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How To Play Cleopatra Slot At 918kiss

leopatra Slot At 918kiss

What Is Cleopatra Slot?

Slot Cleopatra is a Slot game designed and created by world famous game publisher IGT. Since its inception on the betting market, Slot Cleopatra has been so popular that it has a second installment, attracting many players to bet.

Slot Cleopatra has content based on the Queen of Egypt. In the game there are many features of Egyptian culture. For those who love Slots, this is a game with many attractions and interests.

Cleopatra Slot Game Overview And Features

Slot Cleopatra is based on traditional slot machines. However, it still has certain differences. Instead of having 3 reels, Slot Cleopatra had 5 reels. In addition, the game is enabled with touch features, from which players can interact more with the game.

The game has 20 cash lines for players to bet. Each coin is dropped into the slots and triggers a specific payout. The minimum bet a player can bet is 1 cent, the maximum is $ 10 per line. Usually the betting ranges from $ 0.1 to $ 5. Every player has a chance to win up to 10,000 credits. And this is the maximum payout amount per payout when triggered by the player.

Slot Cleopatra is unique because the game has many elements about Egyptian culture from symbols, language and music. Add to that the combination of graphics, video images that make this game incredibly attractive.

The combination of Egyptian image, casual gameplay has created a new Cleopatra Slot. The symbols on the different coils are what make up cultures like the scarab, the Sphinx and the different hieroglyphs. The game also has many more elements to create authenticity when the scrolls are represented by a letter, similar to a regular slot machine.

How To Play Cleopatra Slot Online ?

Normally, for Slots game, whether on-line or on-land, players must deposit coins to activate the game. After winning, you will receive the payment again depending on the bonus line. The game’s various features help players receive a combined payout.

For example, in Cleopatra Slot, there is a Sphinx, Egypt and many symbols appear on the scroll. It will trigger bonus free spins including 15 free spins. Players have a chance to get 1880 free spins with bonus spins. If any winning combination yields a match, the player has a chance to triple his or her winnings. For normal gameplay, the scatter symbol doubles the stake amount if two more symbols appear on the reel.

Symbols will give the player double the payout if a successful winning combination occurs.During the game if there is a combination of 5 wild symbols, the player will be awarded 10,000 credits and yes the chance to win is 100 times the bet amount.

Free Spins

The Cleopatra slot has an interesting free spins, players of course will be able to profit. If you’re lucky, the player can activate the reward by landing three or more sphinx scatter symbols on any of the reels. The reward the player receives will be after 15 spins.

Except for the landing of 5 Cleopatra symbols, the player has a 3 times chance of getting the bonus. There are even 15 free spins for active players. And with even more luck, the number of spins can be up to 180 free spins for any given prize.


Cleopatra Slot has a total of 20 pay lines located on 5 reels. If you want to pay how much per line when betting, you can adjust the plus sign + or – to choose as many statues as you want. The more payout lines a player selects, the more chances a player has to hit winning combinations and receive matching payouts.

Bet Types

  • Maximum bet:

Cleopatra Slot has many different types of bets, big and small. The maximum bet on 1 line is 1000 and 20000 on all lines. Therefore, it can be said that Cleopatra Slot is a high-achieving game. And if you do, increase your stake on each line by pressing the + button

  • Minimum bet:

Each Cleopatra Slot line has a minimum bet of 1.00 for 1 line or a total of 20,000 credits for all 20 lines. This is quite a reasonable bet that applies to many players. If the bet is still high, the player can lower the bet by pressing the – button at the bottom of the game window. Extremely effective way of controlling and simplifying everything.

Cleopatra Slot Online at 918kiss

  • Step 1: Login to your betting account at 918kiss

Players should choose a reputable, quality online casino. As such the betting application offered at that casino also ensures bet safety for the player.

  • Step 2: Select the Cleopatra Slot game and adjust the bet level accordingly.
  • Step 3: Start betting and wait for the results.

918kiss has many bonus levels corresponding to each line of Cleopatra Slot game. Players will be paid after each game before starting a new bet.


Cleopatra Slot is one of the many Slots games on offer at 918kiss. Hopefully, with the specific instructions on this game, players will understand more about how to bet and play Cleopatra Slot right with 918kiss.

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