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Because Blackjack is very interesting to play and it belongs to the top worldwide betting game, there are many different ways to enjoy this game. To attract many gamblers and to create more charms, in the present, almost casinos provide the first-class game with many of its interesting variations.

 With the big diversity, the players can enjoy Blackjack unlike before because each variation has special rules and features. All types of players get the chance to try many variations and their experience while playing the game will be enhanced and diversified considerably. Some versions of Blackjack have received much popularity so that they become famous like the original Blackjack game.

Most Favored Blackjack Variation

All the variations of Blackjack have similar basic rules. It means that the major goal of the game is still kept. The main goal is to attain 21 or to create a total that closes to 21 as much as possible. It is quite easy to differentiate each variation because all these variations have special subtleties and features. Many games have been created to be further challenging and different, while others have been made more simple than the original game to be appropriate for beginners. There are some versions that change the way the cards of the dealer are placed. It is probable to play one variation which is similar to the classic game because the only contrast in this variation is that it provides extra side bets.

Before playing a specific game, you should be acquainted with all the subtleties and rules of that game to prepare for many probable cases that can happen. Because all variations have many special rules, the house edge will be different. Moreover, you also notice that on each casino, it can vary and this explains why the players should spend their time checking it in advance. Let’s take a look at some Blackjack variations which are played most and also their house edge to decide if they operate to support the casino or not.

Before playing, it is highly recommended to check this problem to take a common idea of the Blackjack game. The house edge has an important role because it decides the winning chances of players to a big extent.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

This variation is the same as the Blackjack classic game that makes this version perfect for many traditional gamblers. One thing which makes the difference between the original Blackjack game and the Atlantic City Blackjack is that instead of six decks of cards, the Atlantic City Blackjack is played with eight. It is probable to play with either one or multi-hand variation which gets similar basic rules.

Although the number of packs is higher, the Atlantic City Blackjack variation still gets a low house edge – 0.35%. Blackjack is a Hole card game that means the dealer has to peek for blackjack. The dealer is forced to stand on soft 17 by the rules. In this variation, it is permitted to use the doubling down move at all two cards and separate three times max. Another move that the players can apply throughout the game is the late surrender move. It means that it is probable to leave their hand right after blackjack has been peeped by the dealer.

European Blackjack

Another popular variation of Blackjack is European Blackjack that is played in almost land-based and online casino. In the beginning, this version was played mainly in Europe, but it quickly became popular and these days, we can find this variation in many different casinos throughout the world. The European Blackjack belongs to one of the very few variations that use two typical decks of cards. The house edge of this version is 0.39% and when the players use a basic strategy correctly, they will get good winning chances. The European Blackjack is not a Hole Card game that means blackjack is not peeped by the dealer.

The dealer is forced to stand on soft 17 by the rules and in case that he exceeds 21, the outcome goes bust. If both the dealer and the player get blackjack, the outcome is a Push. It is probable to separate a pair for only once and these two cards have to be in a similar rank. For example, it is probable to separate two Queens, but when the players get a Queen and a Ten, they can’t maximize this move. The European Blackjack’s rules can vary on each casino and thus you should check them carefully beforehand.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

This is an interesting variation of Blackjack. Because it was played mainly in many land-based casinos in Las Vegas, the name of this version is formed. By playing with only two decks of cards, the Vegas Downtown Blackjack become very profitable for many card counters. In this version, the dealer has to hit on soft 17 and stand on hard 17.

The dealer will peek for blackjack, as long as the up-card of him is a 10-valued card or an Ace. The gamblers are permitted to use the doubling down move at all two cards and it is probable to do this after splitting. The players can re-split and form three hands. The house edge is 0.38% that is said to be very profitable. In the Vegas Downtown Blackjack, blackjack often pays 3/2, but the payout for this combination of winning can be different, relying on the casino.

Spanish Blackjack

Another popular variation of Blackjack is the Spanish Blackjack or also called as Spanish 21. This variation has distinguishable rules. One of the main contrasts between the original game and the Spanish Blackjack is that all ten cards are deleted from every deck of cards. The players play this variation with eight or six decks, each of them contains 48 cards. Although at first sight, this rule tends to support the casinos, the house edge of the Spanish Blackjack is quite low – 0.38%. 

