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Caishen Fishing – Fish Table Games Online

Caishen Fishing is a online fish table game released in 2019. The game has many different forms of bets, when participating players can receive many bonuses and entertainment after tiring working hours. Caishen Fishing is an extremely new version, giving players an interesting and completely new experience compared to previous versions. Let’s go to Cashbet168 to learn about Caishen Fishing based on the information below!

What Is Caishen Fishing ?

Caishen Fishing is the newest form of online fish tables on the market. The game supports players to participate on many different devices, computer, mobile, tablet,… No matter what device the player uses, the graphics, sound and quality of Caishen Fishing are still the same. change. This is really a bonus game not to be missed for players who are passionate about betting.

How to play Caishen Fishing is very simple, there are many different types of bets. In the game up to 30 different species of creatures appear. Besides, the ocean world is described very realistically, beautifully designed. Players when participating are like exploring all things under the sea. Cashbet168 believes that Caishen Fishing will bring satisfaction to all players.

Types Of Bet Of Caishen Fishing 

  • Newbie: for new players and reach a minimum of 0.1 coins and a maximum of 10 coins.
  • Expert: for players with little experience to play and reach a minimum of 1 coin, a maximum of 100 coins.
  • Caishen: for experienced and master players and reach a minimum of 10 coins, a maximum of 100 coins.

Rules Of Caishen Fishing

Features Of Caishen Fishing Game

Caishen Fa Fa Fa

By shooting fish with different forms, players will activate additional rewards throughout the game. Also the chance of a lottery with a red envelope and a chance to win from 2x to 1000x can come to any player.

Note: the system will support the player to draw the leftmost red envelope if the player finishes.

Wheel Of Fortune

A special game will be activated if the player finds the “wheel of fortune”. The player arbitrarily chooses a slot and spins the wheel, trying their own luck. In the “wheel of fortune” players have a chance to win 40x to 200x.

Note: When the game ends, the game system will assist the player to choose the middle position.

Caishen Coming

When Caishen appears, players who want to win must cooperate with each other. Caishen offers a chance to win from 100x to 300x.

Special Weapon

Fortune Bazooka: For each activation, after getting the first 10 bullets, the player can get between 20 and 100 free bullets.

The system is free of ammunition up to 999 times. Weapons cannot function if it is frozen.

Note: The game system will return the score after the game ends.

Mega Drill: Any player can get 1 free Mega Drill shot after getting the first 10 shots. The chance of winning is even greater if the player chooses the fish that shoot along the trail (except for the Mega Drill and the Fortune Bazooka). Mega Drill is not available when frozen.

Rule Of Game

Caishen Fishing is a famous fish table game, many people participate. Each bullet the player fires will depend on the direction of the guns. In case the bullet hits the edge of the wall, the bullet will bounce back and hit the player’s target.

Each player is initially given 10 bullets. Depending on the bet level and rank, bullets will have different strengths.

Changing the direction of the shot does not change the power of the bullets in the bet. 


Starfish2xArowana7xPuffer18xbonnethead 80x
butterflyfish 2xSeahorse 8xCuttle20xGold Toads100x
Blue tang3xjellyfish9xSwordfish25xFortune Bazooka10x
Pomfret4xTurtle10xShark30xMega Drill10x
Clownfish5xOctopus12xBig jellyfish40xTreasure50x – 150x
Fire Fish goby6xEtmopterus spinax15xStingray50xcaishen100x- 300x

How To Play Caishen Fishing At Cashbet168

  • Step 1: Login to Cashbet168 website

Players choose the correct link, to avoid losing money unjustly.

  • Step 2: Register and login as a Cashbet168 member

To play Caishen Fishing, players need to own an official account. At the Cashbet168 homepage, players contact customer service staff through Live chat, requesting account registration.

The player makes the request according to the instructions. The personal information provided must be 100% accurate. Thus, withdrawal and deposit transactions will be easier.

Log in to the newly registered account by entering the username and password created earlier.

  • Step 3: Recharge and enter the game

Players select the item “Deposit” and then choose the appropriate payment method.

On the toolbar, the player chooses “Fish table games” => Caishen Fishing=> Convert money into coins => Play


Caishen Fishing is a game that gives players many opportunities to receive rewards. Caishen Fishing is suitable for many players, the stakes are not too large, in return for extremely attractive rewards. Quickly register an account at Cashbet168 to choose and participate in many other equally attractive games