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Prize Structure

When you buy any tickets, you must understand its prize structure. Because most of the players buy the tickets, they just want to get a chance of receiving valuable awards. With playing TOTO, the players can get a prize if they have at least 3 winning numbers in their tickets. Depending on the number of their winning numbers, the prize value can be different. With the interesting awards which are up to 38% of the prize pool for the prize set 1, or 8% of the prize pool for the prize set 2. Cashbet168 will explain the prize money which is included in each prize set, and how is the prize if there are multiple winners, snowballing, and cascading.

PRIZE SET: this prize structure is described in the table below.

Prize SetNumbers MatchedPrize Money
Set 1 (Jackpot)6 Victorious Numbers38% of the prize pool  (Minimum Guaranteed Amount of $1,000,000)
Set 25 Victorious Numbers + Additional Number8% of the prize pool
Set 35 Victorious Numbers5.5% of the prize pool
Set 44 Victorious Numbers + Additional Number3% of the prize pool
Set 54 Victorious Numbers$50
Set 63 Victorious Numbers + Additional Number$25
Set 73 Victorious Numbers$10

Remember that 54% of revenue in every draw will be adjoined to the prize pool which is allocated for the winning prizes in each draw.

Prize Structure

MULTIPLE WINNERS: If there is more than one winner between Set 1 and Set 4, the prize will be divided fairly to all the winners of the particular Set. With the prize Set 5, 6, and 7, the prize value is stable.

SNOWBALLING: The prize value of snowballs that if there are no winners in the Set 1, 2, 3, or 4, this amount will be added to the prize value in the similar Set of the next draw. The prize amount of  Set 1 is snowballed till the fourth draw and the prize value of Set 2, 3, and 4 are snowballed up to the winners appear.

CASCADING: If there are still not appear a Prize Set 1winner after three continuous draws, a cascade draw is carried out. Because the snowballed limit of the Jackpot is four draws, if there is no winner at the end of four constant draws, the prize value of Set 1 will be awarded to the next prize Set in accordance with the winners or divided fairly. For more details, read the table below.

Prize SetAny Winner?

Set 1 (Jackpot)NoNoNoNoNoNo
Set 2YesNoNoNoNoNo
Set 3YesNoNoNoNo
Set 4YesNoNoNo
Set 5YesNoNo
Set 6YesNo
Set 7Yes
The outcome of JackpotShared equally among Set 2 WinnersShared equally among Set 3 WinnersShared equally among Set 4 WinnersShared equally among Set 5 WinnersShared equally among Set 6 WinnersShared equally among Set 7 Winners

Organized by the Singapore Pools, the only legitimate organization authorized by the Singapore Government, TOTO is the second famous name to both the lottery and gambling community in the Singapore and surrounding areas, behind 4D. With only 1$, the players can get a chance to receive more interesting awards with the lowest award is 10$. Access our website cashbet168.com for more detail about TOTO’s prize structure and its odds of winning, how to play Singapore Pools TOTO, its history, and check the TOTO result.

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