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Horse Racing Betting Singapore

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Horse betting is not simple, so you need some skills to win it. However, the more you play, the better your skill increase. If you are new players, don’t worry, we will share some tips for you to play this interesting gambling. We also mention the difference between the traditional horse racing and the Singapore horse racing online, and how is your bet calculated. So please continue reading!

Horse Racing Betting Singapore

Horse racing is the most ancient sport betting, which aims to identify the fastest horse in a specific distance or the course. Commonly, horse racing is often joined by 2 or more horses without the jockeys ride these horses (sometimes it still need the riders) within a specific distance.Experiencing many changes in the past, now, horse racing has one more function that is one of the betting activities for gamblers.

Horse betting normally takes place at many horse races and on the websites. It is a bet on the odds which are offered by the dealers in horse racing events in racetracks and online. The racetracks are available all over the world, so horse racing takes place continuously in quite a lot of time each day, but the most concentrated in the evening, when the racetracks in the UK come into operation. The players can check and follow the schedule and start to place a bet right on our website cashbet168.com. We also offer live horse racing odds and some free tips for you to betting easier. 

How Are The Difference Between The Traditional Horse Racing And The Singapore Horse Racing Online?

In the past, the players have to go to the racetrack and watch the match directly. This is traditional horse racing. Without the devices with an internet connection, the players bet directly with the owner of betting. The advantage of this form is that the players can bet without handing over money by belief and the acquaintance with the owner. They can easily bet just with a call or text. However, traditional betting contains many risks such as the insolvency of the owner. Besides that, the players can easily become a billion-dollar debtor if they keep going on betting uncontrollably.

Unlike traditional horse racing, the Singapore horse racing online is performed by the devices with the internet connection. The players watch the match right on their mobile devices and bet with the banker they like most. Online betting can solve all the disadvantages of offline betting with its advantages such as the variety of bankers around the world for the players to choose, and they can bet any time. Besides that, the player can easily control their bankroll because they can only bet with the money they have. Moreover, the bankers guarantee of solvency with their huge financial potential.

How To Calculate The Wager Of Each Way Bet?

Each Way Bet (E/W) means that the players will select one specific horse which will win in the racetrack or in the top 3. So, when your horse reaches the destination or just crept into places, how much you will win for E/W bet? We would like to give an example:

You bet on Vicente for $4 E/W with the payout is 20/1. The E/W provisions of the racetrack are three first places at a fifth of the odds. He reaches the destination so you are paid the following:

 WIN: 4$ with the payout 20/1 pays $84.

 PLACE: 4$ with the payout 5/1 pays $24. (according to the E/W provisions)

If your horse reached the 1st position, you would be paid both Win Part and Place Part, and the winning would be $108.

However, if your horse reached the 2nd or 3rd you would be paid only the Place Part, $24, and you Win Part would be lost.

 If the horse did not reach the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, all bets would be lost.Remember to checking the E/W provisions which are just below your selection. On each specific selection, by marking the E/W box, you are accepting a fifth of the odds (5/1) and the Place Part includes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.