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ESports Betting Singapore

What Is Esports?

Esports is a new form of sports competition through video games. Once on the market, Esports is loved and supported by many players. Esports appear in most of Singapore’s online casinos. If a player chooses Cashbet168 to place his bet, the player has the opportunity to participate in any esports event they like.

Society is increasingly modernized, betting Esport was born, contributing to the online betting platform going up day by day. Players can join whenever the need arises. Cashbet168 is ready to serve and welcome players anywhere, anytime.

ESports Betting Trends At  Singapore Online Casinos

Compared to other forms of sports betting, Esports is quite new. Player demand for betting has changed and increased quite a lot. According to statistics, the esport betting market has reached nearly 30 billion dollars by 2020 in the world.

Most of the ages that choose e-sports betting are teenagers. The form of betting originated in random tournaments, which later evolved into professional leagues. Esports are highly competitive and not everyone can participate. It can be said that those who play Esport are considered a profession to both earn a living and satisfy their personal passion.

Cashbet168 offers a wide variety of e-sports games. Players only need to own a betting account, access the dealer. All details about the Esport are available. Players can choose games, reinforce knowledge about Esports. Cashbet168 supports 24/7 players. Whenever you have a question or problem that needs resolution, please pick up the phone and contact customer service.

Esports Tournaments In Singapore

ESports has been going on for many years, with grand prizes amounting to millions of US dollars. Including Dota2 is most followed. In addition, Cashbet168 also offers tournaments of many other games such as League of Legends (LOL), Pursuit (CS-GO), Pubg, Dota 2 …

  • LOL: LOL quickly became one of the esports arena attracting thousands of viewers. Each LOL match consists of 2, each team has 5 members. All will fight in a canyon with the goal of destroying enemy buildings while protecting their base.
  • Counter – Strike: This is a shooter released in 2012. When entering the game, there will be terrorists who place bombs in many different positions. The player’s mission is to fight those terrorists. Don’t give them the opportunity to commit bad behavior. In the match, the two sides fought very fiercely.
  • Dota2: This is an online fighting game developed by publisher Valve Corporation. 23/10/2010 the first match was announced and received the support of many players. Each Dota2 match is a separate match, consisting of 2 teams and 5 members for each team to play. Each person will control their own character, along with teammates destroy many buildings and attack opponents to expand the territory.

Dota2 is a popular game on many esports tournaments. And also the game with the biggest prize among all esports games. The 9th tournament in 2019 organized by The International, the prize money amounted to 30 million USD.

In Singapore, Cashbet168 is one of the top esports game providers. No matter what esports betting player needs, Cashbet168 can accommodate it. With just a few simple steps, players can register bets and become full members of the casino. Next is to choose the games that I love. The odds on esports are extremely attractive and offer many different types of betting.

Make Money From ESports Betting At Cashbet168 Bookmaker

If you choose to participate in e-sports betting at cashbet168 players not only get entertainment but also have the opportunity to increase their income. The first is to learn and grasp the necessary basic knowledge. Next is to research and analyze many strategies to make the most reasonable bet.

When choosing to place bets at Cashbet168 casino, players will have a great experience. The casino provides complete match information, the most complete and detailed match plan. There are also betting strategies conveyed from previous players. Winning esports bets at Cashbet168 is no longer difficult.

Why Esports Only Bet Online?

Choosing a new quality and safe casino online Singapore can ensure smooth esports betting. When betting on esports, players can only choose to bet directly because Esports is quite new, so there is a limit to how to bet. Betting at online casinos saves even more time. Players only need to connect the device to the internet to play bets anywhere they like.

Why Choose Cashbet168 To Bet ESports

Cashbet168 is known to be a famous bookmaker in the betting market. Any player can register to join. The casino supports a variety of payment methods. In addition, the customer service at Cashbet168 is very attentive. Just players who need casino support will wholeheartedly help out. Customer care staff professional, enthusiastic and attentive.

In addition, Cashbet168 is the place with the highest odds and has many attractive markets. Players can play any betting game they like.

Popular Types Of Sports Betting At Cashbet168

  • Real money betting:

Similar to online sports betting, players after choosing esports will make an accurate prediction about the outcome of the match. Next is to bet according to the odds offered by Cashbet168. If the player wins, he will receive the bonus at the rate stated earlier.

  •  Skin betting:

This form of betting is seen in many ways when players bet on soccer. Players use virtual items or coins to place esports bets instead of real money.


ESports has been extremely attractive since its appearance in the betting market. Therefore, the number of people signing up for esports bets in Cashbet168 is increasing. Cashbet168 hopes that with the above information, players will understand more about Esports as well as Cashbet168’s betting methods. Cashbet168 system always tries to create the best conditions for players to participate in betting.

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