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What Is Malaysian Odds? How To Play And Experience Malay Odds.

The term Malaysian Odds must be very familiar to those who love football betting. According to statistics, at the bookmakers the number of people participating in Malaysian Odds was up to 30% and the same at Cashbet168.

In this article, Cashbet168.com will provide information related to Malaysian Odds for players to better understand this type of market. Some experience to place bets based on Malaysian odds.

Malaysian Odds

What Is Malay Odds?

Malaysian Odds is a familiar concept, widely used in football. Similar to other types of markets in Asia Handicap, Malaysian Odds displays either a negative or a positive level to calculate the payout ratio. Results are based on statistics from the teams that are competing against each other. Malay odds calculated in units of 1.00 is similar to the Indonesian odds.

Malaysian Odds has a very clear win rate. If the player wins or loses the Malaysian Odds, the player only needs to take the amount they bet x Malaysia odds odds to produce the winning or losing amount. If the player wins, they will be refunded.

As mentioned above, the Malaysian house is divided into two basic ratios as follows:

  • Negative Malaysian odds (shows the amount you will lose if you lose the bet, if you win it will win.)
  • Positive Malaysian odds (shows the payout if you win, lose, lose in full.)

For example :

The United States accepts France 1.5 goals with a Malay rate of -0.91

The United States is accepted 1.5 goals with a Malay rate of 0.75

Player bet US $ 50, win $ 50 win + $ 50 stake = $ 100. If player lose, player will lose $ 50 x -0.91 = $ 45.5

Player bet France $ 50, win 50 x 0.75 = $ 37.5 + $ 50 stake = $ 87.5. If player lose $ 50.

Experience To Malaysian Odds Bet

  • Players wishing to join Malaysian Odds must have basic knowledge. Next, learn more information, accumulate experience from longtime players.
  • Players must also understand the pros and cons of each type of bet. Thus the chance of winning will be higher.
  • Avoid betting on negative Malay odds too high: Players should choose odds from – 0.8 to -0.95 to bet. For negative odds high from -0.75 onwards no wagers should be made as it is often easy to lose.
  • Choosing a reputable bookmaker: It’s really important to choose the right bookmaker. This way players have a quality betting environment, guaranteed to pay if they win. In addition, a good bookmaker also improves the payout ratio, encouraging more players to join.

Cashbet168 is the ideal place to bet for those who love football. Cashbet168 has many forms of betting, with high payout.

  • Keeping track of the bookmaker and the odds is really important. If the player is experienced, when the player follows them they will make more accurate judgments about the match.
  • It is also a good practice to note the results that happen and compare and contrast the results. Players find out the highest probability of winning to bet on subsequent matches.

Today almost of bookmakers offer Malay odds. Players can register account at Pussy888, King855, 188bet bookie to have experience this betting.


Malaysian odds is a popular that appears to most bookmakers. At Cashbet168, there are not only Malaysian Odds and many other equally attractive bets. The Malaysian Odds are quite high, players will receive a big reward if they are lucky. Cashbet168 hopes you can win more, good luck!