique symbols and features.

The design of a 3 player fish table is quite unique, giving players to experience a vivid ocean world. A large LCD screen (32,47,55,65,85 inches), the cabinet features vibrant LED lighting and high definition 3D rendered graphics bring a more modern style to the player.

Game rules and usage are similar to the other machines in the Ocean King series, players will be able to exchange $1 to 100 points normally (in the US). In order for the player to shoot as many fish as possible, before starting the game, the player will be granted a weapon with 3 levels of power. Players use this weapon to catch all kinds of fish. The 3 speeds of this weapon include: normal speed, fast speed, lightning lock target gun.

All players can easily start their hunt at this game. This game allows players to access at any level. Just use the joystick, aim at the identified targets, then press the Shoot button. Each fish hit by the player will provide a payment corresponding to the value of that fish. To get a refund or a ticket, simply press and hold the Payout button for 3 seconds. With this shooting board, you will surely enjoy the features and icons as well as its modern design.

Besides, players who want to participate in fish table games online version, should also try the experience. With online fish table game, you will have many games to choose from such as Ocean king online or Caishen Fishing.

Fish Table Machine – 3 Players

6 Player Mini Fish Hunter 3D Arcade Fishing Game Machine Gambling Table

Price: $ 1,800.00 (sale off: $ 1,500.00)

Feature: Fish game machine cabinet for 6 player

Similar to the 3 player fishing game machine, 6 player fish hunter arcade game is a fish game machine cabinet for 6 players.

Being also one of the games in the Ocean King English version with the familiar ocean theme, 6 player fish hunter arcade game is one of the most selected and most popular fish hunting tables in most entertainment centers.

With a modern design, beautiful interface and large LCD screen, high definition 3D, support for extremely light and sound, this game always gives players engaging, impossible experiences.

To participate in this game, all you need to do is choose your weapons, aim the fish, press the Shoot button and catch them. Each fish has its own score and value, the bigger fish you kill, the higher score you have. The more fish you shoot, the more money you make. To get back a ticket or money, just press and hold the Payout button, the machine will draw out tickets and coins for you.

The fish table games at the entertainment centers are suitable for all players of all ages and levels. Before starting the hunting journey, players will be provided with a weapon with 3 different levels, including: normal speed, fast speed, lightning lock target gun.

You can use this weapon so you can easily catch all kinds of fish. Remember, all bullets are converted from your coins, meaning you will have to buy bullets yourself to join the game. So, use it properly and reasonably to protect your account and win the biggest prize.

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Fish Table Machine – 6 Players


The above article is information about the most favorite and popular fish tables game in the current entertainment centers and casinos. This information will help you better understand the properties and features of these fish table machines. In addition, you can also take part in an online shooting fish table game at some prestigious online casino Singapore like Cashbet168. There are so many advantages when you join the online shooting fish table that you will not be able to miss it. In addition, you can also find tips and strategies to help you win these games easier. 

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