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Blackjack has been very popular in the gaming industry for many years ago. This card game also has an outstanding number of versions. These days, almost players get the opportunity to play many different Blackjack games that have various extra features and rules. With the diversity of Blackjack versions, you can enjoy Blackjack in various ways and vary your experience while playing.

Super Fun 21 belongs to the top popular Blackjack versions which you can find in many different casinos throughout the world. This version has the same popularity as the original game because it provides exciting and challenging gameplay.

The Rules of Super Fun 21

The Rules of Super Fun 21

Generally, this version is similar so much to the original Blackjack that in case you are a new player, you can be mistaken that you are playing the classic game. The fundaments of the Blackjack, the way to count the cards and the major goal, are kept similar. You are a competitor with the dealer and your objective is to create a total that is bigger than the dealer’s hand. You need to create a total that closes to twenty-one as much as possible. Though, do not exceed twenty-one because if you exceed, the outcome loses immediately. Each face card (Jack, Queen, and King) gets ten points, an Ace is counted as either eleven or one and the remaining cards get the value which is written on them.

Let’s consider the extra rules that make this game unique. The Super Fun 21 uses one pack of cards to play in most cases, though it is probable to be in a casino that uses further than two decks of cards. You are asked to make the doubling down move on two cards and you also can do this after splitting a pair. Besides that, in case you have separated aces, you are permitted to double down and hit. You are allowed splitting and re-splitting any two cards in a similar rank four times, including aces. It is probable to use the late surrender option, even though you have doubled down, hit, or split. It is called a double-down rescue in case it is performed after you have doubled down. Besides that, in Super Fun 21, you also get the opportunity to take insurance.

Another exciting rule the Super Fun 21 gets is that in case you get a total of twenty or lower that contains at least six cards, you win automatically. One more situation in which the result is similar is when you get a natural blackjack, notwithstanding if the dealer also gets one. The Super Fun 21 is a hole card game and the dealer is forced to hit on soft 17.

If the dealer gets an ace or a ten, he is asked to peep for blackjack. If the dealer gets blackjack, he will reveal the other card of him instantly.

The Gameplay of Super Fun 21

Blackjack begins as usual. The players are asked to place their bets. When all players complete placing their wagers, the dealer begins to distribute the cards. The players will get two face-up cards that are similar to the remaining players are on the Blackjack table while the dealer gets one face-up card and one face-down card. This face-down card is called the hole card that has an important game in the Blackjack game.

The Gameplay of Super Fun 21

Then, you need to select how to play your hand to defeat the dealer. You have to remember that your choice should base on the total of your hand and the dealer’s up-card.

Additional Betting Round

Super Fun 21 betting

In several versions of the Super Fun 21, the players are asked to put an extra side wager before starting this game. The side wager uses for blackjack that contains cards of a specific suit, the combination of winning in almost cases is a diamond blackjack. Usually, it is referred to as Super Fun Bonus and it payouts 300/1. In case your initial two cards form this combination, you are paid suitably.

You should notice that almost the casinos that provide a side wager have special demands that you need to achieve to meet the requirements for it. Besides that, you should check the probabilities your chosen version provides you in advance. You get the opportunity of joining different Blackjack tables that provide various betting limits in almost cases. In this way, you can select the variation that is suitable for your bankroll and preferences best and enjoy your game fully.

The Payout Of Super Fun 21

The Payout Of Super Fun 21

One more thing that makes this version different from the original Blackjack is the payouts it provides. The payout for blackjack in the classic game is 3/2 while this payout in the Super Fun 21 is even money. There is also an exception of this rule that is in the time you get diamonds blackjack, it payouts 2/1. Moreover, if you control to receive six or more cards that total twenty or lower, you are paid even money.

You should notice a hand that contains five or more cards which total twenty-one, the payout is 2/1. The exception is that when you have made the doubling down move in these cases, this rule does not use. When you have put the insurance wager, the payout is 2/1 also.

The casinos have changed the payout for blackjack to maintain their benefit.

The House Edge Of Super Fun 21

The House Edge Of Super Fun 21

Although almost the extra rules are profitable for the gamblers, the truth that the payout for blackjacks is even money makes the Super Fun 21 more unprofitable. This version is estimated that the house edge of this variation is about 0.94%, as long as it uses one pack of cards to play and the dealer hits on soft 17. Comparing to the remaining variations, this house edge is said to be quite high. One rule that enhances the house edge is forcing the dealer to hit on soft 17.

In case you play this game that is played with more than one pack, the house edge is higher.


This variation is very fascinating to the players, thanks to its simple gameplay and liberal rules. Therefore, you get a chance of playing your hand in many best probable ways and you do not need to obey any restrictions that the remaining versions have. In Super Fun 21, you can double down, split, and re-split freely in many different situations. This version is demonstrated to be very interesting because it provides players the chance of putting a special side wager.

Although it gets a quite high house edge and it also provides the payout for blackjack that is worse than other variations, the Super Fun 21 is still the game that you should try once in the casino. More players love this version because they can make many moves that are not possible to be performed. Therefore, this version is very worth to try. However, before playing this variation, you should be acquainted with all of its features and rules to control to maximize it.

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