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How To Play Goldaur Guardians Slot At Pussy888

Pussy888 is no longer a strange name for those who are passionate about betting in Singapore. With Pussy888, players can join any game they like. Pussy888 has strengths in Slot games, a diverse number of games, and many new topics. If you have come to Pussy888, players should not ignore Goldaur Guardians – one of the games with the largest number of participants.

What Is Goldaur Guardians Slot ?

Goldaur Guardians is a game released by game provider Alchemy Gaming and Microgaming. Goldaur Guardians takes the theme of natural forests. The game’s setting is a fantasy forest, filled with mystical creatures and characters. Goldaur Guardians has a total of 5 reels, 20 paylines. There are also extremely attractive bonus symbols.

  • Every spin at Goldaur Guardians has permanently activated paylines.
  • The winnings with each combination are shown in full on the paytable.
  • For each payline, only one winning combination is paid. And the player will get the highest value winnings.
  • Only one line combination won by the bonus symbol will be paid out for each spin.
  • The winning combinations that players receive while participating in Goldaur Guardians will be highlighted on the reels.
  • The game ends, players re-enter from the beginning if there are no winning combinations.

How To Play Goldaur Guardians Slots?

Regular Symbols

  • On the active payline, the symbols must match and be next to each other.
  • Starting from the slot reels, the winning combinations will be paid from left to right.
  • The payouts will usually depend on how much the player bets on each payline.

Odd Symbols

Yellow Fairy3.502.001.00
Red Fairy3.001.801.00
Green Fairy2.501.500.80
Blue Fairy2.001.000.50
  • If you want to complete the win, the odd symbol will substitute for all other symbols.
  • Bonus symbols are not replaceable.
  • Odd symbols create their own winning combinations.
  • Bonus symbols
  • There is no need to appear on a payline to create a winning combination.
  • Not a substitute for universal symbols.
  • The Bonus Symbol creates its own winning combination.

Free Spins Bonus Game

  • If 3 symbols are activated on a reel, free spins are triggered.
5 Free Spins7 Free Spins10 Free Spins
  • On the hero path, the free spins start with the first hero. If the free spins are re-triggered, the next hero on the path will also be activated.
  • On reels 1 and 2, to create a symbol stack, a hero symbol will be activated on the road.
  • High paying, multi or re-trigger symbols will transform to create giant symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5.
  • When spinning the giant symbols, a winning combination is likely to be generated.
  • If the giant symbol is fully visible on reels 3, 4 and 5, the free spins are re-triggered.
  • Players will be rewarded with the exact number of free spins that were initially activated.
  • Goldaur Guardians Slot does not limit the number of times a player activates the free spins.
  • During the free spins, winnings are automatically collected.

Hero Spins Feature

  • In normal Slot this feature will be activated for free.
  • On reels 1 and 2, the high or random wild symbol will expand to create another symbol stack.
  • Giant symbols are generated on reels 3, 4 and 5 based on high paying symbols or variable wilds.
  • When spinning the giant symbols can create a winning combination.
  • This feature cannot be activated.
  • This feature cannot be enabled with Hyperspins.
  • The player uses the final bet amount as the feature bet amount.
  • In this feature the winnings are automatically collected.

Hyperspins feature

  • At the end of any spin, a player who wants to spin a reel must pay an extra fee.
  • After the paid spin is completed, the player can re-spin.
  • It is possible to re-spin one reel at a time.
  • The player can re-select a reel with a fee, after completing the previous spin.
  • A reel can re-spin multiple times.
  • The player’s probability of winning has nothing to do with the cost of each spin.
  • The calculation of the spin will be changed according to the bet face value. So if a player changes the face value of the bet after 1 spin, the re-spin feature will be disabled, until the player spins again.
  • This feature is not available during or after the hero spins, after the free spins.
  • Not in autoplay.

How To Play Goldaur Guardians Slot At Pussy888

  • Step 1: Visit the Cashbet168.com, contact the customer service staff by Live Chat.
  • Step 2: According to the instructions, the player performs the steps shown on the screen. Personal information to register must be accurate, only used 1 time for 1 account.
  • Step 3: Confirm successful account registration. Deposit funds into your account.
  • Step 4: In the “slot game” section of Pussy888, players choose Goldaur Guardians Slot and start betting.


Just now is an introduction to how to play Goldaur Guardians at Pusy888. Online casino also offers many other equally attractive games. Players quickly register an account to receive many great promotions at Pusy888.

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