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Blackjack is very interesting to play and this game has been played in the whole world for many years. This card game can be played in many land-based casinos and both online casinos. With the development of the Internet and new technologies, many different online casinos have appeared in the online gaming industry. Thanks to these online casino, you can play betting games with several of its famous variations at any time and place. In the present, there is a big diversity of versions that bring you the opportunity to play a game in a whole new way.

Have you wanted to swap your cards with a player who is next to you? If you want, you can consider trying one of the versions of Blackjack – Switch Blackjack. This variation provides amazing rules and gameplay that make this game more appealing and exciting. Besides that, the house edge of Switch Blackjack is extremely low among all of the Blackjack versions and this is a special thing to attract many players.

Rules of Switch Blackjack

Rules of Switch Blackjack

Being a version of Blackjack, the basic rules of the original game is also applied in Switch Blackjack. In Switch Blackjack, your main goal is to create a total that is bigger than a dealer’s without exceeding twenty-one. Generally, the bigger your total is, the higher your winning chances are. However, be careful while playing because if you exceed this number, you automatically lose, in another way, you go bust immediately. The value of the cards also has no difference – all the face cards are valued ten points and an ace is valued as either one or eleven points. The points for the remaining cards of the pack are equal to the number written on them.

What makes Switch Blackjack different from the original game and the remaining Blackjack versions is that you get two independent hands in which its cards can be interchanged. If you perform this move in the original game, it is considered as inequitable and immediately you are prohibited in the casino. Switch Blackjack brings you the opportunity to play your preferred betting game in an entirely various way thanks to its exclusive rules.

You can exchange the top cards of two hands and it brings you the change to enhance them easier. One more difference which Switch Blackjack has is instead of the original payout of 3/2, the payout for the winning combination as for blackjack you will be paid even money. In Switch Blackjack, you can put an insurance wager in which the payout is 2/1, as long as the up-card of the dealer is an ace. Moreover, when the dealer’s total is twenty-two, the outcome will be a push, if you don’t get a natural blackjack. However, you cannot use this rule since when you create a hand that totals twenty-two, you go bust immediately. This is unique to Switch Blackjack and it operates favoring the casino completely.

The dealer is forced to hit on soft 17 by the rules and he also peeks for blackjack because Switch Blackjack is a hole card game. Whenever the up-card of the dealer is a ten or an ace, he will check for blackjack. After splitting, the doubling down move is allowed and you can make this move on all two first cards. Moreover, you are permitted to re-split maximize four hands, but it can be different relying on the casino.

Switch Blackjack commonly is played with eight or six decks of cards, but it is probable to find out a game that is played with four decks of cards only.

The Gameplay of Switch Blackjack

Right at the start of this game, you are asked to put two first wagers that its amount is similar. When you finish betting, you will be distributed two face-up cards for each hand that is placed in the appointed are. The dealer gets one face-up card and one card which is invisible to the players.

The Gameplay of Switch Blackjack

At this time, you can exchange any of your top cards on your hands to make a better total. For example, if one hand of you contains an eight and a two and your other hand gets a four and an ace, you can exchange the eight with the four. In this way, you can create a powerful hand that totals nineteen (an eight and an ace). After deciding whether to exchange any cards or not, you are asked to select one of the moves which each Blackjack game offers – standing, hitting, splitting, or doubling down when you get a pair.

The Side Bet Super Match

One more reason why Switch Blackjack belongs to top entertaining Blackjack versions is that this version provides the players the change of using Super Match. This is a side wager which makes this game more interesting and exciting. As its name implies, the side bet wins if you get at least one corresponding pair on your hands. If you determine to try it, you are asked to place this bet at the start of the game prior to the distribution of the cards.

The payout of the side wager is different, relying on both the decks of cards in use and the casino. For example, several games provide an even money payout whenever you receive one pair, as long as the game uses six decks of cards to play. If you get two pairs and three of a kind, you are paid out 5/1. Furthermore, if you are in luck and you receive four of a kind, you are paid out 40/1. You should notice that although the payouts seem attractive, almost the side wagers operate in favor of the casino so they are not profitable for the players.

Super Match provides the players one more way to win and definitely, it enhances much suspense and excitement to the game.

More Considerations

Before playing Switch Blackjack, you should spend your time to consider your strategy. Because the special rules of Switch Blackjack permit the players to swap the cards between your hands, you are impossible to apply your plan exactly during the game. Each time you determine to exchange cards, your plan can be disrupted so, it can stop working right. Thus, it is necessary to think about this problem before you play this game and it is also important to carefully consider what is going to be the best method for Switch Blackjack. In this way, you can enjoy and maximize each game.


Switch Blackjack is an entertaining and challenging version that is played by many players throughout the world. The Switch Blackjack rules are very simple and easy to understand which makes it ideal for all players. Switch Blackjack is certainly one of the most exciting variations because of its outstanding features. In this variation, you will play along with two separate hands and you get the chance to exchange cards between them and considerably enhance your opportunities of receiving a combination of winning. Although it has several extra rules that operate favoring the casinos, Switch Blackjack is still the variation with the smallest house edge. 

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