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Bridge Cards Games – How To Play Bridge Cards At Online Casino

Bridge card is a game using a highly antagonistic 52-card deck. This game is quite new, not yet popular with many bookmakers. Compared to other card games, Bridge has less followers. Not everyone can understand the rules of the Bridge card game. So Cashbet168 wants the following information to help players understand more about Bridge cards.

What Is Bridge Card?

Bridge card is played according to the principle of “eat water”. That means the more teams that try to get the most moves, the higher the chance of winning. Bridge plays in teams, team members must have good memory, sharp thinking and understanding of probability to be able to coordinate smoothly with each other. Because of the above requirements, Bridge is not as popular as other card games.

Basic Rules Of The Bridge Card

A Bridge card game involving 4 people. Two players sitting across from each other form a team. Players will use a 52-card deck as playing equipment.

A card game is divided into several rounds: “Deal cards”, “Quotes”, “Play cards”, finally “Calculate the result” and record the minutes. In the second round is the “bid”, if no one participates, it means that the treaty cannot be fixed, the round will end. The record will score 0 points for both parties.

Players must split pairs and have a clear seat before entering the match. The player who draws the highest card will be given a seat option. The second person will sit across from the first person. They form a pair in the game until the end. The game is played in clockwise order, from left to right.

Instructions On How To Play The Bridge Card At Online Casino

  • Deal cards :

The card after shuffling will be divided by the first person clockwise. Each card is dealt until each player has received 13 cards. In Cashbet168, when participating in Dealer, the card is divided among players based on the symbols of the 4 letters N – E- S -W. Symbols match the position where the player is sitting.

When playing Bridge card, players need to turn the card face-up for all to see. When finished, the cards will be turned upside down. The top card is on top of the lower card and players keep the card for themselves.

  • Quotes: 

Bridge’s quote also means maximum bet. When participating in playing Bridge, only one side offers the price and the other side has no opinion. Accordingly, the auction includes many small parts of “meaningful price,” cont’ra “,” Recont’ra “. “Stop” is also known as a pointless bidding.

For the price list, it is divided into “levels” and “grades”. There are a total of 7 levels from 1 to 7 and ranks are dragonflies, diamonds, muscles, spades, and no owners. According to calculations, there are 35 significant prices, the lowest is 1CL and the highest is 7NT.

  • Pricing process:

Players must view the card before making a bid. The bidding process requires a “quote box”. In the box will contain the corresponding tags. The competitor who is on the bid chooses the card and shows it face-up to other players.

The first person to be quoted is the dealer, the next person will choose a higher price to advertise or “stop” or cont’ra / recont’ra.

The highest result of each hand will be found after the bid is set, can be self-fixed and pact or can also break the opponent’s pact.

  • Playing cards:

Playing cards will begin after the auction is made, playing cards to check if the treaty is appropriate. The person sitting to the left of the attacking player will hit the first tree and have the right to hit any tree; will then lower your card to the table.

Bridge card applies the principle of quality of the first card hit in that turn. There is no need for a player to hit higher if they are free to draw any cards.

The winner of that round is the person who has the highest card with the right quality. The player who wins the previous round will be the first to hit the next round and have the right to play any card.

The card is face down after the end, the back card partially overlaps the front card. If the card belongs to the player, it can be rotated vertically and horizontally if it belongs to the opponent.

Sometimes when the game is finished, the pair will check to see which side wins more moves then that side wins. Calculate how much excess or missing in the record.

  • Record the results:

The hand is determined if both sides agree with the result, otherwise the whole hand must be reviewed.


Coming to Cashbet168 players have many choices of games. From classic to modern, any player’s wish is offered by Cashbet168. Bridge card is not as popular compared to other card games, but it really attracts and attracts players. Cashbet168 believes that if you choose a Bridge card you will become passionate about this game!

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