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KA Fish Hunter

Fish table online is no longer a strange entertainment version for many players. This form is suitable for many ages, extremely attractive and highly entertaining. However, not every player who joins the online fish table can receive a high reward. This depends on the skill and game that the player chooses.

If players have a need to join the online fish table, players can try the KA Fish Hunter experience. This is the latest version of fish table, the game possesses many of the latest features, all aspects from images to sounds are sure to bring customers satisfaction.

Refer to the information below if you want to play KA Fish Hunter!

The Levels At KA Fish Hunter

  • Bronze: Low bet level, only from 0.01$ to 0.10$. New players often choose this bet level for entertainment, without spending too much money and still owning the experience of playing fish table online.
  • Silver: The bet increases more, ranging from $ 0.10 to $ 1.00, the symbol of the game room is a puffer fish, very cute. Players who must have experience, have participated in online fish table and want to experience many new features, do not forget to come to this game room.
  • Gold: This is the last, hardest rank in KA Fish Hunter. Players who want to participate must possess many outstanding skills and rich experience. Since just distracting the player will cost a lot of money, bets at this playroom range from $1.00 to $10.00

The Rules Of KA Fish Hunter

  • The game has 3 different levels, depending on the needs of each player, they will choose the appropriate room.
  • Each player will own guns, ammo and different types of weapons. The player’s stake will determine the number of weapons they have. Players will use weapons to hunt fish.
  • Depending on the type of fish, there will be different payouts, players should devise strategies and ways to hunt each creature to receive the highest possible reward.
  • The bonus amount the player receives at the end of the game can be withdrawn to his personal bank account, no need to go through any betting rounds.
  • KA Fish Hunter allows players to participate in Demo to experience, then bet with real money to receive rewards. Customers do not have to worry because they have never been exposed to the game before.


Below is the paytable for KA Fish Hunter in the first playroom. Players can refer to the paytable in the game instructions when logging into the other two rooms.

  • Big Fish
  • Small Fish

The Features Of KA Fish Hunter

  • Freeze Bomb: When the player uses Bomb, if activated successfully, all fish in the area will be killed thanks to its destructive power. Players quickly receive bonuses without having to spend a lot of time and effort.
  • Chain win: All fish of the same type on the screen will be destroyed quickly. This weapon is really convenient, players have to spend a lot of money to be able to own it.
  • Special Bonus: The level of reward that only needs to own this feature, the fish of the same type will also be destroyed. Depending on the level of luck, players will receive bonuses with levels 3x, 4x or 7x.

Online Casino Offers KA Fish Hunter

On the market today, there are many online casinos that offer KA Fish Hunter, but players must be really careful in choosing an entertainment address. Because if the entertainment address is safe and reputable, the customer’s game will be more fun and complete.

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The system allows players to participate in the demo version, which is both convenient and cost-effective. Customers do not have to worry about money problems when placing bets without much experience. Payment methods are also diverse, all are completely anonymous, security issues also make players more satisfied.


Just now is the detailed information about the game KA Fish Hunter. There is a wide selection of online betting sites and levels of participation. Depending on the needs of each player, they will choose a suitable playroom and entertainment place. S777 club is still the first choice, both prestige and quality for customers. Wish players have many memorable experiences with KA Fish Hunter!