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Poker is one of the famous gambling games, using a deck of cards consisting of 52 cards. At the beginning of each game, the player deals his or her own cards. After that, there will be community cards shown on the table. The turns are what make up a game. Depending on the player’s tactics and the cards they hold in their hand, good or bad, the player will bet the appropriate amount. The game will be played until the last betting round, the player who has survived is turned over to determine the winner. And the winner is the one who owns the most powerful cards that combines the private and common cards on the table.

In addition, new players need to know a few notes. For modern poker, in the first round of betting, some players make a compulsory bet instead of viewing the card before placing it. Bets are then placed in a clockwise order, which the gambler often calls “call”. In the process of placing a bet, the player, if he feels the card in hand better, can increase the bet. In the event of a match involving more than one person to dispute the last betting round, then in that game all hands will be turned and the winner will belong to the best card holder.

There is no set betting limit for players. For users of the original mandatory betting rules, the wager rules will apply. Left the ones who bet on expectations and trust the cards will be free of the bet. In a game, any player’s thinking and strategy can affect the outcome and lead to other actions of other players. Poker is really a game based on the mentality, tactics of the player, a game of intelligence.

Although it has been around for a long time, it was not until the early 20th century that Poker became popular and the poker activity in the market became popular. Gradually Poker became an entertaining game, the group of enthusiasts with Poker spread it even wider. And Poker is available online, as this utility has brought Poker to more players. The audience plays more and more professionally and receives many awards


Poker is a betting industry that has caused a lot of controversy about its players. And so far, no documents have confirmed the first appearance of Poker. There are mixed opinions about the appearance of Poker, there are suggestions that this game originated in China from the year 900 AD. However, many players think that it came from the 12th century in Egypt, the people here were the first to play cards. Not stopping there, there is the theory that Poker was derived from playing French Poque in the 17th century.

There are too many assumptions about the origin of Poker, but perhaps, Poker was known to many players especially in the early 19th century in the United States, in those days, Poker was extremely developed and gradually became a game. world-class entertainment. By 1970 Poker was one of the US casino gambling games organized in the tournament in the world.

Entering a new millennium, the development of technology is increasing, mankind invented many things and online casinos are one of the big turning points of gambling industry. With many convenient features, outstanding offers, Poker also appears online and spreads more and more, players know more and more. Especially between 2003 and 2006 Poker was really booming.


Basic Poker rules:

  • Each poker table has from 2 to 10 people. For online poker tables, there will be tables of 9, 6 and 2.
  • Always on the poker table is a circular symbol with the letter D (Dealer). This symbol will rotate clockwise on each hand. And when the symbol comes to any position that means the person sitting that position will act.
  • Each player will be dealt 2 cards separately and have 5 community cards that appear on the table respectively. A full game of Poker has a total of 4 rounds. The player who owns the most number of cards to reach the end is the winner. However, it is not required to go all 4 rounds to end the game. Any time a player raises and the other person does not play, then the whistleblower will win.
  • Pot is the name indicating where the bet is collected in one place after each round of betting. As a rule of thumb, a betting round ends when everyone is equal and no one raises.
  • The last person to win will be the owner of the money (pot).
  • Player’s options at the betting round:
  • Fold: The player does not continue to play the bet but will wait for the new round to start. However, abandoning the game means that the player loses the original bet.
  • Bet: When the player is the first player to bet, the other players must bet on the amount of the first person to bet, if they cannot follow then they must discard.
  • Raise: This is an option where a bet is placed, the next player can choose to wager with a higher amount or discard. The extra bet action proves to the remaining players that you have very strong hands.
  • All-in: Once the player has All-in, the remaining time of the hand is played only.
  • Call: Spend an amount equal to or greater than the previous player spent to continue playing cards.
  • Check: Players are watching the situation and waiting for others’ actions.

The Sequence Of A Complete Poker Game

After the winner receives the money taken from Pot. The Dealer position will move to the next player clockwise and a new round of betting will begin.

Rankings In Poker:

Ranking of Poker Hands:

Limitations In Poker Bets:

During the betting rounds, at any time of the game, if a player places a bet and no one else places the bet, the original bettor will own the amount of the bet. In the final betting round, if there are still many people in a match then the player needs to reveal their hidden cards earlier. The player who owns the best game according to Poker will win. Also, in variations where players have more than 5 cards, only the combination of the best 5 cards counts.


Poker is a card game that blends gambling and intellectual sports. Poker can be considered as a fascinating entertainment. Playing poker is fun! You can also use your skills to win money, not just luck. Such a form of fun has always been of great interest. If you have good tactical skills and thinking, you can even play poker as a profession to make money. That is why more and more people are coming to this card game. Poker is also a form of card with many different variations. And all variants play the same way and often have the same hand ranking hierarchy. Here are the main variations common when playing Poker.

Stud Poker

For the first time, each player receives a number of cards and in those cards are selected a few open cards for everyone to see. The difference that makes stud poker and draw poker is that the player cannot swap or exchange for other cards. In America Stud Poker is one of the most popular and typical lad Seven Card Stud. In order to participate in this variation, players need to own themselves and possess many skills and tactics to be able to win.

Draw Poker 

Players are dealt 5 community cards but must not let their opponent know their cards and vice versa. Players have the right to exchange 5 times for each of their cards if they feel that the cards have a low chance of winning.

After all players have finished their turn, they start to raise more. Players can discard or at will. The prize will belong to the person with the highest score in the table.

Draw poker is also divided into several sub-categories but most people often play Five card draw. When playing Five card draw each player is dealt 5 face-down cards and the player must keep the secret so that the opponent cannot see. Draw Poker is a fairly simple variation of the rules, so it is usually suitable for newbies. However, after a while, when playing well in this genre, players will tend to switch to other types of Poker to improve their level.

Community Card Poker: 

Each player has a combination of hole cards (community cards) and community cards that are turned over and shared for everyone. Players will try to create the best link between their cards and their community cards to create five hand cards (see more below). The two popular play styles in the US are Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em. The rules of these two methods are quite clear and easier to learn for newbies, so it is very popular.

In Texas Hold’em the player will be dealt 2 cards face down and must be kept so that others cannot see it. Next, the player starts to bet and the five community cards are dealt after the round of play (3-card Flop, Turn 1 and the last card dealt in the River). Finally, in the Showdown round, players will combine 2 cards in their hands and 5 community cards to choose the best 5 cards compared to the opponent. However, after each round of play, depending on the strength and weakness of the card, you will have ways to choose False, Check / Bet, Call, Raise accordingly to bring the best results.

Common Terms Used In Poker

Computer Programs

Poker was created on the computer version thanks to the development and research at the University of Alberta, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Auckland with the participation of many others.

in 2015 with the support of Science publisher and the participation of a large group of researchers from the University of Alberta, these studies show that Texas Hold’em is gradually growing to be difficult. preventable. It is almost impossible to gamble the number of participants based on statistics.

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