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Corners Betting – How To Play Corners Over/Under in Football Betting

Corners Betting

What Is Corners Over / Under?

Corners Over / Under is the odd predicting the total number of corners for that match. Corners Over / Under has no relation to the match result, which team wins or loses. It just depends on the match progress, the number of corner goals for each team and the entire match.

Corners Over / Under has a gameplay similar to Over / Under. A player’s win or loss decision is based on the number of total full time corners of the two teams. If it is greater than the score Bookmakers gives, Over wins, otherwise, Under wins.

There are 3 ways to participate in Corners Over / Under: betting Corners Over / Under full time, Corners Over / Under at first time, Corners Over / Under at second time.

Based on the Asian Handicap’s rate, the Corners Over / Under rate is calculated: Winning Amount = Bet Amount x Odds Handicap

If the match has 12 total corners, the Corner Over bet wins Over: 0.76 and the amount: $ 100. Over win 9 with amount: 100×0.76 = $ 76. Under lost $ 100.

Experience To Play Corners Over / Under

Normally to win Corners Over / Under a player must have a lot of tips, learn and apply experiences from previous players.

  • Players should choose the English football team. Or teams of good height.
  • Usually corner matches will be very easy in the first few minutes. So players should place bets from the moment the match has just started.
  • If the first time has few corners, the possibility that the second time will have many corners.
  • Teams with a fast, strong attack style will easily appear at the basis of the corner than teams with skillful play.
  • Players should check the history of the teams they choose to bet on. Investigate which team has the highest number of corners before. Advice for you, should choose the UK or Australia tournaments and based on the corner statistics of each team, through each round to filter out the highest corner Over rate. Cashbet168 noted some matches such as German Division 2 (Special first time), Argentina championship, … these matches have extremely low corner rates.
  • Some online casino will often give early corners, players should learn and bet
  • Keep an eye on the odds provided by bookmakers for more corners Over / Under information, catch the game’s progress and get rid of the odds in time.


Cashbet168.com hopes that through the above article, players will understand more about Corner Over / Under. Cashbet168 also offers many other bets, extremely high odds, attractive to players. Cashbet168 wished you to find the right bet and good luck!