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The winning odds are described as the table under. With 54% of the total TOTO revenue will be adjoined to the TOTO Prize Pools. The prize set 1 is a minimum of $1 million. If there are no winners in any prize sets (except set 5, 6, and 7), the suitable set reward will be snowballed to the next draw. Set 1 award is just snowballed maximum of 4 draws, then, the award will be cascaded to Set 2. The Cascade draw is organized if, after three constant draws, there is no winner of the Prize Set 1. If after four random draws, the winner of Prize Set 1 still not appear, the Jackpot will be in the next draw.

Odds Winning TOTO

Prize SetCorrespondence (Numbers)Odds of Winning
1 (Jackpot)6 Victorious Numbers1 in 13,983,816
25 Victorious Numbers + Additional Number1 in 2,330,636
35 Victorious Numbers1 in 55,491
44 Victorious Numbers + Additional Number1 in 22,197
54 Victorious Numbers1 in 1,083
 63 Victorious Numbers + Additional Number1 in 812
73 Victorious Numbers1 in 61
 Any of the prize above1 in 54

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