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If you are thinking about the famous place where provides eternal gaming enjoyment and interesting nightlife, Las Vegas will be the first place that you will remember. Las Vegas is a place to several most reliable casinos throughout the world that has been in the betting industry for a long time. This place has attracted many visitors because it provides all of the things that each player asks for.

Most of the casino placed in Las Vegas brings the players the opportunity to play Blackjack with many interesting versions of this game. Some of these versions also have their names from its renowned cities because they were first played in these cities only. These days, Vegas Strip Blackjack becomes very famous that the players can find it in many different online casinos that allow players in throughout the world to play this variation.

The Rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack

This variation is so popular that the players can play Vegas Strip Blackjack with both single-hand or multi-hand games. Like the original Blackjack, the fundamental rules and basics of Vegas Strip Blackjack are similar. In this game, you only compete against a dealer only. Your major objective is to make a hand that its total closes to 21 as much as possible, but, if you exceed twenty-one, you immediately go bust.

To decide your hand’s total, you can add the value of your first two cards. About this problem, Blackjack itself has its card system. The ace is valued either eleven or one point, the face cards are valued ten points, and the remaining cards are valued according to the number valued on each card. Similar to the original game, in Vegas Strip Blackjack, the players get the opportunity to select four choices – to stand, hit, split or double down. Remember that your choice should base on both your hand’s total and the dealer’s up-card.


Although this version is highly similar to the original game, it also has some distinguishable differences and specifications. One of these differences is that Vegas Strip Blackjack is played with four normal decks of cards that are reshuffled right after each round. You should notice that in the beginning, this version was played only with one deck of cards instead of four because these days there are more effective card counting systems so that the players can increase significantly their winning odds. The dealer distributes the cards from a box which is called a shoe with a special design.  

In this version, the players are permitted to split up to four hands and right after you have performed this move, you are allowed to make the doubling down move. Besides that, you also can double down on all two cards that favor you. About two Ace cards, this pair can be split once only and when any of the aces has a 10-valued card, this combination is valued twenty-one. The players can separate any of two cards with a similar value like a jack and a queen. To use this move, the players need to put a bet whose amount is similar to your initial wager. Re-splitting is also allowed but you can do this twice only.

Vegas Strip Blackjack has the typical payout for blackjack -3/2, though you can find more games that pay differently. Several casino provide a payout 6/5 that explains why it will be best to check the payout of this game in your chosen casino beforehand. One more main point in Vegas Strip Blackjack is that the dealer is forced to stand on soft 17. Moreover, in this version, you are not allowed to make the surrender move, it means that you can’t abandon your hand and retain half of your initial bet when you lose.

The Gameplay Of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Variations of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Similar to the original game, at the start of Vegas Strip Blackjack, you are asked to place your wager. Next, you receive your initial two face-up cards. On the contrary, the dealer gets two cards, but one of his two cards is revealed. The remaining face-down card is the hole card that he has to check whether his up-card is an Ace. In these cases, you are provided one choice to take insurance, it means that you place a wager which its amount is half of your initial bet. If the dealer finishes getting blackjack, you win this wager but you lose your first one. In Vegas Strip Blackjack, the payout is commonly 2/1.

You should notice that if you separate your hand right after you have just taken insurance, you lose the wager automatically.

Rule Variations Of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Rule Variations Of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Generally, the house edge of Vegas Strip Blackjack is favoring for the players fairly, as long as this game is played along with the rules above. However, many casinos provide various rules for some reasons like to draw more gamblers and to make this game more interesting or to raise the house edge. If you desire to enjoy fully this game and have fun, it is necessary to play a version that provides you more authentic winning chances. Thus, let’s take a look at several Blackjack rules and how these rules affect the house edge.

In case you are in one game where the dealer is forced to hit on soft 17 by the rules, remember that this rule is favoring for the casino. It raises the house edge by about 0.22%. One additional rule that is unprofitable for the players is when they are deprived of the opportunity to make the doubling down move after splitting a pair. The payout – 6/5 for blackjack is also unprofitable for you.

Before joining a table, you should be acquainted with all the rules which are offered in the game because almost these rules are changed to be favored for the casino and reduce your winning chances.


This version takes place very fast, but it provides you high extent of excitement and entertainment. Therefore, you get the opportunity to use your skills and try luck. You can find Vegas Strip Blackjack in many land-based casinos and online casino that allow you to select the most suitable playing way. It is definitely a wonderful source of amusement, you just need to be sure that you are familiar with the gameplay and rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack to enjoy yourself fully.

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