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How To Play TOTO in Singapore?

The TOTO’s how to play is very simple. The players choose at least six numbers from the sequence between number 1 to number 49. The minimum price is $1, included GST.

The TOTO results are drawn frequently at 6.30 pm every Monday and Thursday. In case of the cascade draw, the draw time will change to 9.30pm.

In each draw, the operator will draw six winning numbers and one additional number. The prize will belong to you if your chosen numbers contain at least three victorious numbers. Choosing whether Self Pick or Quick Pick bets for the current draw (Monday or Thursday), or two, four repetitive draws (together with the present draw).

You will choose the options inside the heavy column in the exact box.

Select your Bet Type. With different types of bet, put different bet notes. Remember that if you choose the Ordinary Entry, please do not complete anything else.

Select The Numbers Which You Want To Place A Bet On.

Each bet note admits that your six boards of numbers marked – each similar type of bets.

Select the number of draw days. This is not for the one who decides to bet on one current draw. The players choose whether ‘2 Draws’ or ‘4 Draws’ to place a bet for two or four repetitive draws.

Select Group TOTO if you want to separate your bet. Present the numbers of the tickets to the trader at the counter.

Select ‘QP’ if you are on the Quick Pick.

Select ‘VOID’ to exit, add another board to place a bet.

With the detailed description of how to play TOTO, the players get more opportunities to win the Singapore Pools TOTO.

How To Buy TOTO Tickets in Singapore Pools ?

The main Singapore Pools Branch and its outlets are the official TOTO ticketing place. The players should only purchase the TOTO tickets right at these places. Remember checking the information on your ticket immediately before leaving the outlet in case of a mistake. If there are any mistakes, exchange with the staff at a counter where you buy a ticket. On each ticket, there is a draw date which means that the winning numbers will be drawn on that day, so you just base on this date and check the ticket result.

TOTO Result

The TOTO results are organized and given the official results at 6.30pm (SG Time) on every Monday and Thursday. In case it is a cascade draw, the draw is taken place at 9.30pm (SG Time). The players can view directly the TOTO results at the Singapore Pools Main Branch at 210 Middle Broad. All the revenue from the TOTO profit will be gathered by the Singapore Totalizer Board (the owner of the Singapore Pools) for charitable purposes and other legitimate work.

TOTO is permitted legally and operated as a betting lottery form in Singapore. When it first introduced to the gambling community, TOTO gained more affection and become famous for its convenience and interesting odds for the players in Singapore and Malaysia areas. TOTO is organized and under the control of the Singapore Pools, the only legitimate organization authorized to organize the betting and present awards for customers and service users. Following the announced 4D and TOTO results on the Singapore Pools website, cashbet168.com is glad to be another way to provide the newest and fastest information of TOTO and 4D which outcome on the Singapore Pools website.  

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