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Newtown Casino (NTC33) | Download Android APK

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Newtown Casino (NTC33) | Download Android APK

What Is NTC33?

When there are so many online casinos appearing in the market, players should carefully consider the prestige of these casinos to make the correct choice. A good casino is one with long experience, and NTC33 is one of the long enough casinos that a player is looking for.

NTC33 is a longstanding online casino in Southeast Asia, a casino operated by Playtech. Each of the casino games played by Playtech is constantly improving its programming and being brought to the market with high efficiency. After Malaysia, Singapore is the market chosen by NTC33. Currently, people betting in Singapore strongly use this online casino.

It must be said that Newtown Casino (NTC33) has a breakthrough to attract players’ love. The game is highly innovative, with strict management between the dealer and the supplier. This is the driving force for the betting market to develop further. Currently Newtown Casino (NTC33) has become the typical betting brand in the choice of many players.

Download Mobile Betting App

Through the guidance and support of Whatsapp or Wechat channels, players will know how to download applications to your device. Note, this is an external application so players have to go to the phone settings, adjust the permission to download apps. Currently there are two main operating systems, Android and IOS, both of which have suitable betting apps. Download directly at the website or into AppStore or CHPlay.

How To Register A Betting Account.

Only one betting account per player is allowed at the casino. Players wishing to register need to provide complete personal information. After clicking the complete button, the player will receive a betting account provided by the dealer.

Betting Login At NTC33

After receiving the account, the player is free to change or not change the password at will. Just enter the correct username and password received from the provider, deposit money and you can start betting. If you have any questions, you can get support from customer service. NTC33 staff available 24/7 are ready to help you when needed.

Newtown Casino (NTC33) Online Casino Review

Some players see NTC33 as a genuine betting site used to make money. Whether the player’s need is to make money or entertain the NTC33 bookie would like you to take some time to provide feedback on quality service and betting here. In addition to Playtech, NTC33 has the largest online casino provider in the world, Cashbet168. The casino since its inception has received a lot of good feedback from its players. If you still wonder if you should choose NTC33 or not, you can click on the rating of previous players, see the comments.

NTC33 provides and brings a variety of games specifically to players. Moreover, the casino also has a 24/7 support team, players, if needed, still receive live help regardless of time. So please contact us immediately if you find it necessary.

NTC33 is Singapore’s most popular betting casino, second only to SCR888. Casino NTC33 also has an adult player base and everyone loves to join NTC33 online casino because the game is simple and has a high win rate.

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Newtown Casino (NTC33) | Download Android APK

Online Games Offered At NTC33 Casino

At the moment NTC33 mainly offers Slots games. Anyone who participates in betting knows that Slots is a simple game with a short version that attracts players a lot. Slots betting is chosen by many players and gradually expands further. Currently Newtown Casino (NTC33) online casino offers hundreds of Slots games with a variety of themes. Players who only enjoy betting on Slots can freely choose the game they want.

  • Three Kingdoms.
  • Captain Treasure.
  • Archer.
  • Dolphin Reef.
  • Queen Of Wands. 
  • King Of Olympics

The games above have become the highlight of the NTC33 bookmaker. In addition to Singapore and Malaysia, the popular betting segment is also in Newtown Casino (NTC33). The games provided by NTC33 all have good graphic design and the invitee interface is both fresh and suitable for many players. Players can have a great deal of experience with this betting and receive a higher win rate compared to previous Slots versions.

At Cashbet168, there are plenty of popular online slots Singapore providers from Singapore and Malaysia that you can choose. If you have no more interesting when betting at NTC33, you can experience at the other reputable online casino such as Lucky Palace. Good Luck!


NTC33 online casino is one of those gambling casinos that players should not ignore. The number of casinos, players has also increased significantly. However, each player has different betting needs. Newtown Casino (NTC33) is a casino that is suitable for those who love Slots betting and want a fresh, experimental feel in the game. Even though Newtown Casino (NTC33) only offers Slots as primary, the dealer ensures that all betting requirements of players are supported. The quality of the game, from visual to audio, the incentives available to members and the wealth of profits that players can get from gambling here.

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