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How To Jellyfish Flow Slot Game At King855

Online casinos appear a lot in the market today. Betting enthusiasts instead of betting at traditional casinos, they join online casinos more and more. In the list of nominations for online casino in Singapore, King855 has reached the top list, dominating the slot game market.

Players can easily download King855 to their devices and participate in all the games they like. Coming to King855, players should try the Jellyfish Flow game. This is one of the most interesting games, with novel themes. If players are interested in Jellyfish Flow, please follow the article below with Cashbet168.com.

Jellyfish Flow Slot Game

What Is Jellyfish Flow Slot?

Jellyfish Flow takes the theme of the ocean, the big world with cool, pleasant blue. The image of colorful jellyfish makes the game extremely eye-catching. Jellyfish Flow has a total of 3 rows and 3 columns, jellyfish of different shapes and colors will appear frequently.

Jellyfish Flow is suitable for new players, simple rules, easy to understand, easy to join. Because of the attractive payout rate, the number of players looking to Jellyfish Flow is increasing. Even more special when Jellyfish Flow has an RTP of 96.690% – not all Slot games have it.

King855 offers a bet limit for Jellyfish Flow, a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $217, to suit every player’s pocket. Players should remember Jellyfish Flow relies on luck rather than skill. So when participating, players should know where to stop. Jellyfish Flow is not a game of more training, bigger wins.

Symbols At Jellyfish Flow Slot Game

SymbolsPayment ( $0.5)
Wild Symbol( colorful jellyfish )3 – 304 – 50
5 – 70
6 – 120
7 – 250
Symbol with big win
Yellow Jellyfish3 – 304 – 50
5 – 70
6 – 120
7 – 250
Red Jellyfish3 – 74 – 12
5 – 50
6 – 90
7 – 120
Symbol with small win 
Green Jellyfish3 – 54 – 7
5 – 40
6 – 60
7 – 90
Blue Jellyfish3 – 34 – 5
5 – 25
6 – 40
7 – 50

Wild Symbol

  • The reels are initially displayed as 3×3 (27 lines), and the player can expand them to 7×7 (823,543 lines)
  • Before the axis of rotation appears, 1 symbol will be rotated upwards or to the right.
  • Before the reel appears, Wild symbols will be attached to the reel, then 1 symbol will move forward.
  • If the Wild symbol does not move, it is removed from the reels.
  • The reels will restore their original 3×3 shape if the total Wild symbols are deleted.

Wild Symbol Betting Rules

  • King855 default players bet 15 coins if participating in the range 27 – 823,543
  • From left to right, players are paid consecutively.
  • If a player wins by different means, the winnings will be accrued to the player.
  • In each bet configuration, the grid and position of the Wild symbol are saved.
  • If the player wins any game, the player receives $86,956,521.7, including the feature win.

How To Play Jellyfish Flow At King855

Amount To Bet

  • Players choose the unit of bet, at King855 is Dollar.
  • Depending on the needs of the player choose the corresponding coin level 20, 50, 100, 250, 1000, 2500 and 5000.
  • The total bet in the player’s currency is equal to the total bet in coins multiplied by the face value of the coin.
  • If the feature win is included, the player receives $86,956,521.7 for winning any game.

Meaning of buttons

  • Amount in the account: Is the current amount of money the player has.
  • Bet amount: The total amount calculated in coins used to participate in the game.
  • Total bet: The total bet in the player’s currency.
  • Win: Total rewards won by the player in this game.
  • Coin: The balance is divided by the selected coin denomination and the coin denomination can be increased/decreased.
  • Level: The bet level is increased or decreased.
  • i : Bet payout table.
  • Arrow: Skip.
  • Play: Starts or stops the reels.
  • Maximum Bet: Bet on each line with the maximum bet set by King855.
  • Automatic: Players do not need to participate, the game automatically spins like previous games.
  • Full screen button.
  • Sound on/off button
  • Lightning button: Enable/disable quick play.
  • List: The game menu is displayed.
  • History table: Player’s bet history.
  • Instructions: Help players in the process of joining.
  • Quick spin: Enable/disable the quick play feature.

How To Play Jellyfish Flow At King855

  • Step 1: Request to register a betting account by Live chat, or Whatsapp. Customer service staff will assist promptly.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions to complete the registration form. Note that the information provided must be accurate, not previously used at King855
  • Step 3: Confirm betting terms and complete the registration procedure.
  • Step 4: Players click on the “slot game” item on the toolbar. The game list shows a series of games, the player chooses “Jellyfish Flow”.


It’s not too difficult to join Jellyfish Flow at King855. Players just need to follow the instructions of Cashbet168.com above to access and place bets. Online casino has many other equally attractive games waiting for players to join. Cashbet168.com thanks players for choosing and trusting!