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PokerStars Sports- The New Sport Brand in The Stars Group

The Betstars- famous sports betting brand of the giant casino The Stars Group of Canada was officially wiped out and replaced by PokerStars Sports. This was planned and announced not too long ago to motivate PokerStars’ development.

Betstars has been a well-known brand in the casino industry for the past 5 years. This is the brand that represents the bold step of the Stars Group into sports betting. In the years of existence and development, this group has expanded its market to developed countries to create a brand that is present all over the world in this online betting field. It seems that over the years, the Stars Group has become the Canadian gambling tycoon in the hands of deciding the fate of the online gambling industry in Canada and nuwos like England, Spain and Italy.

In 2018, the Stars Group acquired two brands, PokerStars and Sky Betting and Gaming. Therefore, the plan to disband the BetStars brand was announced last summer by CEO Rafi Ashkenazi. He said the marketing plan for the two main brands was approved during the company’s second quarter of 2019 meeting.

Therefore, the switch to the new brand appeared over the past 24-48 hours, the domain name conversion from Betstars to PokerStars Sports has been taking place not only in Canada but also in all websites owned by the Stars Group around the world. gender. BetStars systems on international websites in England, Spain and Italy are also gradually diverting domain names to PokerStars Sports.

In addition, customers of this company have received notifications as well as brand new introductions by executives. In addition, they can see the new PokerStars logo on the Stars Group website.

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Some products from PokerStars brand is the aim

A key objective of the Stars Group’s strategy is to switch to using all of PokerStars’ famous leading gambling products. This operator will provide a betting product set including Poker, sports betting, casino online like Fb88 bookie. According to experts, this is a big and fertile market if you know how to attract players on an international scale.

During an earnings call in the second quarter of last year, Mr. Ashkenazi said that markets using PokerStars do not have a large brand equity on Sky Bet. As a result, they introduced a policy that would eliminate BetStars and begin the campaign to promote Pokerstars Sport and Pokerstars Casino, gradually making PokerStars the world’s top brand. In addition, the CEO of The Stars Group also added that “a good relationship that we can build with the local Sky broadcaster like Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland, then obviously we will start investing in those brands”

The Stars Group’s other executives also completely agree with this new strategy. They believe that through this strategy, they can receive many effective promotions that this brand brings.

In addition, Sportsbet the Australian brand of Irish gambling powerhouse Flutter Entertainment came up with a BetStars acquisition strategy. The Stars Group and Flutter developers and executives launched the merger strategy and will be completed by the end of this quarter. The deal will be decided by the Stars Group, which has been approved by Flutter executives and earlier this week.