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What is Fan Tan?

Fan Tan is an ancient form of gambling native to China. Players often come across this game in ancient historical movies. Since its inception, its original name was Fan. Later, to be more suitable in Macau casinos, it was renamed Fan Tan. And this name is used to this day on almost both offline and online casinos. According to the development of mankind, Fan Tan has also grown and has become a diversified combination of betting entertainment. Players easily identify Fan Tan on the table through the image of a large square with 4 colors and each side is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 to be easily distinguished.

History Fan Tan

In the Chinese gambling community, FanTan is no longer a strange name. FanTan’s name is known in his native language as 番 摊. China was the birthplace of many betting games and those games spread to the world in the following years and FanTan was one of them. FanTan is a game based on luck and compared to Roulette, this game has many similarities.

The History Of A Traditional Game. 

According to some records, Fan Tan appeared around the 3rd or 4th century. At that time, China was dominated by the Northern dynasties. Later, the game was brought to the South of China. Until the 19th century, the name FanTan was really popular and popular, when appearing widely in the Chinese community, Fan Tan was known with many different names such as Yan Qian, Tan Xi, Tan Qin, Yi Qian. Although there are many different names but these names were popular in the late Qing Dynasty.

Later, the game was brought to Guangdong by migrants, or people traveling to and from different locations in China. Since 1850, wherever the arrival of Cantonese has occurred, that place has begun to accompany Fan Tan. Therefore, Fan Tan is a game originating from China but it has many monopoly points in the gambling world in the US and many other places.

In 1890, Fan Tan appeared in the literary press for the first time, mentioned in a publication called How the Other Half Lives. This is a report about the underworld in New York, the author of this work is named Jacob Riis. The author got to know Fantan when visiting Chinatown, learn, chat and try out the game. FanTan game dominates people’s lives very much.

In San Francisco, Chinatown is a venue for many gambling activities, which is also where many Fan Tan events were born. According to a police officer named Jesse B. Cook, in the 1800s, Chinatown held more than 50 FanTan tables a day, the main venue for Chinese gambling.

Compared to previous years, FanTan is currently not very popular, but there are variations of it that still stand on the gambling market and become a major competitor to other betting games. Such as Baccarat or other traditional games like MahJong and Pai Gow. Currently, in Macau, FanTan’s reputation is still widespread and has a certain place in the betting arena.

About The Famous Game.

The game is modeled by a large table, in the center of the table is a large square and surrounded by betting places for players, the betting areas are numbered to be easily distinguished. Each participant will use a square of metal. They will be placed on the table in order from 1 to 4. In addition, the bank employee is the holder of a number of small buttons, round objects such as tablets or coins, accompanied by a large bowl. Players must place a bet before the banker opens the bowl. Players who bet on number 4 will receive money if the result has 4 buttons and other players who want to win when they correctly guess the number they get.


Over a long period of formation and development. Fan Tan was brought to many parts of the world by the Chinese people, in each one depending on the culture and way of life that Fan Tan was transformed by the people there to suit them. That’s why Fan Tan is updated and developed bigger. Despite the change, Fan Tan still upholds its original principles. Currently, players do not need to visit the casino to bet on Fan Tan, the latest Fan Tan online version has been updated on Cashbet168, players should quickly register to enjoy the exciting moments. taste and get many other cool rewards.