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Pachinko – Inside The Crazy World Of Japan’s Pachinko Games


In Japan, Pachinko is one of the most attractive games, bringing many interesting things. This game is highly entertaining and appears with a dense frequency in Japan. In Japanese, Pachinko is known as パ チ ン コ. This word helps listeners visualize the elastic sound of rubber in a ball. Often players will shoot the marbles to get points and get the appropriate number of bonuses according to the number of points shot.

If you ever walk around Japan, it would be surprising that this country has so many Pachinko machines. And there’s no need to run far or to a gathering place to play this game. Pachinko machines are placed with bright, striking images, followed by the sound of metal balls. According to actual research, each year Japan spends more than $ 2 billion to invest in Pachinko shops and machines across the country. This is about 30 times the amount of money generated from Las Vegas casinos, compared to about 4% of Japanese GDP.

The attraction of the game does not stop at localities in Japan but also spread throughout the world. What’s more, starting from the game via Pachinko machines is now available in land based casinos, and online casinos. Instead of coming to Japan to play Pachinko, players can join at every casino, even more convenient to register at online casinos.

History of Pachinko

1930 in Japan, Pachinko was invented. Originally, this game was based on another game in America called “Corinth”. By 1920, Corinth was brought to Japan and became a big phenomenon, famous and popular. Across the country of Japan has its appearance. Shortly thereafter, Corinth was quickly transformed into a game called Pachinko.

In Nagoya Japan, the game was introduced a second time with a new name, Pachinko. It must be said that the attraction of the game is extremely large, in just a short time, the game has covered the country, occupying the entertainment market. Pachinko machines are everywhere in Japan.

The reason is called Pachinko because it is named after Pachi Pachi, when emitting the sound of Pachi Pachi is the same as the sound coming from the machine when the player uses it. The game continued to explode and became popular in the following years. Until World War II began, Pachinko was banned by the Japanese government. From a popular game, Pachinko was then out of the scope of Japanese law. The reason the ban was issued is because the Japanese government instead of producing marbles for the game, that metal is used for other things.

After the war ended, Pachinko reappeared in Japanese shops. After the ban was lifted, until the late 80s and early 90s, this game once again exploded, growing rapidly. Pachinko not only took a new step in popularity but also in form, from a completely mechanical machine, now the Japanese transformed and brought a new appearance with flashing lights and game sounds. similar to mini games. Players can also access the features and options they want.

How to play Pachinko

Pachinko is depicted by a vertical board. On the board there is a ball launcher activated by turning the knob. Players with professional skills will be shown when turning the knob, because it determines how the balls are shot up, fast or slow speed. On the main board there will be many pegs and a small hole in the middle of the board.

To start the game, players need to own a certain number of balls to participate. Each ball in Japan is worth about 500 Yen, after having the ball, players can choose their favorite Pachinko machine and play immediately. Note that not all Pachinko machines are the same, the structure, form and function are the same, but the choice of machine should be made because each machine will have different values. Depending on the purpose of the player is entertainment or money that will sit on the machine with options suitable for that person. Because of many choices, Pachinko has become more diverse and attractive to everyone. There are two types of machines that players often choose to be:

  • Playing with Pachinko Pinball.

If you want to play this game, you will buy marbles or coins. If the ball is about 4 Yen / member, then put the ball into the machine, the ball will be dropped on the table.

You will have to control 2 slide to put the ball in the box with bonus points. It looks easy, but it’s not easy to get points.

  • Playing with Pachinko sult.

If you use a coin to play Pachinko, this machine has 3 squares standing side by side. In each square you will see the image run extremely fast and the player’s task is to press the button.

When you press the button, the first cell will stop, then the next cell will be pressed and the third cell will stop. When all 3 boxes have the same picture, you are the winner and the number 7 in all 3 boxes, you win the jackpot.

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The law of Pachinko

The reason that after World War II Pachinko is still well received and not out of the law is because pachinko shops have tried to overcome and develop it not according to the maximum possible betting trend. The operation of such stores is as follows:

  • Each ball comes with a value, the more balls players collect, the more tickets they will own.
  • When a player draws his or her ticket number, the money goes to another store located around the area that can be cashed out or given prizes.
  • This is allowed by two separate places rather than one. This is one of the loopholes, but that’s why Pachinko Parlours has only been open to this day. Besides, the revenue generated by this game is in the tax revenue so all problems with gambling rules are resolved.

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Pachinko online

Like many other games, when developed to a certain extent, every game will have a new direction to become more successful. Pachinko is a typical example, from a game brought from the US, appeared most of Japan through mechanical machines, then the machine with vivid visual sound. Now, Pachinko also has an online version after appearing in land casinos.

Pachinko offers many different versions online, there are websites that offer regular versions. Sites that meet the exciting needs of players interested in action through online casinos and other gambling sites.

Pachinko has the latest version in online casinos, players just need to click the spin button to get started. Up to 100 consecutive balls are released, the amount the player receives will depend on where the ball is dropped. On the screen, the rate of payment is not the same, some places are higher. Players can join and choose at will if possible. This game is suitable for everyone.


Although Pachinko is currently a controversial entertainment, it cannot be denied that Pachinko’s role in the entertainment industry. When Pachinko has helped players can release stress when there are moments of suspense to track the results and feeling happy when winning the prize. This game is really suitable for those who come to the casino but not suitable for games with too many calculations and strategies, it is both attractive and light enough. Pachinko has been on Cashbet168, one of the famous betting websites in Singapore, serving a large number of players in Asia. A lot of gifts and rewards at Cashbet168 when playing Pachinko as well as other games are waiting for players!