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How To Play Cashapillar Slot At Mega888 Casino

Mega888 means great luck. Almost anyone who loves betting in Singapore knows about the Mega888 online casino. Every day at the app there are rows of people thinking participants bet. Players can use mobile or PC to place bets. Mega888 Singapore is a great choice that could not be more great. Players can satisfy both passion for betting and not be constrained in time or space.

The games provided by Mega888 are of high quality, sophisticated design. Products released by leading game vendors. Among the games, there is the Cashapillar Slot Game which is making the waves. Almost all players who come to Mega888 once join the Cashapillar Slot Game. So how interesting that game really is, let’s find out with Cashbet168.com based on the information below.

What Is Cashapillar Slot Game?

Cashapillar Slot Game is a game provided by the game publisher Microgaming. There are a total of 100 bonus routes and many interesting features and symbols at the Cashapillar Slot Game. The game is set from insects in the forest, players will certainly have a new experience.

Rules Of Cashapillar Slot Game 

Each spin will have bonus lines that are permanently active. The number of credits a player has wagered on each pay line per spin, will be divided by the number of bonus lines.

Cashapillar Slot Game payment tables will display the winning amount for each combination. . Only one winning combination is usually paid out for each pay line, And the player is paid the winner with the highest value. For some online casino in Singapore, when players spin into the jackpot prize, the payout ratio is often extremely high up to thousands of dollars..

The amount of winnings the player receives, corresponds to the reward symbol. Bonus play rewards will be added to the winnings. The player who owns the winning combination, will be highlighted on the reels. Game will be over if the player has no winning combination.

Symbols And Cashapillar Slot Game Features

  • Symbol often 

On the reward line, symbols will be located next to each other. Winning combinations are rewarded from left to right, starting with the first reel. Depending on the amount the player bets on each line, the payout will be proportional.

Rhino beetle50.0015.001.40
Giant hornet40.0010.000.80
  • Symbols: coefficients, multimeter

If the player encounters Cashapillar, the player gets double the payout for any combination of symbols. And this symbol is completed in universal symbol form. This type of symbol has the ability to form a universal stack of symbols.

Players should remember that this symbol is not a substitute for the reward symbol. Usually in the free spins, the universal symbol multiplies all winnings by 6 times. And the reward the player gets is the same value as the highest payout.

If up to 5 symbols appear on the same pay line, and they are activated, the symbol will win.

  • Disperse Symbol

The player can still win without a Bonus Symbol appearing on an active pay line. Note This Symbol is not a substitute for either universal symbols or coefficients.

Winnings with bonus symbols will depend on the player’s total bet amount. 

2 000.00200.0060.0040.00
  • Free spins

The final amount a player has wagered in the game will be used as the stake in the free spins. Any player can activate the free spins. And the winning amount is automatically multiplied in the free spins.

  • Bet feature

The wagering feature can be activated by any money. If the player’s winnings exceed the wagering limit then the feature will not be used.

Depending on the needs, players can choose this feature or skip. If the first card color is chosen by the player correctly, then win and stakes are doubled.

If they prefer, the player can continue to wager until the winnings reach the wagering limit. According to Mega888 Singapore rules betting limit is set at the limit of the number or 5 times the bet limit per game. In this feature, the winning amount will be automatically collected by the system.

How To Play Cashapillar Slot Game At Mega888

With eye-catching pictures, the number of reward lines up to 100, players can learn how to play Cashapillar Slot and join the experience at Mega888 according to the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Players download the Mega888 application and register for a betting account according to the instructions of the customer care staff by Live chat.
  • Step 2: Then log in to your account and make a deposit. Minimum stakes are set, there is no maximum.
  • Step 3: On the homepage of Mega888, players click on “Slot game” and select “Cashapillar Slot Game”
  • Step 4: Start betting and join the game.


Mega888 hopes that with the recent information, players will understand more about Cashapillar Slot Game. At Mega888 there are many other interesting games. Hopefully players can find the game they like and take a bet.