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There are many types of bets in Craps like: Three ( Ace Deuce), 7 ( Big Red), Craps, 2 Craps or Aces, 20 Craps, 11, Craps and Eleven, Horn (2, 3, 11, or 12), Horn High Bets, World or Whirl Bet, Field Bets, Hop Bets, etc. You can choose for yourself a best bet when playing Craps to get the big win! 

Types of bet in Craps
Types of bet in Craps

Proposition Bets

If the player is an adventurous person then this bet type is perfectly suitable. For this bet type, the house has an advantage and the player only has one proposal in this bet. This bet is based on the strategy of Craps and Gambler, the layout is also simple, based on the layout of the Craps table.

Three ( Ace Deuce):

If the dealer declares a dice of 3 then the player wins and the payout ranges from 15 to 1.

7 ( Big Red):

The player will win if the result is declared 7 and from 4 to 1 is the payout specified by the house.


If the dealer declares numbers 2,3 or 12, the player who bet this type will win and the payout for each number ranges from 7 to 1.

2 Craps or Aces:

The payout for this bet type ranges from 30 to 1 if the dealer announces the winning number as 2.

20 Craps:

If the result is 12, the player who chooses the correct one is the winner and the payout operates from 30 to 1.


It will be another victory if the result is expanded to 11 and the payout is from 15 to 1.

Craps and Eleven:

This is a bet placed next to the bet box, and the player directly places bets on the table. The maximum number of people allowed to join Craps and Eleven is 16 people, and the equivalent of 16 rounds of betting is called C or E. Normally, to win the match, players often apply the strategy of increasing Eleven to Any Craps.

Horn (2, 3, 11, or 12):

2, 3, 11, 12 are the numbers accepted to bet on Horn betting. As usual, bets will be placed in the middle of the layout next to the proposed bets. And depending on the number, the bet will be different.

Horn High Bets:

In this bet the bettor can double the bet value if they want. The player will have no problems and be allowed to suggest if their bet is $ 5 or more. Normally, the bet price will be proposed from the beginning, such as $ 2 will be for numbers over 11 and $ 1 for numbers 2,3 and 12. And in the case of the result, it is 11, and the player To win, except for the $ 3 players that previously spent, the player will receive double the amount. When betting Horn High, players need to be sure of the number and level of bets that they have chosen. There are many situations in betting, but the payout of winning $ 4 will not happen.

World or Whirl Bet:

This kind of bet is very rare, players in Craps rarely choose this bet. Although not selected much, this is a bet that has many useful aspects. Thanks to this kind of bet, Horn and Any Seven became more innovative and consistent.

It can be seen that Proposition Bets owns up to 5 different types of small bets in the Craps joining strategy. Each bet type has a bet amount equal to a multiple of $ 5. There are a few things in common in Horn High Bets, it’s not too difficult for bettors to use during the game. For example, if the bettor wins when 7 appears, then the bet is 4: 1 for 7, besides the payout rate remains the same as when the Horn was placed.

Field Bets

Here are the numbers placed in the area clearly defined in the composition (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12). In Field Bets betting, players are allowed to decide between the Come Bar and the Don’t Pass Bar. In some cases, if the figures are 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11, the money will be refunded. For numbers 2 and 12, the payment will be reduced from 2 to 1.

Hop Bets

During betting, Hop bets may appear at any time. Besides, players have the right to choose any dice they want. Please note, before joining, you should ask the casino staff whether this casino is allowed to apply this bet type. As compared to other bet types, Hop Bets are not as popular as other bet types so may not appear in the area.