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How To Play Leap Of Fortune Slot At Live22 Casino

Surely Live22 is no longer a strange name for players in the Singapore market. With good product quality, dedicated customer service, and many attractive offers, Live22 is the perfect choice for players.

Currently, Leap Of Fortune is a popular game at Live22. The game is well-reviewed by Live22 members, has a high payout ratio, many winning features and is easy to join. So is Leap Of Fortune really like that? Join Cashbet168.com to follow the article below.

How To Play Leap Of Fortune At Live22 Singapore

What Is Leap Of Fortune?

Leap Of Fortune is a game published by Gameplay Interactive. The game has a payout ratio of up to 97.11%, cool colors, many familiar symbols appear. Especially the reward received is extremely large.

At Leap Of Fortune, players will encounter symbolic fruits and many animals such as carp, turtle, yellow frog and lotus flower. The game’s soundtrack is music played with traditional instruments, providing a bold Asian experience.

  • Spinning reel: 3X3.
  • Winning lines: 8
  • Default RTP: 97.11%.
  • Minimum and maximum bet: Depending on the currency used by the player, whereby 0.10 is selected with 8 rows, the total bet per spin will be 8.00.

Rules Of Leap Of Fortune

Each line for each spin the player must choose a bet. To start participating in Leap Of Fortune, the player clicks on the Spin button. The combination of symbols will show the correct payout if the reels stop. The player checks the total winnings on the winning line.

  • Bombs, Multipliers and Jackpot

Bombs will appear on all reels, it will detonate and 1 re-spin is activated on that location.

During each spin, the random box will generate a random multiplier symbol. Also, the symbols on the reels that coincide with the random symbol will be multiplied by the multiplier. Winnings will be multiplied only once per payout.

In bet levels 4 and 8, Jackpot is activated. Jackpot winnings are multiplied by the bet line.

  • Lucky combination

Get the number of lucky symbols to get instant win:

Yellow frog icon:

  • Normal Symbol
SymbolsThe same 9 symbols9 symbols of any combination 3 symbols of any combination
Lotus flower15010010
  • Payment Table
Yellow frog300
Lotus flower250
  • Payment Line

Payouts are calculated from left to right, payout = stake per line x symbol payout ratio.

Players get paid when having the highest winning combination. In the event of a crash, all bets and spins are void.

How To Play Leap Of Fortune At Live22

How To Play Leap Of Fortune At Live22

  • Step 1: Players access Cashbet168.com, register an account by contacting customer service by Live chat, whatsapp.
  • Step 2: After successful registration, log in to your account, deposit your bets.
  • Step 3: At the homepage, click on the item “slot game”. A series of game publishers appeared: microgaming, interactive gameplay, qtech,…
  • Step 4: Select Live22 Casino, click on “Leap Of Fortune” and place your bet.

When playing, the player will enter the bet amount to conduct the Slot spin and look for the winning paylines.


Leap Of Fortune is a cute, healthy, safe game for those who are new to betting. If you like, players can choose other game publishers and participate in betting on the games on the list. Live22 has many choices with odds that players cannot ignore.