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Newtown Casino – About Newtown Online Casino

Newtown Casino

Newtown Casino is one of the oldest casino platforms in Southeast Asia. NTC33 owns a wide range of high quality betting products from major game publishers around the world. NTC33 is constantly improving its games and customer service. Currently, Singapore and Malaysia are the two major markets of Newtown Casino. 

With its name and popularity in the betting market, Newtown Casino has become a typical brand, the choice for any player who wants to gamble in Singapore and Malaysia. 

NTC33 believes in giving players the most enjoyable experience. Players just need to create their own betting account and optionally join by computer or mobile. During the registration process and betting activities if problems arise, Newtown Casino’s customer service will help you with all.

Advantages Highlight Of Betting NTC33 

Here are the outstanding advantages of Newtown Casino based on previous multiplayer reviews: 

  • Website has a convenient interface, beautiful and easy to use.

The Newtown Casino interface supports multiple languages ​​for players, including English. Page load speed is fast, smooth, no lagging. Newtown Casino has launched a mobile betting application, which is convenient for you because you can bet with Newtown Casino anywhere, with no limit of time or location.

  • Newtown Casino owns massive game volume

Not only rich games but also many different variations. Especially NTC33’s online casino has many rooms, many top-notch card games. Slot games, lottery, fish table game, jackpot spins with a huge chance of winning.

  • Payment method: Fast deposit / withdrawal 

Newtown Casino is affiliated with many major banks in the country, with diversified payment methods, without cost of service. It only takes players 3 to 5 minutes to complete a transaction. Quick, safe and convenient withdrawal. Newtown casino commits that all activities are confidential, do not disclose personal information of customers to the outside.

  • Online customer care team is available 24/24

Customer care staff professional, dedicated and attentive. The service department is available 24/7 regardless of the holiday. As long as players need support, even the smallest thing, Newtown Casino welcomes them.

  • Many attractive promotions.

NTC33 is considered to be a casino with many attractive incentive programs. Newtown casino regularly offers promotions to pay tribute to VIP members and attract new customers.

Currently at NTC33 players who only need to register a new member account will receive many outstanding incentives such as 100% bonus for the first deposit. Or refund up to 1% at sports betting … There are many other gifts available at Newtown waiting for players to own.

NTC33 Online Betting Products

Any player who has ever been to NTC33 is impressed by the number of games, the variety of variations and betting styles. Let’s learn about the betting options at Newtown Casino

  • Sports betting

Regarding sports, it is impossible not to mention football. This is the top grossing subject for NTC33. Hundreds of matches take place around the world every day, and Newtown Casino offers players full of odds. Players who want to participate in matches of the English Premier League, or Euro cup, World cup, … even small domestic football matches, Newtown Casino can still support players. In addition, Newtown Casino also offers betting on other sports such as badminton, basketball, baseball, table tennis, tennis, …

Every football match or other sports takes place, players have different odds. Newtown Casino is known for its diverse odds and high payout ratios. Players can easily bet in the match, 1×2 betting, Asian Handicap, Malay odds, over / under, …

In addition, if players love e-sports and virtual sports, Newtown Casino can still meet the needs: Virtual football, virtual volleyball, virtual badminton, … Short virtual sports match duration, players freely bet and receive bonuses. Newtown Casino has no limit on the number of player bets. In terms of esports, this is considered a new wind in the betting field. The tournaments are regularly held on a large scale, professionally and with careful investment. League of Legends (LOL), Cs-Go, Pug, … games really can’t be missed when coming to Newtown Casino.

  • Online Casino

There are many large game rooms at Newtown Casino, each with a beautiful and professionally supported Dealer. Players are free to participate in betting: Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Poker, Blackjack, Pai gow, Super 6…

Each game has many different variations and different types of betting. Newtown Casino aims to provide players with a professional, honest and fair betting environment. On the table, each bet is monitored by the camera system, and players can chat together. And call to ask the Dealer for assistance if you feel it necessary.

  • Slot Game redemption, jackpot, Keno games, lottery.

In terms of slots, NTC33 games are offered by major publishers around the world. Each game is a different theme, a new story, eye-catching and lively betting interface. The quality of the game is regularly upgraded to add more gadgets.

NTC33 owns many outstanding games including shooting fish games. For Keno, the lottery has many markets, each day has a super high speed prize, odds of winning and cashback are quite high.

How To Register, Deposit And Withdraw At Newtown Casino

Below is a specific guide for you and many other players on how to register for an account and pay at NTC33. Hopefully Newtown Casino will bring players a great experience.

How to create Newtown Casino account:

Step 1: Visit the Newtown Casino website and contact the care staff by live chat for support.

Step 2: Players fill out the account registration form provided by Newtown Casino. The information must be exact and match with your bank account.

Step 3: Complete the registration after checking and confirming betting terms.

How to deposit into a Newtown Casino account:

First, to participate in betting at Newtown Casino, players must deposit their bets into their account. Below are instructions for depositing money into Newtown Casino

  • Step 1: Login to your betting account and select “deposit”.
  • Step 2: If this is the first time players deposit money, they need to fill in bank account information.
  • Step 3: The player chooses the appropriate deposit method. Then fill out the deposit form and choose “deposit”. Player’s account will be updated immediately upon successful transaction confirmation by Newtown Casino.

If the player does not want to wait, the player should pay using the online method. Instant deposits will be deposited into the account after a few seconds.

“Withdrawal” transactions are similar to making deposits. However, when withdrawing money, you need to verify the account holder. During Newtown Casino’s verification, if there is any mismatch, no transaction will be made. In addition, the amount of money that players withdraw must meet the requirements set by Newtown Casino.


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