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8 Fish Game Tips You Should Apply To Win Big

 How Do Win Money At Fish Table ?

Top 8 Fish Table Game Online Tips

The fish game has recently attracted many casino players thanks to its beautiful interface and valuable prizes. In the present, you also can enjoy the fish table game online that is offered by S777.club.

Playing online fish table to win real money is not difficult. Of course, winning in the fish game is also easy. Many players who enjoy fish games often have two similar questions to this game. That are ‘How to win money at fish table games?’ and ‘How to cheat on the fish table? ’. To the second question, cheating while playing betting games is illegal, even you can be banned forever from any casino where you have cheated to get the money that is not yours. Besides that, you also cannot cheat to any online casino. Therefore, to get further winnings or win money while playing the online fish game, you have to apply your skills and tips. Besides that, you also need to prepare some fish game strategies to get huge prizes without using your money too much.

In this post, we will introduce you to 8 useful shooting fish game strategies that you should use whenever you play the fish game to win money at fish table games.

#1. By Shooting Enough Bullets, Your Object Will Die

In fact, this tip is used by many players, so you can also apply to get huge prizes. Let’s look at the following example to have a general look at this. You shoot 10 bullets into a fish of 4 points. It will certainly die. But, you should know that there are some fish that will be dead just by 1 or 2 bullets. However, if you shoot 6 bullets to those fish, they will not die. Until when you have shot 10 bullets to them, those fish die.

Therefore, in case there are four players including you, the other three players will shoot 1 bullet into one fish, it will not die. Then, you shoot 1 more bullet into this fish to die.

This fish game strategy is quite good, but, it can be used effectively in several cases. Because when your table does not have many players or when the number of fish changes, you cannot remember the number of bullets that has shot to each fish.

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#2. Apply Mustache Strategies

Almost all players have the habit of concentrating on shooting big and huge fish and get more points and ignore small fish. It can be the wrong gameplay. If you are new to this game, you should not play like this because you cannot kill fish, even you can lose your points and bullets.

You should notice that if the fish (whether it is small or fairy) dies thanks to stray bullets, you will not get a score. At that time, you can use a small angle of the shooting machine and apply the following strategy to play. 

+ Turn the gun barrel continuously around the fish table. Then, you shoot one by one so that two bullets do not go in a similar direction. In case they go in a similar direction, two bullets only hit one fish. If this fish has 2 points and it also does not die, you lose.

 + You should slowly shoot for each bullet to go in each different direction that hits one fish. With big fish, you can shoot 1, 2, or 3 bullets depending on each separate fish.

+ You should not concentrate on the moss when you pass through every position.

One advantage when you apply this online fish table game strategy is that your winning probability is higher. Because when you use this tip, bullets fire in many various directions and each bullet hit various fish mostly. Moreover, along with the combination of 2 to 10 bullets for bigger fish, you can enhance your ability to shoot your fish compared to those who only focus on shooting huge fish.

#3. Play Ballpoint

The major effect of this tip is to enhance the bullet number fired to the fish at once. In this tip, you will shoot a few bullets into the wall so that those bullets bounce back towards the fish. If those bullets have not arrived, you can shoot to the fish directly. At that moment, two bullets will go into the fish. Therefore, the dying probability of the fish is increased. However, this fish game strategy takes more bullets. Your winning probability will be higher if you shoot the fish going towards the corner.

#4. Slow But Fast

When you meet big fish, you should not shoot fish that more players shoot. Instead of that, you just slow down fish that only you shoot. It means that in case the fish dies, it will be yours and it can save more bullets.

In case you focus on big fish that many players shoot, you need to use a big bullet amount. And, if your bullet amount is less than your opponents, your losing risk is higher. 

If you are enough proficient to play, you can shoot gradually bullets to make a huge prize after a few shooting minutes.

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#5. Shoot Only Fish Have Just Left Your Table

Because of the way of changing the firing machine, some fish will die in the time they first appear. Thus, you have to calculate and notice to shoot right when they appear. If you know the way to calculate the dying probability of the fish according to this way, your mission is to sit, watch, and perform the loading of the table’s corners, then, wait for those fish to appear. 

#6. Control Your Speed Throughout The Game

For small fish, you should shoot them with a slow speed and a low bullet level because the small fish can be killed by all these things. You also need to enhance the level of fire to shoot further fish in bigger sizes. Commonly, you can use gradual shootings (for example 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5) so in the time you fire the 100th bullet equal to 500 points of your bullet, you can collect around 1000 points of the bullet. Besides that, this increasing way supports you manage the speed during your fishing journeys. 

#7. Increase Gradually The Ammunition Amount

This tip is used only when you are in the compensation round where a series of fish run across your screen. Then, you can begin to shoot up the bullet amount and shoot higher.

According to a rule, in case you kill two fish, you also kill the 3rd one. Supposing that you kill the first two fish in the 5th bullet, the last fish you shoot at the hundredth bullet, so the dying probability of that fish is very high.

#8. Use Algorithms To Shoot The Fish

You must have an algorithm in case sophisticated players recognize and immediately remove it. The algorithm is a way of adjusting bullets to close to the dying probability of the fish. In the algorithm, the bullets are ranked from 1 to n. The bullet 1 dies numbers 2, 4, and 3. The bullet 2 dies numbers 3 and 9 whereas the bullet 3 dies only number 6. However, have to change in various situations. The percentage of dying fish is big, the win is faster.

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With 8 useful fish table game strategies above, we hope that you can know clearly and apply effectively the ways to win money at fish table games.