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When To Surrender In Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of skill, but having a trusted strategy is not enough to be a winner. There are many factors like luck and money control which contribute to gain big results. Although you are an experienced player and you apply an effective system, sometime you will feel that your winning chances are very low.

Blackjack is quite similar to life, we can not control certain events and there is no knowledge can change this reality. However, in some unlucky situations, you get a chance to apply the option “surrender”. To control and deal with these cases effectively, it is very important to think through and prepare in advance as much as probable. Therefore, let’s find out why, when, and how to make the surrender to be the best with Cashbet168 singapore.


The surrender move in this game brings the players the opportunity to lose half of their wager and keep the remaining if the players are certain that their hand is definitely lost. Generally, you can make this move right after you have gotten their initial two cards, as long as you still not make any other moves like standing or hitting. To surrender, the dealer’s up-card has to be either a card with a value of 10 or an Ace. Opposite to the remaining moves in Blackjack, there is not a worldwide hand gesture for the players to apply in the surrender move. To show it, the players just turn to the dealer and say clearly your intentions.

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Then, your cards will be deleted and the dealer will take half of your first bet. You can keep the remaining of your bet but you do not get the chance to play the hand. Although at first sight, it is quite odd to give up half of your wager and also your hand, the option “surrender” can be very effective in a few cases. If in some cases that you do not get any realistic winning chance, it will be best to try and take back some money in place of losing all of them. Commonly, the surrender move has two types for you to apply.

Early Surrender

The early surrender is the first option of surrender and it is provided in some games of Blackjack. In these cases, the players get the opportunity to withdraw your money at the current round prior to the dealer check for the game. Nowadays, many casinos do not provide the surrender move because it will be very beneficial for the players if they use it correctly. And thus, you get the chance to take back some of your money in cases that you are forced to lose all.

For example, if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace and your hand’s total is 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17, it will be better to use the surrender move. If the up-card of the dealer is a ten and the total of your hand is 14, 15, or 16, the surrender move is also better.

Late Surrender

The major difference among late and early surrender is that the players can make the late surrender move right after the dealer check for Blackjack. In both two options which you can select, the late surrender move is worldwide and so, it can be used in many variants of Blackjack. At present, the late surrender move is in many brick and mortar casinos and both online casinos.

You should use the late surrender move if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace and your hand’s total is 15, as long as the dealer is imposed to hit on soft 17 by the rules.

When It’s Best To Surrender

When It’s Best To Surrender

As mentioned above, sometimes you can find that you are in an unlucky situation that you have to lose. In case you are sure that you have no winning chance, you should leave your hand and keeps half of your initial wager. The surrender move might be extremely advantageous, but only when you apply it if it is needed. Few players use a bit conservative method and surrender if their odds are a little disadvantageous. Therefore, they stop losing further in a long time when they voluntarily lose half of their wager without any reason.

Assuming that your hand’s total is 16 and the dealer’s up-card is a 10-valued card like a queen. In these cases, the best option you should choose is to surrender because your risk of going bust is very high. One more situation which you need to pay attention to making the surrender move is when your hand’s total is 4, 5, 6, or 7, with the condition that the dealer’s up-card is a ten, an Ace, or a face card. It is obvious that in these cases, the position of the dealer is quite strong, while your position is certainly the reverse. It is very difficult to enhance your hand by a hit only and defeat the total of the dealer. Thus, the best solution for you is to surrender and retain half of your first wager.

You should remember that if you get the opportunity to get a card to support you to win then it is best to risk and have a lot of fun.

Further Thoughts

When to Surrender at Blackjack

The rules of the surrender move can different, relying on the casino and the version of Blackjack. Therefore, it is best to check carefully whether the surrender move is offered or not before participating in a specific game. If you determine to apply one basic strategy which contains the surrender move and you are in a table that does not provide this move, you can not apply your plan exactly.

Generally, if the surrender move is allowed, the house edge reduces by around 0.80%. Although at first sight, it looks like a minor reduction, you should remember that the house edge’s total percentage is created by adding every single rule. In case you get the opportunity to make Blackjack more advantageous for yourself, you should do so and Count Cards In Blackjack Game.


In some variants of Blackjack, one move which you can use throughout the game is surrender. Generally, you should use the surrender option when you make sure that you do not have a chance to defeat the total of the dealer. When selecting surrender, you leave your current hand and half of your original wager, but you will keep the remaining of your bet. The surrender move will be effective for the players if they know all the situations that are best to make. 

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