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Handicap Betting

Players who want to take part in online football betting, need to first grasp a few basic terms. Today, Cashbet168.com will introduce players to the term “Handicap”.

What Is Handicap?

The handicap is a type of bet based on the odds of the European bookmakers’ Odds. From there Asian bookmakers will offer the Asian handicap.

Handicap will be calculated using goals based on goals recorded for other sports available at Cashbet168 online betting.

Types Of Handicap

The handicap handicap will have the following markets:

  • Asian Handicap 0-0: bookmakers rated the two teams equally, not classified above or below.
  • Asian Handicap 0.25: The upper team will accept the team under 0.25 goals. That means the player who bet the upper team wins if the team wins, if the tie is the player who bets the upper team, the player who bets the upper team will lose half of the amount and the person who placed the under team straightly half of the amount.
  • Asian Handicap 0.5: Upper team accepted Under team 0.5 goal. So if the result of the match is a tie then the player who bets on the upper team loses and the player who puts on the Under team wins.
  • Asian Handicap 0.75: In this matchup, the upper team accepted an under team 0.75 goal. So if the player sets the upper team, it must have at least 2 goals in order to win. In the case of only 1 goal difference, you get half the winnings, and the under team loses half the bet. This is the opposite of the under team.
  • Asian Handicap 1: If the match result is both tie teams then the under team winner wins. If the upper team wins, it must be 2 goals. Upper team won 1 goal difference, both sides were money.

Experience Joining Handicap in Football

To participate in handicap betting, players need to hold a few tips to get an easy victory:

  • Learn and observe the team

This factor is very important as it helps the player to make the right decision in every bet. Players should not choose to bet on any market if they do not have specific information about that market or what percentage of their favorite team wins

There is a lot of information to learn before playing. Such as performance, game history, squad, coach, player’s injury, …

The special thing is that players must avoid traps from bookmakers because it greatly affects the player’s ability to win. Bookmakers often entice players to offer high handicap bets in order to get players to bet on the bet the house wants.

  • Choose the right bet

Select the balance wagers when placing your bets, so there will be less difference in the manpower and strength of the two teams, so the player can win. Usually during the seasons the coach or player tries to play for the honor of the team so these matches are very fair.

  • For teams that are too different

If you notice that the odds of the strong team are too high; Then, falling quickly to a few hours before the game starts, this shows that the stronger team is at a disadvantage so choose the weaker team.

Observe the 2 teams, if the handicap goes down and the winnings are still the same, then choose the weak team. If the handicap is 0.5 goal and the winnings are high, then choose the weak team.


With information on the concept of Handicap just now, Cashbet168 hopes that players will make a lot of profits when betting online football. Cashbet168 has many other attractive markets waiting for players to participate in betting.