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Popular Football Betting Types You Should Know

Today, many large online bookmakers like Fb88 offer a lot of markets for a game. More than 100 markets are usually found in any match. You can bet on familiar types of markets such as Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Europe Handicap. Besides, there are other popular types such as: Correct Score, Half Time – Full Time, Double Chance, etc.

You must understand the meaning of these markets before you bet on them. To help you understand clearly, this article will summarize and explain the common types of football betting.

Asian Handicap

As the name implies, it originated from the Asian betting industry, but it has spread and is increasingly popular throughout the European countries. The most obvious difference from Europe Handicap is that Asian Handicap only have 2 options, no draw.

This is a handicap bet. In particular, when the level of both sides is not balanced, the stronger team will have to handicap the weaker team for a number of goals. For example handicap 1 goal , handicap 1 and a half goal, handicap 2 lose half goals etc. 


3-way is the most common and simple type of betting. You only need to bet on 1 of the 3 results. A typical example of a 3-way lease is the European football betting (1X2). In which you will choose the home team (1) to win, the result to draw (X) or the away team (2) to win. You only win if you get the right result, but if you get the other 2 results, you lose. This is what you need to keep in mind when betting on 3-way betting. 

Currently, not only European betting are 3-way, but the bookie also creates many other 3-way trusses.

Double Chance

This is also a simple markets. In it, you choose 2 out of 3 possible possibilities, to increase your chances of winning. Of course the percentage of money will decrease compared to choosing just one outcome.

The betting options for Double Chance are as follows:

1 or X: wager on home team win or draw

1 or 2: wager on home team or away team win

X or 2: wager draw or away team win

Over / Under

In Over/Under, you bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams during the match. Depending on the match, the bookie will give the predicted number of goals. If you bet the total number of goals will be greater than that number, that means you select Over (Over). If you choose the total number of tables will be smaller than the bookie shows, that means you choose the Under.

For example: The Over/Under Chelsea vs Liverpool tonight is 3. To win Over, you need a match of 3 or more goals, or 2 or less for the Under.

Over Under (Over / Under)

In fact, people play Over/Under now not only with the total number of goals and not just with football. You can bet Over/Under with many other things like the total number of cards, the total number of corners … Or play Over/Under in other sports like tennis, basketball, etc.

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Both Team To Score

As its name suggests, you bet on either the possibility of (Yes) or not (No) whether the two teams will score. If both have goals, of course Yes wins. If either team has no goal or the match has no goal, No wins.

Half Time / Full Time markets

This is the type of market where you will predict both the first half and final results. Note that Full Time here is only counted 90 minutes + extra time.

Thus Half Time / Full Time markets will have all 9 combos for you to choose.

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Draw No Bet

If you find the 3 – way bet too risky, you can bet on the Draw No Bet. That means you only need to choose 1 of the 2 winning teams. If the result is a draw, you will not lose money like 1X2, but the bookmark will return your stake.

Correct Score

This bet must be too simple already. Anyone who has never bet always understand what the score of a match is. You will need to accurately predict the score, if you win correctly, if you lose you lose money!

You can get the Correct Score or Half Time Correct Score or even Half Time / Full Time Correct Score. 

Above are the types of football betting. Let’s read the instructions carefully to understand the markets you want to play to become a winner and bring money home. Good Luck!