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How To Play Indian Rummy Card Game At Online Casino

Rummy India is a new game card, attractive and many players like Rummy game card. Cashbet168 currently offers Indian Rummy. This is a game that is not only entertaining but also helps players practice reflexes, good memory and accurate calculation. Let Cashbet168.com learn about Rummy India based on the information below.

What Is Rummy Card Game?

Rummy Indian is a game using 2 to 3 decks of cards including the Joker card. Rummy card games are gaining support from many players and appearing at most bookmakers.

Each Rummy game requires 2 to 5 players. When entering the game, each player is divided into 13 cards, arranged into sets to win from the others. If there are odd cards in the game, the player will be punished.

Rummy Game Card Rules

Dealer will in turn divide the card to the player, each person 13 cards. The player quickly sets the card into included sets (first line, second line, and pure set). After the cards are completed, the player will declare with Cashbet168, the player who owns the even set of cards will receive a bonus from Cashbet168. Players who still have odd cards will be penalized for the bet multiplied by the current score.

Rules of ranking cards in Rummy game

The cards are arranged so that there is at least the first line and the second line, followed by sets, pure sets and odd cards.

  • First Line: Player puts cards in a row of the same suit and color. Or the cards must be of equal value in the card game of 5 to 6 people.
  • Second Line : Set of consecutive cards of the same suit and color. Players can include either the Joker card or not.
  • Set: Includes cards of equal value.
  • Pure Set: Consists of consecutive cards of the same suit and color.

Note: In rummy games only A23 or QKA series; without KA23 or QKA2 sets.

Scoring rules in the Rummy game at Online Casino

  • Cards: 10-J-Q-K-A will all be rounded up to 10 points.
  • Cards from 2 to 9 will be counted the same from 2 to 9 points.
  • Cards Joker and wildcards (cards containing the crown symbol) are worth 0 points.

The score in the rummy game is calculated by the sum of the odd cards.

In the event that neither player declares Rummy, the other players win the hand (except those who choose discard). Winners will receive bonuses from discard players.

If a player chooses to discard before the first card is drawn, the player will be penalized with the stake amount multiplied by 20 times. If the first card is drawn, then the player discarded will receive x penalty for the bet amount.

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How To Play Indian Rummy Card At Cashbet168

  • Step 1: Players access to the Cashbet168 homepage and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Player selects P2P item then select “Indian Rummy“. At Cashbet168 players can try or bet money. Depending on the betting needs of each person, for entertainment, choose to try, without losing the bet; If to make money, you should choose to bet.
  • Step 3: The player selects the bet screen that matches the minimum and maximum bet amount set by Cashbet168. The game is officially started when the dealer deals cards and the player sets them up into complete sets. The player has the right to discard or declare after the card is finished.
  • Step 4: The hand is over, the player will be paid by Cashbet168 before starting the next game.


Except for Rummy, Cashbet168 has many other equally attractive card games. If you are looking for quality and reputable bookmakers, look to Cashbet168 or TF88v. We are sure to provide you with a healthy, fair and civilized betting environment.

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