One particular rule is profitable for the gamblers is that if they get one hand which its total is 21, they win automatically, notwithstanding the dealer’s cards. In the Spanish Blackjack, it is probable to apply the doubling down move after separating at all two cards, including one pair of Aces. It is permitted to surrender, both after using the doubling down move. The Spanish variation provides various payouts, relying on each specific combination of winning. For example, if the players get a total of 21 that contains five, seven, or further cards, the payout is 3/2. If they get a total of 21 that contains 6 cards, the payout is 2/1.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is also very exciting that provides the gamblers the opportunity to enjoy their favored game in a different way. Right at the start of this variation, the dealer is distributed two cards and both these two cards are observable by all the participants. Although this change works favoring the gamblers, there are several extra rules that are not so profitable.

For example, in the Double Exposure Blackjack, the dealer will instantly win all ties, excluding the case that the gamblers get a natural blackjack. Moreover, the game pays out even money that is the same as the remaining of the combination of winning, instead of the typical 3/2 payout. Splitting one pair for once is also probable that is highly unprofitable for the gamblers. In this version, the house edge is relatively high if it is compared to other games of Blackjack – 0.69%. The remaining basic rules of the Double Exposure Blackjack are unlike in every casino that explains why the players should consider it in advance.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is very famous and it is played in many casinos. This version is similar to the classic game, but one difference is that it provides a side bet. This feature has made the game very attractive because it brings the gamblers the opportunity to gain big winnings by putting an extra bet. However, the odds of the extra bet do not always support the gamblers and thus, they should be careful.

Before starting the game, the players get the chance to select whether to put the side bet. The new betting amount that they have to place before distributing the cards, need to be the same as their original bet. When the players get their initial two cards, if these cards are one pair, the side wager wins. It is probable to create three various winning pairs – mixed pairs, colored pairs, and perfect pairs. If the gamblers have put the side wager but their original cards aren’t similar, Blackjack game goes on as usual. If the players get blackjack, the outcome is an immediate win. In the Perfect Pairs variation, the house edge is about 0.42%.

Blackjack Switch

This is the most outstanding variation because the gameplay and rules of this version are relatively various with the classic game. One thing which makes the Blackjack Switch unique is that the gamblers get two hands instead of one to play and thus, the players get the opportunity to exchange cards among them. In this way, the players will be able to create combinations of winning easier because the opportunities for getting a specific card are bigger. The Blackjack Switch has a low house edge – 0.17% because of the mentioned-above rule.

Although the gamblers can exchange the cards between two hands, they should notice that these hands are different. In the Blackjack Switch, all gamblers get their initial two face-up cards and they are able to choose to exchange or hold the top cards. Several casinos provide Multi-Hand Blackjack Switch and it means that the players get the opportunity to use up to five hands to play with.


This variation is very interesting that is highly the same as another version – Spanish 21. In almost casinos, the Pontoon is played along with wither eight or six decks of cards, but this number is able to different, relying on each casino. the major goal of the Pontoon and the allocated cards’ values are similar to the classic game. In the Pontoon variation, the gamblers need to determine who will get the banker’s role. When the game begins, all the players need to place their wagers without seeing one of their cards because these cards are distributed face down. Besides that, the cards of the dealer are put face down that is very unbeneficial for the gamblers.

The greatest combination of winning is named Pontoon, replacing blackjack, but it contains similar cards – a Ten and an Ace. Moreover, the payout of Pontoon is different too – 2/1, while the typical 3/2. The second top hand which is just behind Pontoon is named Five Card Hand. It contains five cards which its total is up to 21. In the Pontoon version, the house edge is 0.39% that is similar to the European Blackjack.


With exciting gameplay and rules, Blackjack becomes one of the most interesting casino games. Because Blackjack is played most throughout the world, it has many entertaining versions. These days, the gamblers can get the opportunity to try many popular variations in most of the land-based and online casinos. Thanks to big diversity, the players can play their favored game in an exciting and new way and have much fun. 

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