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Overview of The Online Gambling Industry in Recent Years

The online gambling industry is one of the industries that tend to bring strong financial potential. With huge potential attraction, this industry is becoming a big player in the world with thousands of players every year and huge revenue. “The gambling industry continues to prove that it’s one of the most vibrant entertainment economies in the world”.

Based on the statistical reports from online casino game players from the agents or operators that are releasing the game, we aggregate the detailed data to help customers get an overview of the online gambling industry. 

The players need to find out in detail these figures to be able to make the most of your game. The following article will provide you with detailed data and analysis of our experts.

The Panorama Of Online Gambling Around The World

The gambling industry is a fierce and quite complex beast. When you delve into the details, you’ll see figures that bring positive definitions to players.

These metrics are important indicators for the player, and it demonstrates the value of this industry. Over the past five years, the gambling industry has grown significantly with both online and live.

According to 2015 figures, the US and China topped the list of the most profitable gambling countries in the world.

Detailed Statistics

According to statistics, the number of players in the world accounts for about 26% of the world’s population, or about 1.6 billion players with a turnover of about 4.2 billion per year.

A study of demographic statistics and online gambling in the UK has shown that the country’s online market can bring in £ 5.3 billion a year with 17% of the population gambling online.

However, among the 4.2 billion players in the US that only 3% of the population regularly play online betting. This statistic was published in 2016 and has increased every year, until 2018, the total revenue that online casinos brought to the US market amounted to $ 306.5 billion.

Statistics Of Global Gambling Losses

In the online gambling betting rankings on an individual scale, Australia is leading the rankings. According to statistics in 2014, each Australian citizen spent more than $916 in the online gambling market while in second place was Singapore with $891.16 per person. However, Singapore is a country that has only been legalized up to the time of reporting so per capita spending or loss-making sales are predictable.

Also in this report, despite having the capital of luxury casinos – Las Vegas, the US ranked 3rd with $505.44 per player and Ireland ranked 4th with $490.39. Ireland is a country that has a fairly relaxed and free approach to this industry.

At the bottom of the ranking is the UK’s online betting industry, with a rating of $377.83 per capita. The UK’s leading licensed online betting game in the world.

In addition, a small island in the Mediterranean is an interesting thing in this ranking. There is only a small population in Malta but it has the largest loss ratio per capita in the world because it is one of the largest online gambling branches in the world with many reputable websites.

10 Biggest Countries Which Have The Biggest Online Gambling In The World

Online Gambling Game – The Winning Always Belongs To The House Edge

Through the figures provided annually, you can dig up the ranking of countries with the highest annual loss rates as well as a detailed list of the house’s victories.

The chart analyzes the top 10 highest revenue addresses based on the number of players accessing the following online betting system that will help you understand more about the house-winning victories in other locations, as follows:

As you can see in the pie chart of per capita revenue of 10 locations, Macau accounts for $ 1354. however, you will not find this address in the world top gambling losses ranking above, because players in China are not registered to participate in that ranking. While Macau’s gambling business has been struggling recently, it still welcomes a large number of tourists each year. Thus, Macau still maintains its leading position in the operator’s gambling victory rankings.

Australia took second place with $ 736 in revenue as in the loss rankings. With a total population of 22 million people, this country is considered to be the place with the most slot machines in the world.

With $ 446 in revenue each year for operators, Singapore ranks third on this chart. This shows that Singapore is gradually becoming one of the most famous betting countries in the world.

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The Strong Development Of Online Casino And Social Gambling

The online casino market is tending to flourish in the global market with an estimated turnover of 3.81 billion dollars. Since 2013, the online casino market has grown strongly with a CAGR of 23%. As of 2017, the social casino sector generated a total revenue of$ 4.4 billion.

According to 2016 figures for online casino publishers, Playtika ranked first with 25.4% market share. followed by SciGames and Zynga with 8.4% and 8.1% market share. These top 3 companies account for 42% of the total online casino market, the remaining 83% belong to 15 other online betting companies.

In particular, North America is considered the largest market in the world, followed by Asia and Europe. Popular games at these online casinos include slot games, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and TOTO, of which Slots account for 53% of the visits and are considered the most popular games.

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