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Like other lotteries, TOTO also has a variety of betting types which consist of Ordinary Entry, System Entry, System Roll, and Quick Pick. The players can bet with the minimum price is only $1 for Ordinary Bet. However, the price can be up to $44 for System Roll. This price is still higher and depends on the bet types you choose.

ORDINARY ENTRY: Choose six numbers between number 1 and number 49. You will have a chance to win the Prize Set 1 if your all selected numbers are similar to the Victorious Numbers.

Bet TypeTotal Selected NumbersNumber of Ordinary EntriesBet Amount

SYSTEM ENTRY: you choose 12 numbers to bet. With the chance to select more numbers, the player is brought more Ordinary Entries in one bet.

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Kinds of betTotal Selected NumbersNumber of Ordinary Entries​​Lowest Bet Amount
System 777$7
System 8828$28
System 9984$84
System 1010210$210
System 1111462$462
System 1212924$924

SYSTEM ROLL: with this type, the player chooses five numbers to bet and one rolling number. This rolling number relates to 44 remaining numbers, and it indicated by ‘R’.

Kinds of wagerTotal Numbers SelectedNumber of Ordinary EntriesMinimum Bet Amount
System Roll544$44

QUICK PICK: this bet is used in case you do not plan any numbers to bet. Quick Pick will provide a contingent choice of several numbers for you.

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